Lamborghini Performante DRAG RACE

Thanks to for lending us the !
Thanks to @MarkMcCann64 for providing us the Urus!

… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … It's time for a to face off versus an ! Now, you might believe the result is a foregone conclusion, but we wish to see just how well the all-new Urus can contend against this little pocket rocket! So let's see how they compare. Beginning with the , it's powered by a 5.2-litre naturally-aspirated V10 that can produce 640hp and 600Nm of torque. It's super light, can be found in at 1,382 kg, and one of these will set you back ₤ 215,000. Then we have the Urus, which is powered by a 4-litre twin-turbo V8. This can produce 666hp and 850Nm of torque, and much like the it drives all 4 wheels. It's super heavy though, being available in at 2,150 kg, and a new among these will cost you ₤ 209,000. So will the Huracan win every challenge in this video? There's just one method to find out …
LET'S RACE! … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … Mat's efficiency cars and truck deal: Design X PLAID v SF90 v SVJ: Offer your with carwow:


57 responses to “Lamborghini Performante DRAG RACE”

  1. carwow Avatar

    Which would you choose? 👀

    1. Let's Talk Memes Avatar
      Let’s Talk Memes

      Urus cz it’s a better daily

    2. Eva Dita Avatar
      Eva Dita

      The Lexus LFA

    3. Philippe STRICKLER Avatar
      Philippe STRICKLER

      HURANCAN Performance.

    4. Fábio Ribeiro Avatar
      Fábio Ribeiro

      Is that even a question?! 😅

  2. Dzon Travolta Avatar
    Dzon Travolta

    I know i will enjoy this race before it even started. 💪🏼

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Me too man.

  3. SV Avatar

    Unbelievable Yanni got the stats right

    1. M uz Avatar
      M uz

      ​@Commander Geo kam – Yianni is more interested in colours than numbers. Surprised he bothered to look up the info.

    2. Bob Bowie Avatar
      Bob Bowie

      666 is easy to remember lol

    3. Greg Marking Avatar
      Greg Marking

      Er, he didn’t as it’s actualy 657 bhp. It’s 666 PS, not HP.

    4. Noi Esquivel Avatar
      Noi Esquivel


    5. KGill Avatar

      Pffft obviously hes not real its a clone the real yanny could never

  4. Ved Avatar

    It’s been years since the Huracan performante is out but still pretty fast and loud 😉❤️

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Yes. Huracan Performante also has 340kph top speed.

    2. GHOST Avatar

      @Purwanti Allan 350 on the speedo so around 340 on the gps yeah

  5. SamTV YT Avatar
    SamTV YT

    That huracan looks stunning sounds amazing

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Yep. Karin Asaka also love the sound of Huracan Performante. Kinda reminded me to NFS HOT PURSUIT 2010.

    2. MrLB06 Avatar

      ​@Purwanti Allan wait but theres no Huracan in hot pursuit, there’s Gallardo 5.2 and Sesto elemento, which both sound high pitched like even firing 5.0 Gallardo

  6. Flaming God Of Thunder Avatar
    Flaming God Of Thunder

    I didn’t expect the suv to brake better than the supercar despite being almost a ton heavier

    1. BVSTII Avatar

      @Big duphus AJ you act as if the Atom would change 5° of camber just by changing the driver 😋

      Physically, increased weight doesn’t make any difference in terms of braking. The force that you need to stop the heavier car simultaneously presses the tires down on the street, increasing grip equally. If anything, the increased weight increases the tread shuffle and therefore decreases the stopping distance. Sounds contradictory at first, but really isn’t.

      Could also compare Taycan vs 992 Turbo S – both run on Michelin Pilot Sport 4S of nearly identical size and the 992 just barely stops quicker, and that’s just due to the advantage of the engine being so far back that it creates force onto the back wheels to compensate the weight shift to the front.

    2. the esh wanadon Avatar
      the esh wanadon

      Their brake tests aren’t something you should take information from. It varies based on who braked first. It’s almost impossible for them to hit the line at the same time at the same speed and the same spot, too many variables.
      They should be using a dragy for those results.

    3. Gtrfan137 Kereere Avatar
      Gtrfan137 Kereere

      The Urus is fresh outta the factory while the Huracan is probably going to need new pads and rotors in a few years give or take

    4. matic cro Avatar
      matic cro

      ​@ベルナルド ディエル (Bernardo Diehl) hahahahaa hahaha yes engineuer thats how it works… NOT

    5. SEIBAH supremacy Avatar
      SEIBAH supremacy

      @ベルナルド ディエル (Bernardo Diehl) obviously

  7. Lee Campbell Avatar
    Lee Campbell

    Where would I be without carwow during these difficult times👍

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Yes. Carwow always made my day colorful.

    2. Sai Gaikwad Avatar
      Sai Gaikwad

      this is so true man, Carwow has given me so so many smiles, probably more than any other channel ever

  8. Just a YouTube Commenter Avatar
    Just a YouTube Commenter

    What a drag race carwow! The past week, you guys have done some unexpected yet awesome uploads. I’m happy to see Yanni in another Lamborghini Drag Race!! Add an Aventador SV to this, and it would be the ultimate trio.

    1. thomas grabkowski Avatar
      thomas grabkowski

      And I wonder what the quarter mile time for the new LB744 would be

    2. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      @thomas grabkowski or…. The F2007 or 248F1 against Huracan Performante??

  9. ItZBurhan Avatar

    Drag Race starts at 2:52
    Another drag race at 3:47
    Rolling race at 4:41
    Corsa mode Rolling race at 5:33

    1. Car Hawara Avatar
      Car Hawara

      Carwow is so much better when Matt and Yanni are not talking

    2. IBadSportI Avatar

      @Car HawaraLeave then you arent a real fan

    3. S Avatar

      @Car Hawara you’re weird

    4. Car Hawara Avatar
      Car Hawara

      @S Word!

  10. Luc Wijngaard Avatar
    Luc Wijngaard

    The sound of these cars is insane!

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Yes. The Huracan Performante also sounded insane like R390 GT1 ROAD CAR.

  11. tarz Avatar

    the way they’re racing into the sunset is really fast and furious-esque

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Yes. Kinda reminded me to the ending in FAST FIVE.

  12. Teodor T. Avatar
    Teodor T.

    that Huracan kicked down from 7th to 2nd incredibly quick! That’s amazing!

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      The 7-Speed Gearbox on Huracan Performante kinda reminded me a lot to 2002 F1 Cars again.

  13. Bamboo Shoot Avatar
    Bamboo Shoot

    I see Mat’s back to picking the fastest car, lol. Vehicular compensation is hilarious to watch. 😆

  14. Ste.71 Avatar

    4:45 That kick down was insane. Downshifting from 7th to 2nd in just the blink of an eye. Amazing

    1. Ice T. Avatar
      Ice T.

      ​@Davide Lancellotti DSG was invented by Borg Warner, not VW
      But Huracan doesn’t have BW gearbox, it has Dana Graziano DL800 transaxle

    2. Davide Lancellotti Avatar
      Davide Lancellotti

      @Ste.71 ecco cazzo doppia frizione ti giuro non mi veniva in mente ahah. Comunque sì è stupenda davvero, e nel senso, pensavo che la mia auto fosse veloce (e fidati, lo è, manco tempo di sbattere le palpebre e passi da settima a seconda) ma qui è un altro livello

    3. Josefin Kjellsson Avatar
      Josefin Kjellsson

      Aaaaand no BMW M owner is surprised since we are used to this in the DCT gear box, in manual mode, pull the left flappy padel and hold it while you fully press the throttle and it will go from 7th gear to lowest in 0.65 milli seconds..and yes it’s been in our cars since a decade..

    4. Sander Van de Wiel Avatar
      Sander Van de Wiel

      @Josefin Kjellsson aaaand BMW uses torque converters in recent M models

    5. Josefin Kjellsson Avatar
      Josefin Kjellsson

      @Sander Van de Wiel yes and they f-ed up the grill and what not, the M division is not what it used to be mate🤷🏻 awd M car is as gay it gets

  15. swaraj panda Avatar
    swaraj panda

    4:45 that kickdown was insane . gone from 7th to 2nd in seconds. amazing !!!!!

    1. Salmaan Ahad Avatar
      Salmaan Ahad

      Fraction of a second*

    2. Simply D Avatar
      Simply D

      Nearly as quick as me in the civic 😂😂

  16. Okeyo Giose Avatar
    Okeyo Giose

    I love how Yianni gets pessed even though there’s no possible version of this where the Urus wins😂

  17. Elementalist Lux Dark Avatar
    Elementalist Lux Dark

    I love how Mat and Yianni finally get along for a long time

  18. ßaron Avatar

    Yanni getting the stats right is like the moon casually doing a backflip in the sky. It just doesn’t happen.

  19. Travis Fandrich Avatar
    Travis Fandrich

    I swear Yanni’s matra is….”it bogged down” every…single….time! No matter what vehicle he’s in 😂

  20. Me Myself and i Avatar
    Me Myself and i

    4:45 The way it shifted from 7 to 2nd and went 120kph by The end of 2nd is just insane 😱🤤

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