McLaren Artura review with 0-60mph, 1/4-mile & drift TEST!

Fulfill the Artura!

It's 's very first hybrid supercar, and Mat's got his hands on one to find out whether it has what it takes to take on hybrid supercar class-leaders like the !

So for beginners, let's have a look at the style. One thing's for sure, it's definitely a looker! Around the back you'll discover an incorporated spoiler, 2 huge (and real!) exhaust pointers and a metal cover for the engine. Around the side you'll discover some big (and real) air vents, and in advance there's a big front splitter and a clever set of headlights. It's possible to switch the front splitter and rear diffuser to be constructed of carbon fiber (for an extra cost), and there's an option of 15 colours to choose from.

Pop inside and the Arturo's style is minimalist but perfectly well made. You sit in Alcantara-covered container seats that can be adjusted forwards, back, up and down, and there's Alcantara throughout the dash too. It also covered the guiding wheel, which in standard McLaren style is kept easy with no integrated buttons. There's a new infotainment system and set of digital dials, and it works quite intuitively with settings and functions shown throughout both screens. It may be fairly basic, but it does the job it needs to do.

Then we have the marvelous engine! Hidden under the cover around the back you'll find a 3-litre twin-turbo V6 that can provide 585hp. There's likewise an electric motor hidden under the skin, which combines with the engine to produce 680hp and 720Nm of torque. This power is sent out to the rear wheels only, and benefits 0-60mph in 3 seconds and a top speed of 205mph!

So it's an outstanding specimen, however with costs starting from simply under ₤ 190,000, is it actually worth it ?! You'll need to stick with Mat and see on your own!

00:00 Introduction
00:42 Design
03:01 Rate
03:40 Interior
07:36 Boot
08:11 Options
09:41 5 Annoying Things
11:24 5 Good ideas
12:53 Engine
14:11 Town Driving
16:28 Freeway Driving
18:22 Back Road Driving
19:38 Track Driving
21:14 Drifting
22:19 0-60mph & 1/4-mile
25:00 Brake Test
25:27 Decision


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46 responses to “McLaren Artura review with 0-60mph, 1/4-mile & drift TEST!”

  1. carwow Avatar

    This, or a Ferrari 296 GTB… Which are you choosing?

    1. carwow Avatar

      VOTE: Ferrari 296 GTB!

    2. carwow Avatar

      VOTE: McLaren Artura!

    3. ThridVit - Avatar
      ThridVit –

      Ferrari 296 GTB!

    4. T Saurus Avatar
      T Saurus

      The 296 is just better

    5. Agera rs1 Avatar
      Agera rs1

      296 GTB

  2. M Raihan Avatar
    M Raihan

    As much as i love the car, I hate the fact that mclaren’s build quality is not as good. Seeing mat can almost easily pulled that flying buttresses panel off are just painful.

    1. 1379 Avatar

      Quality seems to have falling off a cliff since Bahrain Mumtalakat Holding Company became a major owner. I don’t think there are any British car companies left at this point.

    2. DonBarracuda Avatar

      @1379 But having the ex Ferrari CEO should have turned things around, this is why they kept delaying the release because he said it wasn’t ready

    3. Aye Avatar

      yep @11:03 already you can see the matt finish peeling off near the “P” on the rocker switch

    4. Rasher basher Avatar
      Rasher basher

      Like your gonna buy one😂😂😂😂😂😂

    5. DonBarracuda Avatar

      @Aye probably someone scratched it with a ring on their finger. Plus this is a press car it’s going to be abused

  3. KangoV Avatar

    That delay on engaging the engine would drive me crazy (not in a good way).

    1. Steff May Avatar
      Steff May

      @kangoV it seems like that was a setting. The screen popped up with “get away quietly” or something like that

    2. Isaac Cornett Avatar
      Isaac Cornett

      I know right 😂😂

    3. John. Avatar

      Quiet dangerous also!

    4. Peter Trampusch Avatar
      Peter Trampusch

      ​@John.why would it be dangerous? Because you’re going the same speed as everyone else on the street?

    5. Sami Laakkonen Avatar
      Sami Laakkonen

      Its cold engine anyways and it does it only once

  4. Maverick Watch Reviews Avatar
    Maverick Watch Reviews

    McLaren’s build quality has always concerned me. I’ve seen numerous videos where the car was just delivered and there were loose bolts just bouncing around in the engine bay. Yikes!

    1. White Stripe Avatar
      White Stripe

      Yeah, it’s always been trashy, but ig if you try to cheap out on buying a supercar and don’t buy a Porsche – you get what you asked for…

    2. PerplexedPhoton Avatar

      @White Stripe Porsche doesn’t make any supercars currently.

    3. Darth Groot Avatar
      Darth Groot

      The GT3RS isn’t a supercar?

    4. PerplexedPhoton Avatar

      @Darth Groot That’s a bonafide race car, but I’d consider it a sports car, it’s only making 500ish horses. Supercars today are all around 800 and hypercars are 1000+. What’s your criteria for a supercar?

      Edit: Wikipedia calls the GT3RS a sports car, so as we all know, it’s a fact now, as Wikipedia is gospel.

    5. Darth Groot Avatar
      Darth Groot

      I guess I just based that off of performance

  5. Jullia RED Avatar
    Jullia RED

    from the side it has very much similarities with the Lotus Emira. I like it!

  6. NO3V Avatar

    This options-run-through is brilliant. Do it ALWAYS.

  7. Drifty325i Avatar

    Hell of a car, really nailed it in terms of dynamics and stying

    1. Make Asylums Great Again • 10 years ago Avatar
      Make Asylums Great Again • 10 years ago

      Have you driven it?

    2. iamtheoceaniamthesea 𓀐𓂸 Avatar
      iamtheoceaniamthesea 𓀐𓂸

      @Make Asylums Great Again • 10 years ago hydraulic steering, no regen on the brakes etc

  8. David Howell Avatar
    David Howell

    I actually think that door bin design is brilliant and all scissor doors should be like this.

  9. It is I who Nuts to That Avatar
    It is I who Nuts to That

    For 200k+ i most certainly expect a car that isn’t gonna fall apart if i drive it faster than 60mph (that flying buttress demonstration is pathetic).
    Great design otherwise. I always liked the look of McLarens.

  10. Toni Radanov Avatar
    Toni Radanov

    Imagine being in EV mode and starting an overtake. -Engine has left the chat-

  11. Cerberus Tenshi Avatar
    Cerberus Tenshi

    With all the hybrid supercars coming out left and right, it just shows that the NSX was ahead of its time.
    If I could still buy a new NSX, I would. But the Artura is the next best option, even with a few similar design elements.

    1. AB DE Avatar
      AB DE

      The build quality of this car is so bad that its almost falling apart lol.

  12. Emory Holley Avatar
    Emory Holley

    I’ve only driven one Mclaren, 720s. A friend of mine asked if i’d like to go do a track day with him and use his car. The only answer was yes! I was absolutely shocked how fast, fun and predictable that car was. He had done some extra programming, exhaust, intake, wheels and bits so it had a little extra punch. I really hope McLaren solves the reliability and manufacturing issues that are plaguing an otherwise unbelievable car.

    1. Ayush Malpeddi Avatar
      Ayush Malpeddi

      Did you offer him to use your Corolla on the track at least!?!

    2. Kronos Avatar

      And my “friend” offered me to take his Chiron to the moon.

  13. A-Spec Reviews! Avatar
    A-Spec Reviews!

    10:30 My 2002 Prius does a similar thing. However, if you step very hard on the accelerator, that mode is canceled and you get full engine power. It’s strange that they didn’t do that the same way in this car.

  14. BBA Avatar

    If you tried the sport or track mode while in electric only mode you would have gotten full power instantly.

  15. Zura Kazishvili Avatar
    Zura Kazishvili

    I loved the options bit! you should keep doing it for every review

  16. Jaw Crusher Avatar
    Jaw Crusher

    Love when you climb into the frunk of the vehicle as it really give a true representation of how deep of wide it is. Rather than the numbers on the screen. Practicality is always appreciated.

  17. Daniel Shinerock Avatar
    Daniel Shinerock

    Brilliant car. A proper supercar with monstrous performance and great handling. So much better than hearing about a new Audi or Bmw Suv. Hopefully more exciting fast cars to be reviewed from now onwards.

    1. ifrcs123 Avatar

      Ilove mclaren and i also own one, but the artura ist just not good…

  18. Karl Hofsteede Avatar
    Karl Hofsteede

    To be honest, the electric only mode of start up that Matt’s constantly complaining about sounds like exactly what I want in my rx8. The ability to leave a friend’s place at the end of the evening, drive out of his quiet, dead end street, without pissing off his neighbors, then warm the engine up driving on the main road, then getting all the noise on the motorway

  19. milindo gugu Avatar
    milindo gugu

    That gear change just drops like that 😊

  20. DSOXBLADE Avatar

    The warm-up feature is fantastic and much needed.

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