Does everyone do this when getting in their new car?


37 responses to “Does everyone do this when getting in their new car?”

  1. @BREMADMR Avatar

    German comments are incredible

  2. @garyjames4319 Avatar

    Turn off the auto start stop!

    1. @ZonexG Avatar

      Why? I never had issues with it on my diesel car

    2. @ahmettalha7165 Avatar

      ​​@@ZonexG well some say it drains the battery and personally i dont have a licence yet but whenever dad hands me keys i like to use the road as a race track and i m not getting the fast throttle response when light turns green with auto start/stop.

    3. @krabby8216 Avatar

      ​@@ZonexGot makes your starter wear out much faster than normal and they are not cheap to replace

    4. @elpapa68 Avatar

      @@ahmettalha7165 lol

    5. @ZonexG Avatar

      @@krabby8216 and idling your engine wears it out much faster than a starter which was built for start stop 😅

  3. @PlazmaBooy Avatar

    This is one of the many reasons I really don’t want a new car. Cars peaked in 2015-2019.

    1. @Zootopia96 Avatar

      Ah yes those cars you don’t see on the road anymore.

    2. @PhilbyFavourites Avatar

      @@Zootopia96do you live in Dubai…….

    3. @ScottChegg-ob5zr Avatar

      Well not strictly those years, I won’t buy anything pre 2012

    4. @rorymcmanus4114 Avatar

      Ford bronco?

    5. @Lokaj917 Avatar

      In italian brand thats are 1st things which mailfunction after 1st week of ownership

  4. @NicoleJohnson-si1fh Avatar

    Love your perspective, it’s like a breath of fresh air in a sea of sameness.

  5. @tokenminds Avatar

    Currently there are no cars that have been made after 2024.

    1. @OndOnd_3 Avatar

      Literary every one new produced

    2. @peteroz7332 Avatar

      what? r u mentally challenged? 🤔😮🤦‍♂️​@@OndOnd_3

    3. @SmallKittyPaw Avatar

      @@OndOnd_3 So you came from future? Made in 2024 isn’t after 2024

    4. @ThatZestyBagel Avatar

      Polestar rn after seeing this comment 💀

    5. @gimigimi1299 Avatar

      Yes, video title is ” after ” 2024

  6. @krish4825 Avatar

    At least in the UK you have the option to turn it off. Back in India it just beeps on you the whole time on the highway

  7. @SMGJohn Avatar

    The first thing I do is avoid buying modern cars at all, cars have been great since 2000, just get a reliable petrol engine because diesels have all sorts of junk attached to make them Euro emission applicable.
    I mean luxury cars from 2004 came standard with bluetooth, satnav, reverse camera, electric seats, what more do you need in a car???

    1. @armaang93 Avatar

      Alot more

    2. @leocompany Avatar

      Have fun with your 12l Petrol at 100km while enjoying some music over Bluetooth 1.1

  8. @nicolemcphee5726 Avatar

    I have that in my 21 plate car nothing new. Just gets turned off and avoided haha 😂

  9. @RayTheFPSGamer Avatar

    I only turn off auto start/stop when in stop and go traffic, otherwise I like the feature as it will help you save fuel. Engineering Explained on YT did a video on it saying that if your engine is off for 7 seconds or longer you’re saving fuel. Now the speed warning beeps are annoying, I recently test drove an EX30 and if I only went 1 or 2 km/h over the speed limit it would beep incessantly, very annoying. Glad my current 2019 V60 doesn’t do that

  10. @718Insomniac Avatar

    I was just in Poland last week, and rented a 2024 Skoda. First time in a european car, first time driving through incredible roads and many many many 155kph warnings! Haha, after 30mins i gave up and figured out how to change languages and turn that darn thing off.

  11. @chunkplunk Avatar

    and this is why I will only get cars made before 2024

  12. @ericthestone Avatar

    On my 24 GTI, first thing switch off auto start/stop, then sport mode. Too bad the car wouldn’t saved the setting.

  13. @SavanaLacie Avatar

    When could u possibly post on Mat Watson Cars again? The latest vid was the porsche comparison.

  14. @LIONKING_fan94 Avatar

    And lane assistant goes off too.
    Thank you, you’re welcome.

    1. @Bug13 Avatar

      Agree. Lane assist is horrible. If I can’t keep my car in the lane by myself, I shouldn’t be driving. It’s there to help all the clowns texting the driving and trying to find how to adjust the temperature in the car while scrolling through the endless amounts of menus in the stupid touch screens. Glad my 2021 still has physical buttons for temperature adjustment and well as one for turning off auto start stop.

  15. @alexnoveski7776 Avatar

    Who doesn’t want an annoying voice telling you you’re over the limit every 45 seconds. And I start to speed out of spite 😂

  16. @RomeoDinc Avatar

    The effort of turning it off every time. It’s like living beside a train track . I don’t even hear it anymore .

  17. @yourfriendlyneighborhoodjinx Avatar

    I installed a cheap radio in my car and it added a feature to warn me whenever I’m over the speed limit while using the navigation. It warns you every time you go over it, regardless of if it’s .001mph for a fraction of a second. Honestly it’s more funny than anything though because the navigation is also laughable. Only benefit is it added Bluetooth to the car

  18. @NikhilKumar-wn1ss Avatar

    Gotta turn off the Engine start/stop also.

  19. @andypoopoo16 Avatar

    I took the fuse out for my start stop… Ahhhh it’s lovely now.

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