Hunting for horrible car features!

No car can hide!





20 responses to “Hunting for horrible car features!”

  1. Olga Nicoles Avatar
    Olga Nicoles

    I love your content thanks for everything🍇🍇

  2. LarsCar Fanatic Avatar
    LarsCar Fanatic

    Lotus no drivers mirror 😧

  3. Berta Cole Avatar
    Berta Cole

    glückwunsch und es ist einfach schön zu sehen wie groß dein kanal geworden ist du hast meine kindheit begleitet und mich in schlechten zeiten aufgemuntert danke für alles
    🐭 :

  4. Berta Cole Avatar
    Berta Cole

    Danke für deine Videos
    🍎🍎 4

  5. Pimpnase Avatar

    The fuel lid is locked in almost all Hybrids due to a pressurized tank.

  6. j C Avatar
    j C

    Driver can use the rear view mirrow.

    1. DreadPirate Flappy Avatar
      DreadPirate Flappy

      which means they have to move it every time and then move it back into position. it’s poor design.

  7. ruthlessluder Avatar

    You can steal fuel but you cannot steal electricity

    1. DreadPirate Flappy Avatar
      DreadPirate Flappy

      Which is why you can lock fuel filler caps with the car…
      no need to have it permanently locked unless you push a button in the car.

    2. SHROOMY Avatar

      Okay. But you won’t have the car unlocked unless you’re next to it, soooo I don’t see the point exactly in this argument.

  8. Y y B Avatar
    Y y B

    The fuel tank has to be depressurised before you can open the cap because of the fuel vapours. It’s only on patrol powered hybrids.

  9. Uusi Luuri Avatar
    Uusi Luuri

    Peugeot has a design flaw? No way, it’s just not possible… 😂

  10. Mokset Harous Avatar
    Mokset Harous

    but really nice CARS just im gonna say
    اللهم أرزقنا ياالله ☝️

  11. burgerman Avatar

    More cars need passenger grab handles.

  12. Cameroon 5 Avatar
    Cameroon 5

    that is literally bad on purpose

  13. Отписан Avatar

    The planned obsolesence electronics and engines are a bit more important than a cup holder that can be fixed with a 1$ chinese cup holder from a market, but why’d engines and electrics matter, right?

  14. DreadPirate Flappy Avatar
    DreadPirate Flappy

    remember when VW used to be top of it’s game? those days are long gone in pretty much every class.
    just cost cutting shitty brand nowadays.

  15. Mr Mawson Avatar
    Mr Mawson


  16. Kyle Senninger Avatar
    Kyle Senninger

    matt is really reaching on some of these… quite cringey in fact

  17. Y0U DEFEATED Avatar

    The Cupra rear windows button is not that annoying really. But the dodgy entertainment system is a real pain in the arse!!!

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