My car HERO reveals new £2M V12 supercar!

Introducing the T. 33 Spider!

This is the spider edition of the formerly exposed T. 33, and it has one quite huge claim to fame – it's the only open-top in the world with a manual transmission!

The T. 33 Spider is a stylish monster – you won't find any outlandish vents or wings here! Whatever you see serves a purpose and works in harmony to deliver the very best performance possible.

The engine is an absolute triumph too. This Cosworth-built 3.9-litre V12 is the lightest V12 on the planet, and in this T. 33 Spider, it delivers 617hp through the rear wheels, enabling this open top to reach a top speed of 208mph! What's more, it likewise redlines at an amazing 11,100 rpm!

It's an advantage it's the lightest V12 on the planet, as the T. 33 Spider has actually been created to be as lightweight as possible – it ideas the scales at simply 1,100 kg!!

So it looks terrific, and the specs are magnificent excellent. The concern is, ought to you really pay an eye-watering ₤ 1,890,000 for one?! Stick with Mat and Gordon for this outstanding walk-around !


49 responses to “My car HERO reveals new £2M V12 supercar!”

  1. carwow Avatar

    How long will it take for the T.33 Spider to sell out? Drop your predictions below!

    1. bbogdanmircea Avatar

      1 hour

    2. HJW018 Avatar

      3 days

    3. 2nd version of windows mercury #AntiMihajlo Avatar
      2nd version of windows mercury #AntiMihajlo

      7.5 days/car

    4. Lalinisator YT Avatar
      Lalinisator YT

      About 5 Days. The higher price makes a longer saletime.

    5. Tej Mohesh Avatar
      Tej Mohesh

      5 days

  2. Halal Food Therapy Avatar
    Halal Food Therapy

    In a world of EV’s taking over, a true drivers car. Can’t wait to see the review of this!

    1. Yerrie Avatar

      BEV’s are taking over the daily commute because it’s superior in doing that, big manufacturers have to build also hybrid and BEV’s for EU pollution regulations but these small projects and manufacturers don’t have to, we will have decades to go with beautiful ICE cars, 2 different worlds that will coexist for decades to come

    2. Axel Arkheden Avatar
      Axel Arkheden

      ​@Yerrie That’s probably the wisest thing I’ve ever read in a comments section of a car video!

  3. ayman Avatar

    Gordon Murray’s designs are an instant timeless classic

    1. Carlos Leon Avatar
      Carlos Leon

      @amarjit singh just did and you’re all worked up for it

    2. Nexx  Avatar

      @ayman are you du-mb? can you read?

      The steering wheel on this car is a copy of New McLaren steering wheel which was created in 2012… gordan only worked on McLaren F1 and Formula1 division till 2005

      so yeah he didn’t create anything he copied it… anything else?

    3. Vil Lama Avatar
      Vil Lama

      Most Boring way to spend 2 mils

    4. Jordi Korthals Avatar
      Jordi Korthals

      @Larry C Newer, more rare, more expensive, more exclusive, faster and more driving pleasure than you will ever get in life.

    5. iTxip Avatar

      It looks like the race ferraris and alfas of the 60-70 and its lovely

  4. jerryl davis Avatar
    jerryl davis

    This car Reminds me of a lotus or vauxhall vx220. It’s a good thing tbh. Feels light and simple and eager to be driven. Although for that kind of money there are many more cars even with a v12 engine. What this car symbolises is simplicity and driving experience. It might not look like it costs a million pounds but i think the true car lovers and racing lovers of the 60s would appreciate it. Watching this video I came to understand that Gordan’s thinking is different and he is more interested in the overall car, its materials, their feel and he is more focused on bigger experience etc and is totally different from Adrian Newey who i think focuses more on aero details to generate performance. Gordan is a pure car lover.

    1. Mcb Avatar

      Bro yes exactly the lights o ma gaud it’s excacly like a lotus and loon like a 2005 car

    2. TaNkSaLoT100 Avatar

      Or tvr

    3. Adam Warren Avatar
      Adam Warren

      I also thought it looked quite lotus, like a stretched s2 elise

  5. MBA 95 Avatar
    MBA 95

    Gordon Murray is the prime example of Old money aesthetic and Gentleman. His voice, vocabulary, knowledge, humbleness, transparency,passion and hard work is so admirable. What a legend he is and what a great great personality he has.

    1. 1CORINTHIANS 15:1-4 KJV Avatar
      1CORINTHIANS 15:1-4 KJV

      @Honkler I do not compute at all. Should he lie? All great designers has developed their own design language, which they would defend against opposition. Do you think for instance old Porsche, Ferrari or other such gentlemen would talk less against a design language, that they did not appreciate? He by the way did appreciate almost all of Mat’s cars, except the BMW X5, which I sure also would agree is a pointless and ugly SUV.

    2. James Morrison Avatar
      James Morrison

      Well said…that is exactly right!

    3. Konrad K Avatar
      Konrad K

      @Honkler because its nothing other on martet like that and he is right

    4. Mr Outcast Avatar
      Mr Outcast

      I’ll keep it simple – dude is just very nice guy

  6. RetroTune Avatar

    I think that more car companies need the mindset Gordon has, he puts some well thought out reasoning behind his cars.

  7. NordicHail Avatar

    Mr. Murray’s designs are so incredible in their simplistic beauty. The proportions are always so correct and every element flows beautifully into the other. Thank you for presenting these bespoke vehicles for us to see.

    1. a to Bee🐝 Avatar
      a to Bee🐝


  8. RobMylo Avatar

    Love how Matt has dressed smart and mature, because he’s in the great man’s presence. So much respect for Gordon

    1. bren Avatar

      The Dahmer glasses though……

    2. RobMylo Avatar

      @bren Haha Dahmer glasses! Can’t unsee that now 😂

    3. Simon Dowsett Avatar
      Simon Dowsett

      “So much respect for Gordon” If the car is any good, he wasn’t solely responsible for it. Many engineers will have worked on this.

    4. Owen Tozer Avatar
      Owen Tozer

      Def Dahmer vibes…
      Ain’t getting no bodies in that Froot though 😂

    5. RobMylo Avatar

      @Simon Dowsett Send me the employee list and I’ll credit them all 👍

  9. Nic T. Avatar
    Nic T.

    Loved how Mat interacted with Mr. Murray as a friend rather than some VIP on a pedestal like some do. Made watching this all the more enjoyable.

  10. Tye Avatar

    I don’t know how Christian von Koenigsegg & Gordon Murray do it. They do dozens of these interviews but seem enthusiastic every time. Explaining the same concepts in depth with a sense of humor to still crack jokes. Kudos to them!

    1. xFrosty Resonance Avatar
      xFrosty Resonance

      They’re just both so passionate. That’s why I love them

    2. Gyorgy Balogh Avatar
      Gyorgy Balogh

      they just love what they create man, that’s all! proud to talk about their hard work and realized ideals!

    3. srinitaaigaura Avatar

      And they have fans like us who will listen to them any number of times as well. Their thinking is exquisite.

  11. hellslayer 96 Avatar
    hellslayer 96

    It’s truly a driver’s car , an experience that can’t be replicated by mass produced cars , really really beautiful car Thanks Murray for bringing this car into the world 😊😊

  12. Varinder Bains Avatar
    Varinder Bains

    The Alpine A110 just got the greatest compliment as being used to bench test against for this amazing car!

  13. Paravantos Avatar

    A Supercar that makes sense and built by enthusiast, not by a marketing team! Thanks Matt and Gordon!

  14. Cameron Burch Avatar
    Cameron Burch

    Gordon is simply one of the greatest artists and engineers of our time. There are few people like him. Horacio Pagani comes to mind, as well as Christian Koenigsegg, Jerrod Shelby, etc. They are our generation’s Enzo and Ferrucio.

  15. Kiss Gergő Avatar
    Kiss Gergő

    I love how calm and measured he is. It really sets the tone of the conversation as like a calm, comfortable talk.

  16. SvartDraken Avatar

    I love this man, I’d be proud to own one of his creations

  17. Isaac862 Avatar

    When Mat and Gordon had the exchange about super car vs. hypercar and Gorden said “what’s next” shows what an absolute other league he’s in. Not caught up with trends, labels and hype, just class, quality and the absolute pinnacle of motoring. Well done Carwow

  18. Okith De Silva Avatar
    Okith De Silva

    Gordon Murray is a legend forever in the motorsport industry! So happy to see him in a Carwow video with Mat!

    1. Rasher basher Avatar
      Rasher basher

      I’ll bet apart from seeing him in this video. You haven’t a clue who he is.

  19. Michael Clark Avatar
    Michael Clark

    Gordon’s expertise and passion is wonderful to see every time!

  20. David Nguyen Watkiss Avatar
    David Nguyen Watkiss

    Gordon’s demeanor is very calm. Not serious but, intentional. I’m a big fan. Also, I love how this video shows that Mat can make anybody laugh.

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