McLaren Senna v 1200hp Lexus: DRAG RACE

Thank you to his royal highness for letting us utilize his automobiles:

Thanks to for joining us!
Thanks to & for helping to set up this race!

Who's prepared for an impressive drag race!

For the very first time ever, Mat has actually got his hands on a Senna! And he's about to go head-to-head with … A ?!

Well trust us, this is no normal … it's a RC F Drift Automobile!

So let's take a closer take a look at how these 2 cars and trucks compare. Beginning with the Lexus, it might be based upon an RC F, however the only thing left from the original vehicle is basically the Lexus badges at the front and rear! It's powered by a 2JZ engine that can produce an eye-watering 1,200 hp and 1,000 Nm of torque, and it's super light, weighing in at just 1,250 kg!

Then along with it we have Mat in the . The Senna is powered by a 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 that can put down an incredible 800hp and 800Nm! In terms of weight, it can be found in at 1,309 kg.

So the Lexus has more power AND it weighs less – but when you consider it's designed to be flung around corners at speed, does it actually stand a chance entering a straight line? There's only one method to find out … LET'S RACE!


72 responses to “McLaren Senna v 1200hp Lexus: DRAG RACE”

  1. carwow Avatar

    Rate this line-up out of 10!

    1. Богдан Макарчук Avatar
      Богдан Макарчук

      Something either happens.
      Matt’s reaction: Hysteria

      Dude, you’re overplaying it, and it looks like a cheap comedy

    2. Msekeli Astral Mngonyama Avatar
      Msekeli Astral Mngonyama

      Best race i’ve ever seen on carwow


      10 💯

  2. That Cuh Avatar
    That Cuh

    The bumper was shaking when revving 💀

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      @Kul Thum more like driving beneath the ground.

    2. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      @That Cuh now thats obvious. Kind of.

    3. Supernoxva18 Avatar

      @Nick k I didn’t even know that myself.. Don’t mind that guy.

    4. lil' billy Avatar
      lil’ billy

      ​@Nick k I didn’t know that info so thank you sir

  3. Mustajab Zuberi Avatar
    Mustajab Zuberi

    That bumper was holding on for dear life in the sound test😂

    1. ALI x OP Avatar
      ALI x OP

      Bumper is holded with cable ties

    2. zee Avatar

      @Purwanti Allan the LFA says hi back


      ​@Ameen Hensem Its cheeks! 😂

    4. Jonathan Duddy Avatar
      Jonathan Duddy

      Best sound check yet…. Not for the note but for the violence

  4. Snehasish Basak Avatar
    Snehasish Basak

    Matt introduces a McLaren Senna as if it were a Mercedes A45

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Yep. A45 and Ford Focus be like: 😲

    2. Brijraj Agarwal Avatar
      Brijraj Agarwal

      I would totally kill for an A45, mate. :’)

  5. MangoSlicer Avatar

    Love how his brakes went out at like 140 mph and he just laughs it off, what a maniac. Proper driver to handle that beast of a Lexus

    1. Endless Performance Avatar
      Endless Performance

      *initiates epic handbrake turn*

    2. Zeus Lightning Avatar
      Zeus Lightning

      Lexus? 😂

    3. Big duphus AJ Avatar
      Big duphus AJ

      Faked the brake issue. Handbrake worked fine therefore the back brakes were fine. End of

    4. Madison 3 Avatar
      Madison 3

      @Chuck Norris It’s also “true” that it is very difficult to put over one thousand horsepower down on an unprepared drag surface with a car that lacks traction control and a slick automatic gearbox. It is also difficult to stop in a straight line when traveling at over 140 mph with no ABS. The car is very clearly set up for drifting, notice the insane front camber which in turn makes it VERY difficult to keep straight. I’m guessing you’re a 6x drift champion somewhere? I thought so.

  6. Preston P. Avatar
    Preston P.

    4:26 – Man was doing a burnout for nearly the entire quarter mile! Talk about traction control…

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Agree. It is as amazing as it actually gets.

    2. GRIFFINZXTT Avatar

      Also, those tires are good for drift, not for keeping the car straight, I want the car with tires that grip for the next race lol

    3. The Wolf Gamer Avatar
      The Wolf Gamer

      Its a RWD car, thats why is drifting like that

    4. Courag4es  Avatar

      @The Wolf Gamer dawg it is a drift car 💀💀

    5. The Wolf Gamer Avatar
      The Wolf Gamer

      @Courag4es I know💀💀

  7. Sirus Avatar

    Mat’s excitement after beating the beast was over the Moon

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Agree bro.

  8. Simon Brigden Avatar
    Simon Brigden

    Is it me, or are these videos getting better every time??

    1. Msani Umar Avatar
      Msani Umar

      @Anej Z honestly don’t mind the length 😂 as long as they are vids like this haha

    2. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      @Din Djarin you bet video after video its just kept on getting better.

    3. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      @Zintle Nxoyi 👍👍👍

    4. John Avatar

      Better all the time YES

    5. MantuS Avatar

      İt is you

  9. Aka Rara Avatar
    Aka Rara

    This channel never fails to provide interesting drag races

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Couldnt agree much more.

  10. Sociaal Jessie Avatar
    Sociaal Jessie

    Hahaha, Ahmed googling how to win a drag race with maclaren is pure gold 😂😂😂

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      @87Michael 87Michael, have u watched clips from Enthusia Professional Racing Unseen? It is in my Youtube channel. One clip featuring Coco Hayashi’s call and response and another clip, is when Coco Hayashi singing Like it Love it.

    2. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      @Cycling Geologist yep. 😂

    3. Skänkhunt42 Avatar

      ​@Mike Armstrong such a muppet

    4. Alex Avatar

      Hahahah what a LEGEND!!!!

  11. sd77 Avatar

    Dude has balls to do a brake test right after his brakes went out. And that save was glorious to say the least.

    1. Jack Quick Avatar
      Jack Quick

      Right! Also The moment he knew the brakes were not stopping the car he just ripped it around with no fear. Dumped almost all of his speed. If he’d waited another .5 seconds it would have ended with a flipping and rolling car. Balls + Skill. Gotta love it!

    2. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      @Jack Quick the brakes just ripped off the car.

    3. Naalaughmuzik MSP Avatar
      Naalaughmuzik MSP

      Mat made sure to put it at 100 mph

  12. Brian chilapula Avatar
    Brian chilapula

    I just wana thank the lady who does the countdowns for your consistency ,we see you in every drag race and we appreciate you

    1. Ross Carlson Avatar
      Ross Carlson

      Jokes aside it’s AWESOME that they use this format vs. what Hoonigan does with the random drop where you never get an even start.

    2. inno Avatar

      @Boog Boog pretty sure it’s matt’s wife

    3. John_3_16 Avatar

      @inno Mat isn’t married though

    4. shawn Gram Avatar
      shawn Gram

      It’s a guy

    5. Gavin Patterson Avatar
      Gavin Patterson

      @Ross Carlson hoonigan drag races are a joke. They don’t tell us the times

  13. David Avatar

    Stopping that Lexus when his breaks failed is the best thing I’ve seen so far on these drag races

    1. Big duphus AJ Avatar
      Big duphus AJ

      That’s what they said happened. From what I see he’s failed to do a stunt and made excuses😂

  14. Abdul Aden Avatar
    Abdul Aden

    I love how Matt never tells em that it’s as soon as the hands go down rather than waiting it’s all the way down than again he is the drag race king with 160 wins under his belt 😂

  15. Kiss Gergő Avatar
    Kiss Gergő

    He seems like such a friendly and eccentric person, I love that! Honestly I would love to see more of him in other drag races!

    1. i had one job Avatar
      i had one job

      Reminds me of Daniel Riccardo

    2. A Saga Avatar
      A Saga

      Most Middle Eastern people are like him. I think it would be nice to see a proper off road test in the desert 🐪 with Ahmed

    3. A3 BMM Avatar
      A3 BMM


  16. Savvas_ stefan Avatar
    Savvas_ stefan

    I love Ahmed’s energy. We need to have him back for another drag race.

  17. Rusty Dog Avatar
    Rusty Dog

    Ahmed seems like a great fun guy to hang out with and talk cars 🙂 Hope we get to see him on here again.

  18. Jullia Capybara Avatar
    Jullia Capybara

    That rcf had more traction than i thought it would

    1. Yousef Hussain Avatar
      Yousef Hussain

      did it though…?

    2. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      @Yousef Hussain EH? RUF CTR2 done this before.

    3. Yousef Hussain Avatar
      Yousef Hussain

      @Cth Andrei its my actual name lmao

    4. ProphetKilo Avatar

      @Yousef Hussain Yea it did, normally a drift car wouldn’t have the slightest of traction but he managed to get some sort of traction on the straight line.

    5. Foxx Avatar

      that was more like brutal power

  19. abood ashoury Avatar
    abood ashoury

    Ahmad is such a nice guy the entire video just matching the energy and even though he was saving his car that drift was nice

  20. Erencan996 Avatar

    Mat and Ahmad is a combo we need them laughing is so funny 😂

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      +𝟙 (𝟞𝟞𝟚) 𝟞𝟛𝟡-𝟜𝟟𝟚𝟙 What’s app

      𝑌𝑜𝑢 𝑗𝑢𝑠𝑡 𝑤𝑜𝑛 💬 𝐻𝑖𝑡 𝑚𝑒 𝑢𝑝

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