New Audi RS6 v Audi R8: DRAG RACE

We've got our hands on the all- RS6 Efficiency, and we're about to discover if it has what it requires to take on Mat's new long-lasting test cars and truck, the Spyder!

So let's see how the 2 compare. Beginning with the RS6, it's powered by the exact same 4-litre twin-turbo V8 as the regular RS6. However, power has been increased a little over the regular cars and truck, and it now produces 630hp and 850Nm of torque. This power is provided to all-four wheels by means of an 8-speed torque converter gearbox, and it weighs in at 2,090 kg. If you're looking to pick up a brand new one, it'll set you back around ₤ 113,000.

Then we have the R8. It's geared up with a 5.2-litre naturally-aspirated V10 which can produce 620hp and 580Nm of torque. This power is delivered to all four wheels by means of a 7-speed dual-clutch automated gearbox, and it weighs a fair bit less than the RS6, being available in at 1,695 kg.

However, while it's a lot lighter than the RS6, it's also a lot more costly, can be found in at around ₤ 160,000!

So the RS6 is a little more powerful, however surely a practical family estate can't beat a supercar … Right ?! There's only one method to learn – LET'S RACE!

v M5 v AMG E63:

Ferrari SF90 v Model S Plaid v Porsche 911 Turbo:

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49 responses to “New Audi RS6 v Audi R8: DRAG RACE”

  1. LJA Still Avatar
    LJA Still

    It’s amazing how far performance cars have come… an estate car being compared to a supercar is crazy!

    1. DarkTime Freak Avatar
      DarkTime Freak

      estate car ? supercar? you even know anything about the line of the cars? like rs6 is a supercar mate. facts.

    2. ivanuki Avatar

      ​@DarkTime Freakby your logic, the durango hellcat is considered a supercar since it has 700hp. Of course neither are supercars

    3. Tim Busfahrer Avatar
      Tim Busfahrer

      @DarkTime Freak Whatever you are smoking, i want some of it

    4. daytrader666 Avatar

      @DarkTime Freak tf are you talking about

    5. hassy g Avatar
      hassy g

      its a last push for combustion engines as they are phased out

  2. carwow Avatar

    Practical family estate or a supercar… Which are you choosing? 👀

    1. Jürgen Würgen Avatar
      Jürgen Würgen

      Rs6 for ever

    2. Lamar Avatar


    3. Innocent Anthony Avatar
      Innocent Anthony


    4. HomerdohYT Avatar

      Rs6 for daily life, R8 for fun

    5. Jacob Rev Avatar
      Jacob Rev


  3. VitaCola2 Avatar

    The V10 Sounds Absolute awesome what an engine <3

    1. Andrew Joy Avatar
      Andrew Joy

      Got to love a v10 , its no LFA but it still sounds fantastic .

    2. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      ​@Andrew Joyyep. At least it sounded like Gemballa Turbo Coupe.

  4. Don't do it! Avatar
    Don’t do it!

    A bit of a strange comparison using a Spyder with the roof off(!) haha, the V10+ Coupe is much much quicker and would absolutely wipe the floor with the RS6 Performance.

    1. philippe lemaire Avatar
      philippe lemaire

      Sure after 200km/h arrodynami😊 is important

  5. Atharva Zodpe Avatar
    Atharva Zodpe

    The R8 sounds insanely good here for some reason

    1. Willard Wade Avatar
      Willard Wade

      The V10 Lambo motors are probably THE best sounding V10’s ever. That deep bass growl is epic. :The BMW V10’s from the M6/M5 in the mid to late 2000’s are great as well. Folks rave about the LFA, which I am not a huge fan of the exhaust note, as it is raspier and not as deep.

    2. Enviro_400_life Avatar

      @Willard Wade Huracan V10 is made by Audi engine

    3. Ant 88 Avatar
      Ant 88

      ​@Willard Wadelexus lfa v10 sounds amazing.

  6. Derick Berchie Avatar
    Derick Berchie

    RS6 would be a killer if it had a little less weight. Still pretty impressive tho🤛🏾

    1. Andrew b Avatar
      Andrew b

      You’d need to shave 500kg but then it’d have alot less luxury and less equipment

    2. Steph Esse Avatar
      Steph Esse

      @Andrew b lol you cant even shave 500kg from that RS 6

    3. The Man Avatar
      The Man

      All you’d have to do is remove that useless 48v mild hybrid battery setup. That would easily remove about 200kgs, give it a carbon roof, and some lightweight 20” wheels instead of 22”… and boom.

    4. Egemen Avatar

      ​@The Manand lightweight seats like m5cs

  7. Time Well Spent Avatar
    Time Well Spent

    Wow. Matt has another go on the brake test! I shouldn’t even be surprised 😂

    1. G.D Avatar

      Matt’s the equivalent of the fat kid that owns the football but then takes it home in a huff early if the other team doesn’t let him score

  8. Pillred Avatar

    Considering the extra weight of the RS6 was like carrying 4 extra passengers that was closer than I thought it would be.

  9. Oliver Müller Avatar
    Oliver Müller

    Hello Mat, amazing drag race. I’d like to see something different…Imagine like a VW golf vs Renault megane vs Vauxhall Astra… All these cars from 2018 and stock. This could be a real life and not supercar-ish type of race. Just to see what these cars can deliver without using motorways 😅

    1. LueRoe Avatar

      That would be pretty boring 😊

    2. Flying 51 Avatar
      Flying 51

      Won’t get the views, so highly unlikely. Going flat out until one breaks is a slightly better idea. Why 2018? sounds like these are the current car options you are looking at 😉

    3. Selfproclaimed Nobody Avatar
      Selfproclaimed Nobody

      If you’ve been a longtime fan of this show, you’ll know if you look back enough, there is comparisons of these cars. Not always all 3 but 2 of the 3, racing. Just search for it.

    4. Gastowner Avatar

      time has come where bots are talking with each other

    5. Selfproclaimed Nobody Avatar
      Selfproclaimed Nobody

      @Gastowner really genius? Lol 🤦‍♂️

  10. Ruhaan Avatar

    That R8 kickdown in comfort is crazy

    1. GG Toxic Anyway Avatar
      GG Toxic Anyway

      its actually strange to do that. myself and other r8 4s owners experienced a confusing behavior when doing kickdown in confort. it feels like the car is going into a kind of launch control. it shows second gear as example but you dont go forward. suddendly a gear will be kicked in and it shots off. in S it feels completly different.

  11. CW Avatar

    I gotta say it again, the spec on that R8 is A1, Matt. Well done

  12. Ujo Avatar

    You should do a race where you have to haul a bunch of luggage and groceries around a track and see if the R8 can compensate it’s lack of cargo space with raw speed.

    1. Mumin Rahman Avatar
      Mumin Rahman

      R8s are not that great on the track to begin with, maybe that could work with the GT version

  13. aftermathsample305 Avatar

    Crazy to think that RS6 had a pretty great performance despite it being so heavy. Great race.

  14. Letso Film Avatar
    Letso Film

    Now this race makes me wonder how would the M5 CS do against the Audi R8 🤔 @Matt Watson I know you can make it happen

    1. aubw4 Avatar

      R8 V10 performance,Plus would do that.

  15. Alexander M Avatar
    Alexander M

    Having the roof up would definitely help the R8 a lot, Matt. Especially at over 120mph.

  16. I am myself Avatar
    I am myself

    A station wagon can’t beat a supercar, but it wasn’t bad at all. Thanks for the video!

  17. Beardchanics Garage Avatar
    Beardchanics Garage

    Launch control doesn’t quite bypass the rev limiter, it just bring the limit a bit higher 🙂 I believe on some Audi it’s the gear selector that need to be in between position for the limit to be bypassed.


    FYI: For anyone wondering why the windows on the Audi R8 look like they are covered in spots, it’s because they have a polarised filter on the camera.

  19. Tre DeLaura Avatar
    Tre DeLaura

    Wish you would show the time for each quarter mile race. It would be interesting to see if there is any change in the launches vs how well you launch etc

  20. Robby Siregar Avatar
    Robby Siregar

    It’s amazing how both of them keep surprised by how good the RS6 is 🤣

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