New BMW 5 Series & 600hp i5 REVEALED!

Meet the brand New 5 Series & !

This is the first 5 Series that's been developed to come with an internal combustion engine in addition to a pure electrical , so let's discover whatever you need to understand about these all-new vehicles!

Beginning with the design, there's extremely little distinction between petrol-powered and electric vehicles. Both cars and trucks come with a large double-kidney grille, and they're available with standard vertical bar styles or in all-black for M Sport trim levels. Along the side, you'll find flush door deals with and creases across the doors that seem pretty similar to the E-Class, while at the back there's a whole load of black trim throughout the rear bumper, and the brake lights can be found in an all-new design.

Step inside and the brand-new 5 Series reminds us of the 7 Series! There's a huge widescreen infotainment system on the dash, which you can even use to link to your Amazon Alexa account! The control panel is offered to be styled in aluminium, carbon fibre or wood trim, along with an optional breathtaking glass roofing system! All in all, the interior of the 5 Series and is super clever!

Then we come to the option of engines. For those wanting to stick with an internal combustion engine, there's not a lot of choice at the minute, with simply one petrol engine offered – the mild-hybrid 520i features a 2-litre 4 cylinder engine and an electrical motor which combine to produce 208hp and 330Nm. Plug-in hybrid automobiles are likewise on the horizon, but will not be released up until 2024.

Nevertheless, for those selecting the , there are two options offered, with the range-topper being the M60. This includes 2 electrical motors which combine to produce 601hp – just 24hp less than an M5 Competitors! What's more, it likewise produces a tremendous 820Nm – 70Nm more than the M5!

When it concerns the cost, the petrol-powered 5 Series begins with simply under ₤ 50,000, while the i5 starts from ₤ 73,200, rising all the method as much as ₤ 97,000 for the i5 M60! So is it worth it? You'll need to keep seeing to see on your own!

00:00 Introduction
00:44 Design
02:19 Engines
03:10 Motors
04:24 Efficiency
05:25 Interior
07:04 Variety
07:50 Infotainment
08:59 Functionality
10:00 Driving
11:22 Cost

M3 v Porsche 911 Turbo:

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86 responses to “New BMW 5 Series & 600hp i5 REVEALED!”

  1. carwow Avatar

    Rate the design of the new 5 Series out of 10 below!

    1. Light_phonix Avatar


    2. encoreartZ Avatar


    3. amenfire84 Avatar


    4. Danil Vinil Avatar
      Danil Vinil


    5. VANSH WAHI Avatar


  2. Yissi Biiyte Avatar
    Yissi Biiyte

    And here i was thinking the 5-series was one of the last remaining good looking BMWs

    1. RenAzuma66 Avatar

      Well, it *was*

    2. ORNG Avatar

      this just makes the G30 look sooo good !

    3. Fearzzy Avatar

      regular 3 series looks good still atleast, until they do something dumb.

    4. Hongyi Cai Avatar
      Hongyi Cai

      3 is still good!

    5. Aidan Avatar

      The 3, X5 (and maybe 4/i4) are the last good looking ‘new’ models from BMW

  3. Hillarius Satrio Avatar
    Hillarius Satrio

    Good thing about the new 5 Series, it makes previous 5 Series models looks even more gorgeous

    1. Tshepiso Benedict Avatar
      Tshepiso Benedict

      Bruhhh 😭😭😭… BMW becomes uglier with every new flagships it unveils…

    2. Toto Wolff Avatar
      Toto Wolff

      I think G30 will be a future classic.

    3. Adrian Dragos Avatar
      Adrian Dragos

      why does the front look like a 1 series. its so ugly

    4. Kronos Avatar

      Is it ironic that the cheaper companies now look like classy BMWs while BMW looks like a cheap knock-off of cheap brands?

  4. Toto Wolff Avatar
    Toto Wolff

    They destroyed even 5 series 🙁

    1. Leo_06 Avatar

      Not by much tho

    2. Su Yini Avatar
      Su Yini

      ​@Leo_06 oh by a lot

    3. Ren仁 Avatar

      You can tell by modern technology we’re living in atm. Everything is data based stuff, not any old school system anymore. 😐

    4. Leo_06 Avatar

      @Su Yini nah, the 4 series is the worst that they changed, this does looks worse, but its not destroyed imo

    5. Czesław 59 Avatar
      Czesław 59

      Looks good better bland from Audi

  5. Sohi Gamer Avatar
    Sohi Gamer

    Now that’s a face not even a mother could love.

    1. Su Yini Avatar
      Su Yini


    2. Dobro Avatar


    3. Smok Wawelski Avatar
      Smok Wawelski

      And still better than the boring Audi A6 with that front end of theirs that looks the same on every model

    4. Dobro Avatar

      @Smok Wawelski cap, a6 is way more beutiful than this garbage

    5. Kwachu jachu Avatar
      Kwachu jachu

      @Dobro Audi beautiful? You’re kidding ?? These cars are bland and boring like the more expensive VW versions 🤮

  6. DomAust Avatar

    I like the current 5 series design. Didn’t know we needed a redesign

    1. Thando Gumede Avatar
      Thando Gumede

      thats what i thought, until i realised that the car has been out for 6 years, 7 years when the new one comes

    2. MrJamsification Avatar

      G30 for life. They should keep the exterior as is, and tech refresh the interior.

    3. Clarity Avatar

      Redesign for the sake of redesigning

    4. Ameen Hensem Avatar
      Ameen Hensem

      The new one could have been better without the black cladding around bottom grill

    5. Leo Mike Farrugia Avatar
      Leo Mike Farrugia

      @Ameen Hensem and the 1 series style headlights

  7. Hjalmar Snaps Avatar
    Hjalmar Snaps

    Looks like bigger version of a 2-series gran coupe!

    1. iam n4f Avatar
      iam n4f

      Which is a bad thing

    2. sakhile radebe Avatar
      sakhile radebe


    3. Patient_Lion Avatar

      Exactly me first thoughts, front looks way too much like the 2ser GC…
      Too squashed in the front, meant to be long sweeping saloon with beautiful lines 😐

    4. Benz Avatar

      Exactly… fire current BMW designers

  8. adam nsouli Avatar
    adam nsouli

    been a bmw fan all my life, thought theyd never ruin the 5 series but they did

    1. Yasith Ariyawansa Avatar
      Yasith Ariyawansa

      I thoroughly agree with you.
      They have ruined all the other designs. Only hope was the 5 series. And the same fate happened to it. So sadddd.

    2. Vadym Avatar

      it’s much better than XM, I was expecting worse

    3. Leo_06 Avatar

      Still better than anything from bmw at the moment

    4. Itachi8179 Avatar

      Its fine, relax. Not that bad

    5. RR Avatar

      Another horrendous design. The last bmw for me which ticked all the boxes was the e92 and that wasn’t yesterday.

  9. Mattia Nardelli Avatar
    Mattia Nardelli

    I think the previous model still is definitely gorgeous and more beautiful that this one for sure, but at least it’s not as ugly as the new 7 series

    1. Olympbarca Avatar

      I think it’s perfect

    2. I Avatar

      @Olympbarca Looks cheap and tacky. BMWs are supposed to be classy and understated.

    3. Pedro Monteiro Avatar
      Pedro Monteiro

      @I exactly, looks so much cheaper, like a bigger 2 series

    4. Czesław 59 Avatar
      Czesław 59

      @I Audi should also be elegant and it is only a more expensive version of VW, while lexus should not look like a pokemon, and it does.

    5. Tomáš Gregárek Avatar
      Tomáš Gregárek

      7 series is epic imho… finaly new design… when it doesnt change people scream that all cars looks same when change they scream ugly;)

  10. SALAD MAN Avatar

    Good thing is, it doesn’t look terribly ugly. Bad thing is, the old one looks much better.

    1. Bavarian Car Enthusiast Avatar
      Bavarian Car Enthusiast

      That’s what we always said after any new generation

    2. SWENWAR Avatar

      @Bavarian Car Enthusiast no, the previous gen just looks better.

    3. Bavarian Car Enthusiast Avatar
      Bavarian Car Enthusiast

      @SWENWAR ok cool – let’s say I did. I had 3 of the prior generation, still like it a lot. But the world moves on, my next will be an EV.
      I learned early that good design which is mixing up the market is controversial first, then it sinks in, then it is copied.
      Pleasing design is copying what you likes, you initially like it a lot but after a while it’s just “meh”.

    4. alexnitu Avatar

      @Bavarian Car Enthusiast really? do you feel like Porsche cars look meh?

    5. SWENWAR Avatar

      @Bavarian Car Enthusiast I don’t like that kind of thinking. Yes, the “world moves on”, but that doesn’t always mean it’s the right way. Moving on, doesn’t mean worse design. I actually prefer Mercedes, BMW and Audi’s previous generations over the latest ones. When F10 and G30 came out, I liked them more than previous gen at the very beginning.

  11. A Y Avatar
    A Y

    The previous version had the coherent design with sleek headlight. Even the horizontal kidney grill looked proportionate and good. They f’d up the headlights with that unnecessary brow lift. Profile looks nice and the rear is nice too. Shame, it could’ve been iconic.
    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    1. Ertugrul Bae Avatar
      Ertugrul Bae

      It’s a throwback to the e60.

    2. Leo Mike Farrugia Avatar
      Leo Mike Farrugia

      @Ertugrul Bae yeah and if i remember correctly the e60 was also controversial in terms of headlight design especially when people compared them to the previous e39 5 series

    3. Ertugrul Bae Avatar
      Ertugrul Bae

      @Leo Mike Farrugia it was a more modern looking car. Timeless. I liked it from day 1

    4. Chris Perry Avatar
      Chris Perry

      @Ertugrul Bae It’s more like a throw away…this is ugly

  12. SB123 Avatar

    As a BMW fan, it’s a shame they got rid of the famous angel eye/halo design on the headlights. I think with most people, they will talk about the designs and will eventually grow on them. I don’t see much being talked about the current 4 series front end compared to when it was first launched. I would wait to see it in the flesh as pictures make most cars look horrid at first glance.

    1. Ace Kuzmanovski Avatar
      Ace Kuzmanovski

      We don’t talk about the 4 series front end since with every new car they up the ante and make it uglier. The new 7 series took the ugliness pole position from the 4 series, and this 5 series is the new uglier contender on the pole position. That is until the next new BMW, which undoubtedly be even uglier. I can’t understand hoe this BMW designers don’t get fired for this almost criminal ugliness which ruines all the masterpices provided by the BMW engineers

    2. SB123 Avatar

      @Ace Kuzmanovski well that’s your
      Opinion, do you think a Tesla is good looking instead then? I don’t mind new BMW designs, as soon as manufacturers make something simple and generic, people complain how boring it looks and they haven’t tried, when manufacturers try to be different, it’s always its ugly and designers need to be fired, you just can’t win with people.

    3. Marijn Molenaar Avatar
      Marijn Molenaar

      BMW just lost its elegance in the past years. When I look at my dad’s 23-year old 535i, I see such a sleek, yet powerful car. Like it’s owned by a succesful businessman or CEO. I don’t want to say the new one is XM/iX/7 series levels of ugly, but it has defenitly lost its charm. I dunno, its just waaaay to busy of a design, like it’s missing a soul or something. Its like the designers just did whatever, a like here or a crease there. I dont like it.

    4. dariuce Avatar

      the 4 series i very beautifull ,it was only a bit controversial but they did not fully change the shape like here,this looks like a chunkier 2 series gc

    5. dariuce Avatar

      @SB123 why change something so much if it s not broken,the change from the f10 to the f90 was so minimal but this….

  13. Sam :0 Avatar
    Sam :0

    BMW always make me look back at the previous generations and go “looks like it wasn’t as bad as we thought”

    1. 60thirty Avatar

      Every previous generation was beautiful what do u mean

    2. Neal P Avatar
      Neal P

      How bad will the next generation have to be to make this look not so bad?😂

    3. Barbarus Bloodshed Avatar
      Barbarus Bloodshed

      Most BMWs from the 80s until a few years ago looked great.
      BMW was the “designer brand”… I’m saying that as someone who studied design and if you looked at the cars everyone drove, students and professors, something like 60% of our cars were BMWs.
      This was 15 years ago and I highly doubt it would be like that today.

    4. Labas Labas Avatar
      Labas Labas

      @60thirty there were millions of people who said e46 was the last good looking 3 series.

    5. 60thirty Avatar

      @Labas Labas as if the e92 wasn’t one of the most timeless and sought after 3 series up until recently😂

  14. benp Avatar

    Wow! Hats off to BMW. They’ve achieved a level of greatness by designing yet another shocking motor, thus push enthusiasts back to previous generations. In this case, E and F series are about to sky rocket in value! Hold on to you previous models folks

    1. Papi- Eron Avatar
      Papi- Eron

      The interior is looking good. Not sure of the body 😂

    2. Kaloqn Velinov Avatar
      Kaloqn Velinov

      I added an e39 wagon to me E60 sedan. This video made even happier about my new addition 😀

    3. KnotPhound Avatar

      ​​@Papi- Eron Nah, it is also terrible. It looks really good in the most basic way, but it is once again one of those vehicles that really want to center everything around a screen. You don’t even get a fucking volume knob.

      Also, the ambient lighting looks kinda cool, but it might be distracting to some, which could be dangerous.

    4. Harry Fitchett Avatar
      Harry Fitchett

      To be fair the current generation 5 series is the only good looking car they still make, and now that’s out the window too with this new one. A G31 in black with high gloss shadowline pack looks incredible, multiple 540i’s in this spec near where I live

  15. Gary Wylie Avatar
    Gary Wylie

    Always liked the Peugeot 508, this is definitely the nicest one I’ve seen!

  16. Motlotleng Avatar

    Very hard to beat the previous model 5 series. That was just perfection🥺

  17. AM Avatar

    Not sure about this but I’d have to see it in person. Over to you now Audi. Hoping the new A6 surprises us

  18. Rice Quackers Avatar
    Rice Quackers

    Absolutely ❤ my G31 530d xDrive. Looks classy, has 700 miles of range, all physical controls, and I could actually afford to buy it and own it outright. I’ll keep driving it until it literally falls apart.

  19. Steve De Roeck Avatar
    Steve De Roeck

    Can’t wait to see the facelift of this model 😅 hope it’s here soon

  20. etbadaboum Avatar

    One thing you could have added and is worthwhile to consider is the WLTP efficiency. Yes it’s not a perfect metric but useful to compare it with other similar cars like the EQE. It’s a measure of how good the overall engineering truly is.

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