Living with the 2022 Audi RS3 Saloon – 2 weeks and 1000 miles !

Coping with the 2022 RS3 Saloon taught me so much. I had the automobile for 2 weeks and covered 1000 miles. Such a competent B roadway blaster however likewise very comfortable and practical. Follow me on a hectic week of work that includes recording 2 pod casts and a trip into central London.


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21 responses to “Living with the 2022 Audi RS3 Saloon – 2 weeks and 1000 miles !”

  1. François G Avatar
    François G

    Evening all! Hope everyone is doing well and have a good weekend.

    1. Matthew Stroh Avatar
      Matthew Stroh

      All good here, and hope the same with you and yours too 😊

  2. Jamie Pickles Avatar
    Jamie Pickles

    The Audi RS3 Is one of my favourite Cars particularly In Saloon form 😊

  3. Samieb155 Avatar

    Evening PP, guessing you’ve had a busy week and now enjoying the SCC Tour of Ireland. 👍👍

  4. William Fence Avatar
    William Fence

    Image and perception affect the RS3. The reputation around the area means they are followed / stopped regularly especially at night

  5. Steen Skov Avatar
    Steen Skov

    If it was your own car (I realise it is not 🙂), you could get the wheels ceramic coated. It makes the upkeep SOOO much easier, because when they do get dirty, you can just wash them, it’s a P.O.P. really 🙂
    The coating I use lasts a fairly long time. I use CarPro’s DLUX wheel coating, which can be layered in two layers.

  6. Mr Mawson Avatar
    Mr Mawson

    Great video mate have a good weekend

  7. Neil Barden Avatar
    Neil Barden

    Going to be a big gathering of GPs at C&M at the beginning of July, looking forward to visiting again.

  8. Peter Kirton Avatar
    Peter Kirton

    Glad to see that tyre bulge did not let you down!

  9. lawrence gatt Avatar
    lawrence gatt

    ❤ good one PP wonderful 🏁🇦🇺👏👏👏🥂🍾

  10. ginggur17 Avatar

    Evening Peter. The RS-3 is Kates favourite of the Audi range, she loves the Pocket Rocket, I do too also tbh. 👍👍👍🇬🇧

  11. willstarkie Avatar

    Great vid, great car, just a shame you can’t order one anymore 😢

  12. ginggur17 Avatar

    Sportback indeed 👍👍🇬🇧

  13. Gareth Edwards Avatar
    Gareth Edwards

    Love the sound of that 5 pot, what a cracking engine.

  14. ginggur17 Avatar

    Mate, you are so so busy now days, onwards and upwards I say. 👍👍🤜🤛🇬🇧

  15. Trev Avatar

    Big shame about the limits on the 272, Pete. Used to love screaming down there on the bike, fabulous road (used to live in Waterlooville).

  16. Steve Ellis Avatar
    Steve Ellis

    Love the way you evolve the channel pollinating the other streams as you go.

  17. ΝΟΜΛ Avatar

    This doesn’t permanently disable but you can switch off lane departure with a press and hold of the button on the end of the turn signal stalk instead of using the MMI 🙂

  18. mrglobul12 Avatar

    I’ve put on 7,000 miles on my ’22 RS3. It’s my daily. Frankly, what a versatile car!! Wickedly fast when cruising Cars & Coffee and comfortable when I need it to for work with clients.

  19. Anthony Finch Avatar
    Anthony Finch

    Another great video. Agree that the sport back is the one of choice. Although you could get a civic type r for less money.

  20. John Brown Avatar
    John Brown

    Looks an awesome car, like you I would have the sportback but I would pick the RS6 Avant as my second choice in my dream garage behind the Defender 110. Having 400 PS and AWD in our i-Pace it is very easy to be over the limit in an instant but I would not be happy with 30 mpg now that my Honda does 50 not that it has the performance on tap with the Audi. I could not drive in central London after getting lost in St John’s Wood after my junction on the M25 was closed 25 years ago and when I asked a Policeman for directions he told me to get lost and when I explained I was lost he showed me a machine gun inside his jacket I then decided to be lost somewhere else.

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