Ferrari 296 GTB v McLaren 765LT v Porsche GT2 RS: DRAG RACE

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: @LBCarReviews

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How great is this line-up?!

We've got Mat in the Ferrari 296 GTB, and he will go head-to-head against a McLaren 765 LT & a GT2 RS!

So let's see how these extraordinary supercars compare to each other. Beginning with the Ferrari, it's powered by a 3-litre twin-turbo V6 coupled with an electric motor which combines to produce 830hp and 740Nm of torque. This power is sent out to the rear wheels just, and the dry weight of the is 1,570 kg. If you were aiming to get one of these heroic hybrids, it would cost you around ₤ 242,000.

Next up we have the McLaren. It can be found in at a greater cost than the Ferrari, with the cost starting from ₤ 280,000! Regardless of this, it's actually down on power, with its 4-litre twin-turbo V8 producing (you thought it …) 765hp! It likewise puts down 800Nm, and this power is sent out to the rear wheels. It's the lightest vehicle here, though, tipping the scales at 1,339 kg.

Then finally we have the Porsche. It's packing a 3.8-litre twin-turbo flat-six that can provide 700hp and 750Nm to the rear wheels. It weighs in at 1,470 kg, and when new it cost around ₤ 207,000. But if you were seeking to buy one today, anticipate to easily pay ₤ 300,000+!

So how will this one play out – will the Ferrari's power move it to triumph? Or could the McLaren or Porsche nab it? There's only one method to discover … LET'S RACE!

Mat's efficiency offer:

Ferrari SF90 v 3,000 hp Nissan Patrol:

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83 responses to “Ferrari 296 GTB v McLaren 765LT v Porsche GT2 RS: DRAG RACE”

  1. WAM Barn Avatar
    WAM Barn

    Thank you for inviting us down to race our GT2 RS against the Ferrari and McLaren, it was a great day! Hope to see you guys soon for more drag races with the collection!🙏🏻🙌🏼

    1. Aditya Champawat ✔️ Avatar
      Aditya Champawat ✔️

      Thanks for letting Carwow Drag Race your car

    2. Preston P. Avatar
      Preston P.

      Can you bring your Koenigsegg to race 🙏

    3. Martin Sibara Avatar
      Martin Sibara

      Thank you for making this race possible.

    4. WAM Barn Avatar
      WAM Barn

      @Aditya Champawat ✔️ it’s our pleasure! We’re hoping to bring many more cars from the collection for more drag races!🤞🏼

    5. WAM Barn Avatar
      WAM Barn

      @Preston P. that would be a great race! What would you put it up against?🤔

  2. DRonTheDon Avatar

    I got shocked when the Porsche didn’t have a soft limiter lol. Good times

    1. Mpumi Bar Avatar
      Mpumi Bar

      Gt2 RS revs to the red line

    2. WAM Barn Avatar
      WAM Barn

      Oh it’s a great car😉😍

    3. MartinG. Avatar

      ahah, this is no ordinary GT2 RS, this is fully armed by Manthay Racing

    4. Ezekiel K. Avatar
      Ezekiel K.

      991 gen Porsche does not have soft limiter – it was the last hurray era of revving to 9,000 rpm

    5. Krabbe Avatar

      No 911 before the 992 had a soft limiter

  3. Trxlly-G  Avatar

    Whenever the race is epic, there’s always a car that breaks down

    1. Pigeon Poo Avatar
      Pigeon Poo

      Wonder if the le mans car will fare any better

    2. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      @Pigeon Poo yep. Add also NASCAR GARAGE 56 car into this drag race.

    3. Citrus Avatar

      Yea there’s a car that breaks down when they bring modified cars, iv never seen a factory car break down 4 times in a video on this channel.

    4. zix zix zix Avatar
      zix zix zix

      @Citrus It didn’t break down 4 times; the hybrid system malfunctioned and they kept using the car without repairing it (that would require a visit to the dealer). So, technically, it broke down once and they were lucky the car actually kept going.

    5. Michael Smart Avatar
      Michael Smart

      so? And?


    All three cars doing the quarter mile in 10 secs is very impressive 👏🏾👏🏾

    1. Sardorbek Zokirov Avatar
      Sardorbek Zokirov

      Both 765 LT and 296 can do sub 10’s

    2. Jabber 1974 Avatar
      Jabber 1974

      Technically over 10 seconds.

    3. WayNe WynNx Avatar
      WayNe WynNx

      Wait tilll Tesla fanboys appear and said a 4door practical sedan S-Plaid that cost less can easily beat all three cars in this race 🥴🥴

    4. Szewczyk Dratewka Avatar
      Szewczyk Dratewka

      It’s like the M3 after a little tuning, which was recently. And which cost a fraction of the price of any of these cars.

    5. M M Avatar
      M M

      765lt runs low 9s

  5. Siseneg Avatar

    That 296 is unreal, absolute knock out by Ferrari

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Ferrari F40 also is no joke.

    2. Dart_Ride Avatar

      Hell nah …. electric motor… thats cheeting

    3. jibbs Mckenze Avatar
      jibbs Mckenze

      Sorry for my English but the issue was matt having with the Ferrari is same with leclerc n sainz face in this season😅😅😅

    4. Elia Allegri Avatar
      Elia Allegri

      ​@Dart_Ride clown comment unfortunately

    5. F1.Dutchman Avatar

      @jibbs Mckenze not really lol

  6. ArmorMaciek Avatar

    A turbo S would have been very close with the other two. Would’ve been fun to see

    1. kalel Wilson Avatar
      kalel Wilson

      The Turbo probably would have won, because I remember it did 10 seconds flat..

    2. ArmorMaciek Avatar

      @kalel Wilson in the most recent one it did a 10.3

    3. It’s Fast Teacher Avatar
      It’s Fast Teacher

      Was looking for this comment. My thoughts exactly. Has to be an animal that Turbo S

    4. Dev Kumar Avatar
      Dev Kumar

      Still gonna lose lol

    5. Xcon Avatar

      ​@ArmorMaciek it’s fastest time is 10.1

  7. venom999333 Avatar

    🤔 I’d say it would be time for these 3 cars to do some track times. Hot lap anyone? 🔥

    1. Mirko Marjanovic Avatar
      Mirko Marjanovic

      It would probably be gt2rs. It’s the second fastest car at nurburgring after black series (I don’t count manthey version). BUT, Ferraris and McLarens aren’t really getting tested at nurburgring for best lap times. People have said that mclarens (outside of let’s say p1 and gt3 cars) aren’t that good at handling at this class, like 720s isn’t at top level on a track, but everybody praises Ferraris on a track. I think the 296 could give the Porsche a very hard time.

  8. Lavesh Ramjunum Avatar
    Lavesh Ramjunum

    Yianni’s energy alone adds like a 100hp more to the car in which he is 😂😂😂

    1. QB TRAILERS Avatar

      I promise you, bro. Plus another 50 more horse power by leaning forward 😂

    2. Igor Strzalkowski Avatar
      Igor Strzalkowski

      But +50kg also compared to Matt 😂😂😂

    3. The Electricity Avatar
      The Electricity

      That makes it a mclaren 865lt 😂

    4. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      @QB TRAILERS and also 85 bhp more by yelling GO GO GO.

    5. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      @Igor Strzalkowski what about minus 200kgs for Go Go Go?

  9. AceJob Drexler Avatar
    AceJob Drexler

    The LT is very impressive in my opinion, less power than the Ferrari which has an additional hybrid train which gives it a better launch in regards to acceleration yet they’re almost neck to neck, that’s impressive

    1. Tommaso Capuzzo Avatar
      Tommaso Capuzzo

      But the 296 gtb has only a 3.0 V6 twin turbo.

    2. phat55 DSL Avatar
      phat55 DSL

      Actually not….the 765LT dyno’s at over 850hp with many calling it the 865LT as a running joke….couple that with being well over 300kg’s lighter with active aero then it changes the complexion a bit😉

    3. Miran E. Avatar
      Miran E.

      Not less power 765lt has like 820-850hp on a dyno

    4. Jer H Avatar
      Jer H

      after launch the two were similar, so Ferrari extra spec sheet 65 horsepower offset 300kgs of extra weight it carries. Id say if the mc makes more power then so does the Ferrari.

    5. Citrus Avatar

      The ferrari is 100% making 900hp, you should see it racing against sf90. Ferrari took a page out of Mclarens book with the lying about hp figures. i still think the Mclaren is the standout performer here, just like the 720s use to be. heavily aero’d and short geared and its still a bullet train.

  10. James Blade Avatar
    James Blade

    Little advice for the videos, when it comes to the break test why not have a drone hover above the vehicles once they stop and have a line to see who stopped where rather than getting out of the car

    1. minionz Avatar

      Get film at an active airport/runway so they probably don’t have the permission to do so

    2. James Blade Avatar
      James Blade

      @minionz at that point just have a go pro at the end of the runway or a camera on the side so the others can review the footage and tell the drivers who won

    3. minionz Avatar

      @James Blade that have a camera on the side but thw problem with braking is u never know where will the car’s’ stop unlike the 1/2 mile or the 1/4 Mile dats why the have camera crew with physical cameras and matt just gets out and checks them himself while showing us the angles via the camera

    4. James Blade Avatar
      James Blade

      @minionz correct but you could use the camera as a line, if the vehicle is close to it you measure the distance from the camera to the car, the further back or forward the car is you either lose or win

    5. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      @James Blade no doubt.

  11. João Dias Pires Avatar
    João Dias Pires

    Love that Yanni always has that confused look at the beginning 2:06, not knowing which car he’s in, like he’s been teleported into the car.

    1. Yiannimize Avatar

      Hahah #truestory

  12. Ahnuld Schwarzenegger Avatar
    Ahnuld Schwarzenegger

    Perfect saturday morning: Waking up, making myself a good cup of coffee, sitting down for a Carwow Drag Race with crazy fast cars and Matt and Yianni and sometimes Daniel or Sam.

    1. Luke Garcia Avatar
      Luke Garcia

      I also enjoyed this video with a cup of coffee

    2. wakiumu Avatar

      Doing that as we speak. ☕️😎📱

    3. REVIEWS&MORE Avatar

      Nah waking up to some head from a beautiful sexxy woman sounds better but I guess this will do as well

  13. Rubican Avatar

    That 296 GTB is s monster, unreal performance from a V6!

    1. Hikari Sakai Avatar
      Hikari Sakai

      yea it also turns off randomly lol

    2. Joonatan Nurminen Avatar
      Joonatan Nurminen

      ​@Hikari Sakai the ones they had before didnt

  14. Chris Valeske Avatar
    Chris Valeske

    The Porsche being that fast with its massive rear wing is mind blowing for me

    1. Noah mn Avatar
      Noah mn

      Thats why its unbeatable in nurburgring

    2. wille Avatar

      @Noah mn its not unbeatable

    3. SpookyReaper Avatar

      Is the 765 also a track car?

    4. A Avatar

      ​@SpookyReaper it kinda is

    5. IISNSC99 Avatar

      Porsche horsepower is always different that other brands. They launch and pull so hard

  15. Jonathan Dawe Avatar
    Jonathan Dawe

    The best sound check we’ve had in ages. No soft limiters. 😁

    1. Comentador de Comentários Avatar
      Comentador de Comentários

      Yeah, finally!!!

  16. Buba Avatar

    Definitely one of the better episodes, I love the competition but the humbleness within this episode is awesome.

  17. Irfan Naqiuddin Avatar
    Irfan Naqiuddin

    I love the trio ❤️ And Daniel just looks happy tagging along with Yanny and Mat which make me happy too


    It is astonishng how fast the 765LT is. The 296 beat the SF90 from a roll in another video, and for the 765 to stay with, and maybe even pull up top on the 296 is just crazy.

    1. Tony Stark Avatar
      Tony Stark

      Thus comment showing how stupid the naming of the cars is

  19. Willem Van Der Nest Avatar
    Willem Van Der Nest

    You must do this race again when the Ferrari is sorted. It was truly amazing to see it competing with the 765 and winning. I’m sure once it’s sorted it might be a even bigger win for the Ferrari

    1. Wingcommander Dalton Walton Avatar
      Wingcommander Dalton Walton

      Imagine the haters if it was the 765 that was breaking down!!

    2. o k Avatar
      o k

      And change the porche out to a 911turbo s

    3. Joonatan Nurminen Avatar
      Joonatan Nurminen

      ​@o k would still lose

    4. Oliver Ramer Avatar
      Oliver Ramer

      @Joonatan Nurminen 992 turbo S is a 10sec car mate on a good day it will win against those

  20. Sayed Studios Avatar
    Sayed Studios

    I don’t know if I’m the only one that feels that way, but the brake tests are always more interesting to me cause if a car has a lot of power but no brakes you’re less likey to use that power unless you know you have enough room to stop. So it basically shows which cars can make use of their power in daily use.

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