Is this sportscar a Porsche 911 killer?

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… … … … … … … … … … … … … State hey there to the lightest electrical car in the world! Meet the Job
V. This all-electric principle has been revealed by , a name that is associated with light-weight set cars. But fear not! Regardless of the British maker now taking the step towards electric, it still stays true to its roots. You see, while the may be a hardtop cars, this is set to be among the lightest cars and trucks on the market, weighing less than 1,200 kg! So let's take a closer look at Job V. When it comes

to the design. In advance, there are numerous big vents including a grille, while there's also a single windscreen wiper that reminds us of the McLaren P1! Have a look around the rear and it looks really smooth, with an easy style that looks both contemporary and retro. Believe the exterior doesn't seem typically ? Well, wait till you step inside! You'll find comfy seats, soft-touch products throughout, and an incredibly cool dual-dial digital driver display screen. In the centre of the control panel, there's an infotainment screen, but the good news is all controls for the car are managed with physical buttons. The shape of the automobile even enables area for a single seat in the back! When it concerns efficiency, is clearly concentrating on weight instead of significant efficiency figures. As a result, the single electric motor is expected to produce 270hp, and it's most likely to hit 60mph in around 4.5 seconds. So what do you believe- could Task V be a game-changer when it's launched in 2026? Let us know in the
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43 responses to “Is this sportscar a Porsche 911 killer?”

  1. Izzo Avatar

    I remember watching this when it was still more of a concept, I was so wishing they’d bring it to life and I’m so happy that they’re showing intent😢🔥

  2. jowen lad Avatar
    jowen lad

    Finally a EV sports car manufacturer not obsessed with power and 0-60 times, I love the concept of lightweight and sacrificing crap not needed in a sports car.
    A true sports car is developed around how it feels and drives.

    1. IRS Avatar

      a true sports car is a fast car, if a car does 0-60 in 10 seconds it dont matter how it feels or drives, ur getting gapped by the bus at the lights.

    2. KapteinFruit Avatar

      I totally agree

    3. Z3t487 Avatar

      ​@IRSDid you watch the video? They say It’s gonna do 0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds which is still bloody fast, expecially considering it will ‘only’ have 270 HP.

    4. Healthiest Motorsport Avatar
      Healthiest Motorsport

      @IRS 0-60 times are a pretty poor measure of how well a car drives

    5. sinappanis Avatar

      Honestly it’s nice to see any manufacturer prioritize lightweight over more power, regardless of EV or combustion. I’m not sure why they have forgotten that with lightweight comes more speed AND handling. Rather than just stuffing more ponies under the hood and getting some speed but losing the ability to handle.

  3. Carrera S Avatar
    Carrera S

    I really like how they implemented the electronic gauges.

    1. Max Meier Avatar
      Max Meier

      Other than burning your eyesight especially in the dark, sure, it’s well implemented.

    2. GEE Avatar

      @Max Meierhave you ever been in a car with a screen at night? They have this amazing feature called ‘dimming’

  4. Brooklyn. Explore my profile Avatar
    Brooklyn. Explore my profile

    It has a very clean and beautiful design. pleasing to the eye. it is probably the same to drive.

    1. TheDarkFenix Avatar

      The design it’s the copy of the Maserati Mc20

    2. Gh0sT_DeM0LiShEr Avatar

      It looks hideous

    3. HeliumJoker Avatar

      @Gh0sT_DeM0LiShErthere he is

    4. Escape Earth Avatar
      Escape Earth

      Rear lights don’t look good and the rear end is flat. The rest of it is very good.

    5. Lotni Avatar

      @TheDarkFenix It’s not because the grill looks a little similar that it is a copy of the MC20

  5. KapteinFruit Avatar

    This car peaks my interest a lot actually. I came in with the mindset that it’s just another electric car, sure it’s probably going to be fast, but just another boring electric. I think this looks very, very promising. The design itself is very pretty in my eyes. I also love how they kept normal mirrors and didn’t cave in to the whole, everything has to be electric thing. If I had the money and this goes to production pretty much as is, I would 100% buy it.

    1. Noroco Avatar

      I’m honestly surprised when they say the price is around 80k, not more than 100k.

    2. LarsCar Fanatic Avatar
      LarsCar Fanatic

      Caterham ❤

    3. Sportbike Jesus Avatar
      Sportbike Jesus


    4. Make Asylums Great Again • 10 years ago  Avatar
      Make Asylums Great Again • 10 years ago

      I have no eyes.

  6. sinappanis Avatar

    What a fantastic design. The interior more so. Physical, separate climate control and the gauges. Chefs kiss. Still going to be out of my price range and I’d be surprised if it even came to NA anyways but just looks fantastic.

    1. Preben Pedersen Avatar
      Preben Pedersen

      Na What country is that

    2. Gh0sT_DeM0LiShEr Avatar

      The design is hideous, how can you like that?😂

    3. sinappanis Avatar

      It’s not one. North America.@Preben Pedersen

    4. Tony Barry Avatar
      Tony Barry

      NA = North America

    5. Preben Pedersen Avatar
      Preben Pedersen

      @Tony Barry thank you for your answer, i dont see why it would Come to The USA, why do you think it wont??

  7. Wobbegong Avatar

    Awesome concept. This is something exciting to have a simple driving machine in the EV space. This could pave the way for things like electric Miatas and so on in the future. Not everything needs to be 2 tons, 700hp, awd with massage seats.

    1. Robert Daniel Avatar
      Robert Daniel

      I’m not gonna buy an EV unless it gives me a H-J…

  8. Mr grumpy Avatar
    Mr grumpy

    its the first EV of recent days that is actually good looking, practical and light. Looks good for Caterham.

  9. Phaevryn Avatar

    I so hope that both Lotus as this Caterham do really well in this EV era. Lightness and drivability is lost to most/all mainstream brands which is then amplified by them making EVs, brands that DO focus on those two things might just end up doing really well.

  10. killa hattack Avatar
    killa hattack

    Dude I love how brutally honest and playful he is.

  11. Alex hogg Avatar
    Alex hogg

    Love that they haven’t tried to take on too much everything they say is actually realistic and achievable

  12. RetroJB Avatar

    An absolutely stunning design. Always been an admirer of Caterhams and if they can stay as close to this design as possible and keep it within budget then I think they’re on to a winner. Keep up the good work!

  13. Kalepsis Avatar

    The first time I saw this concept I immediately thought, “Please don’t make it over $100k!” Now that I know it’s supposed to be affordable I’m VERY interested. I love everything about this.

    1. pxK Avatar

      there’s no defining “affordable” tho… affordable to me is not the same as affordable to a millionaire 😅

  14. Moiko Jay Avatar
    Moiko Jay

    If Caterham can hit this price-point they have a customer in me – holy crap I love it!

  15. KommentatorK Avatar

    This Caterham guy is great. Knows his stuff, is passionate but also, no BS. Talks about stuff he doesn’t like and stuff that’s superfluous. Nice to see a manufacturer front someone with personality!

    1. Dimitris Monastiriotis Avatar
      Dimitris Monastiriotis

      Put his foot in his mouth tho. Look ag his regret when matt was like ‘you heard it, it’s going to have the same interior materials’😭😭

  16. Emolokz Avatar

    I hope this opens the doors to Caterham making higher performance models to follow this one. The age of EVs needs brands like this giving styling cues to other bigger brands for what the people really want I LOVE that gauge cluster.

  17. ChrisPin Avatar

    Truly a beautiful car. And a great example that an EV doesn’t have to be a shapeless blob like most are now.

  18. RCDriftTok Avatar

    Good to see Mat using his RC car knowledge to good effect 🥳😅

  19. Aussie2u Avatar

    We definitely needed someone to make a super fast, lightweight car, where “range” isn’t the priority but rather performance is. Smaller battery packs can charge extremely quick and would be beasts on autocross courses.

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