BMW fans, this one's for you!

We have actually got Mat in the all-new Touring, and he's facing off versus the !

So let's see how the 2 compare. Beginning with the M3 Touring, it's powered by a 3-litre twin-turbo straight-six that can deliver 510hp and 650Nm of torque. It powers all four wheels and suggestions the scales at 1,865 kg.

Then we have the . Powered by a 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8, it's up on power compared to the M3, and has the ability to put down 625hp and 750Nm of torque. It's up on weight compared to the M3, too, can be found in at 2,410 kg.

So will the huge weight difference prove definitive? There's just one way to learn … LET'S RACE!

Mat's BMW offer:

Porsche 911 Turbo v McLaren 720S v Lambo SVJ:

Offer your with carwow:


69 responses to “BMW M3 Touring v BMW X5M: DRAG RACE”

  1. Just a YouTube Commenter Avatar
    Just a YouTube Commenter

    I know Mat just bought a 911 GT3 RS but now Mat needs this M3 Touring to make the ultimate duo. That BMW has everything from practicality, looks and performance!

    1. Bang Avatar


    2. AlfaGeorge Avatar

      Looks 😂😂😂😂😂 yeah it has 😂

    3. Zodiac909 Avatar

      Not with that Grille, which is why the number plate is smack in the middle of the grille to distract from how aweful that grille really is.

    4. Daky boi Avatar
      Daky boi

      ​@Mark A guess which brand is 3rd and above porsche in reliability

    5. Hassan Ger Avatar
      Hassan Ger

      BMW is still producing the most gorgeous cars in the auto industry.

      Everyone hates them first, then they would call the design a masterpiece.

  2. Jonas trt Avatar
    Jonas trt

    for me this X5M is one of the most underrated SUVs in the world

    1. AIMXDY Avatar

      @Nimish Gee, bad roads on first world european/north american countries. I wonder how bad those roads are on perfectly funded cities of the first world.
      Nobody in the first world is buying summer tire unibody Independent rear suspension, Limited slip differential crossovers for bad roads and offroading. They buy it because it’s a trend.

    2. Nimish Avatar

      @AIMXDY i m indian😒

    3. originaldelta Avatar

      Its underrated obviously because the Durango hellcat and track hawk are faster and cheaper

    4. User Anonymous Avatar
      User Anonymous

      It’s bot underrated. It’s underappreciated

  3. Amine Belarouci Avatar
    Amine Belarouci

    Me as photographer looking at the sky and imagining how good of a picture they could’ve done to the cars 🥲

    1. Gazi Rifad Avatar
      Gazi Rifad

      @GetCampedOn I mean this question is not even related to the topic were talking about but like I get u. If you want very thorough review you got daddy Doug demuro.

    2. Nahcuh Avatar

      @Gazi Rifad igy but I don’t feel like having some more appealing camera angles would take any of that away. I feel like you can have that lack of professionalism and come across as a couple mates having fun and not taking it too seriously like Matt does, but also have a good level or videography. I think throttle house are the perfect example. They have some amazing shots that really help you capture the beauty of the cars and really experience it, but still jsut come across as a couple mates having a laugh

    3. Nahcuh Avatar

      @Joslaleb_ fr

    4. mynzero Avatar


    5. Construction Bootgazer Avatar
      Construction Bootgazer

      @AhEmGee no love for SavageGeese? They outclass every automotive channel in terms of videography and editing.

  4. Kelveron Avatar

    I was pulling for the BMW to win and lose here. I was successful on both counts!

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan


    2. ArthyBil Avatar


  5. Peter Ngoma Avatar
    Peter Ngoma

    It’s shocking how Yianni loves cars but knows very little about them technically 😂

    1. jeebus2121 Avatar

      He wraps cars and likes expensive vehicles. I’m missing why people act as though it’s his obligation to know details about them. Maybe that sort of information doesn’t interest him.

    2. Romo VA Avatar
      Romo VA

      Honestly I dont know the stats on those SUVs either and dont want to. Some cars are simply uninteresting

    3. Andy King Avatar
      Andy King

      ​@Ricardo Ferreira he has a car customising business called yanimize, does a lot of famous ppls cars in the UK

    4. Ricardo Ferreira Avatar
      Ricardo Ferreira

      @Andy King something seems wrong, a guy that dont knows nothing about cars makes money that way and becomes milionaire? He is only famous because of matt

    5. ivanlazarevic78 Avatar

      This is show,afc he knows the stats of that cars.It just makes the show more entertaining.

  6. Dino Avatar

    matt and yianni are a duo, 2 kids racing each other. brings back of my childhood days on my green machine.

    1. Vladislav Dimitrov Avatar
      Vladislav Dimitrov

      Green machine?

    2. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      @Vladislav Dimitrov what about black?

  7. wilbeugre Avatar

    What’s left to see? A drag race with ALL the current M cars (from the 2-series to the XM)
    You could even do brackets 😊

    1. Noyah 🤓 Avatar
      Noyah 🤓


    2. babyKobe Avatar

      It’s pointless because everyone knows the m5CS is the fastest

    3. wilbeugre Avatar

      @babyKobe Is it? And it’s more than just which car is the fastest over the 1/4 mile: rolling race, break test, value for money (and rarity)…lots of thing to compare in the end

    4. Jordan Griffin Avatar
      Jordan Griffin

      @babyKobe would still be fun to see where everyone lined up. Would love to see how the G82 M4 CS compares.. I bet it’s much closer than you’d think.

    5. Olympbarca Avatar

      ​@DG why?There are amazing! I didn’t see nothing wrong about it

  8. paul taylor Avatar
    paul taylor

    So funny you guys together, definitely the best two at drag races etc. Estate car for me every time, who want to drive around in a brick, and be hated by most of the people.

    1. TeacherToolkitDemo Avatar

      Why would u be hated? Because you can’t afford one?

    2. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      @TeacherToolkitDemo i am gonna afford one of them.

    3. Magnus Tan Avatar
      Magnus Tan

      Isn’t a wagon also a brick that’s been squashed? 😂

    4. Sterling Sigurd Avatar
      Sterling Sigurd

      SUV fat wagon. Estate sexy wagon. Choose your dream girl. I’m going V60 Polestar circa 2015.5

  9. Talifhani Mudumela Avatar
    Talifhani Mudumela

    M3 touring has been busy big time. But I think it’s wise to do a Dyno test to see how much hp the car actually has because that can’t be 510hp…. Bimmer, all day everyday

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      M3 Touring has superb wheelbase imo.

    2. Sami Wasti Avatar
      Sami Wasti

      More like 510 wheel horsepower.

    3. Kelly Oubre Jr Avatar
      Kelly Oubre Jr

      Pretty much the numbers they advertised is the wheel hp but claim it as the crank hp. A lot of times when on the dyno, they make pretty much the same or close hp to the advertised “crank” hp but at the wheels.

    4. LQ Avatar

      Its got 545hp

    5. David Burke Avatar
      David Burke

      Even at the stated 510bhp it has more bhp per ton than the X5M which is more important that absolute power in a drag race like this, especially when considering that absolute power rather than bhp per ton starts to give more advantages with respect to top speed but the X5M compromises that theoretical top end advantage through its inferior aerodynamics.

  10. LukeTheNuke Avatar

    Mat: going over 130 mph
    Also Mat: look at the sky!

    1. PKS Avatar

      It feels like 130kph only in those kind of stable cars

    2. John Shaw Avatar
      John Shaw

      ​@PKS and on a big open runway.

    3. Tom Record Avatar
      Tom Record

      On a runway remember, driving in a straight line isn’t hard.

    4. Vitárius László Avatar
      Vitárius László

      That’s what i was thinking

    5. Rentta Avatar

      He was already slowing down when he said that.

  11. SwapBlogRU Avatar

    11.8 seconds is pretty crazy for an X5 if you remember that the original ’08 Nissan GT-R had a similar 1/4 mile time.

    1. SwapBlogRU Avatar

      @Chrx x my point is that X5’s have come a long way.

    2. SwapBlogRU Avatar

      @Nordlicht I think these sort of exercises are always fun though.

    3. Golden Croc Avatar
      Golden Croc

      @Chrx x Of course your right, but he probably meant in how much faster, i.e. how much more power cars like this have got over the years since then. Another thing that people underestimate is how much more aggressive the launch is of modern cars, even with the same power that programming of the drivetrain has taken almost a second of the 0-60 in some cases!

    4. Nordlicht Avatar

      @SwapBlogRU yep the g is an off-road vehicle even as AMG. But this surprised me big time. The golf even had old narrow tires.

    5. Miguel Osterroht Avatar
      Miguel Osterroht

      @SwapBlogRU it’s being 14 years since the first X5M, which had 555ps and a double clutch gearbox (which is insane for an SUV, and never used again in a larger SUV). In the last 14 years it justa had small increments, nothing major. Even engine is very similar (4.4 twin turbo).


    One should check the break pressure applied by Yianni and Mat. Yianni treats the break pedal like a leg press.

  13. yeahitskimmel Avatar

    Looking like y’all might hit 8M subscribers today, congrats you’ve definitely earned it with maybe the most car content

  14. Jason McElroy Avatar
    Jason McElroy

    Mat may not be a professional racer, but, he has really gained a ton of experience over the years at drag racing and it shows more and more with each race.

    1. djsomeguy Avatar

      Yup and at least Yanni doesn’t flub it every single time like a lot of their guest drivers do, the two of them are the best for drag races.

  15. andrej ahacic Avatar
    andrej ahacic

    Never ever let Yanni go from this channel, he’s a gem 😆

  16. Z3r0Ultima Avatar

    i strongly believe that Yianny needs to be in all of matt’s dragrace even if its from the side, their dynamic is waayyyy too awesome

    1. el' Monyopi Avatar
      el’ Monyopi

      His ignorance on cars is getting on my nerves!!

  17. Ralph Vanhove Avatar
    Ralph Vanhove

    We now need a race with all X5 M generations!

  18. Cayenne Pacific Avatar
    Cayenne Pacific

    Really love these sunset evening races. Please keep doing them!!

  19. Benton Thompson Avatar
    Benton Thompson

    Yianni at the beginning was hilarious. Even if he doesn’t know much about cars, it’s incredibly funny seeing him mess up so badly😂

  20. ciclídeos de tanganica Avatar
    ciclídeos de tanganica

    Essas disputas entre super carros da mesma empresa são fantásticas 👏👏👏

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