BMW E39 M5 v Alpina B10: DRAG RACE

Who's all set for an almighty BMW v drag race?!

We've got Mat lining up in an B10 S, and he's about to go head-to-head against an M5 and a regular B10!

So let's see how these famous saloons compare. Starting with the B10 S, it's powered by a 4.8-litre naturally-aspirated V8 that can produce 380hp and 510Nm of torque. It powers the rear wheels only, and it pointers the scales at 1,690 kg.

As you 'd expect, the routine B10 arrives with very similar stats. Under the bonnet, you'll discover a 4.6-litre naturally-aspirated V8, which can put down 340hp and 470Nm. It also powers the rear wheels, however it's also somewhat lighter, coming in at 1,660 kg.

Then finally we have the M5. It's equipped with a 4.9-litre naturally-aspirated V8 which can produce 400hp and 500Nm. So it's the most effective automobile here, however it has two drawbacks. Not just is it the heaviest cars and truck here, at 1,795 kg, however it's also the only manual automobile in this line-up!

Will the absence of an automated gearbox prove to be its downfall? There's just one way to learn … LET'S RACE!

Thanks to @BenCollinsDrives for joining us!
Thanks to everybody for lending us their automobiles:
Alpina B10 S:
Alpina B10:

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78 responses to “BMW E39 M5 v Alpina B10: DRAG RACE”

  1. carwow Avatar

    Which other classic cars should we drag race?

    1. D.P.G. Kurupt Avatar
      D.P.G. Kurupt

      All Murcielago’s

    2. Kyle Fpv Avatar
      Kyle Fpv

      Cavalier Sri 130. Go on. I dare you.

    3. Richard Silva Avatar
      Richard Silva


    4. Dermot Frayne Avatar
      Dermot Frayne

      Something where you have to move more than your right foot.

    5. baxter009 Avatar

      Mondeo ST24 vs ST200 vs ST220 vs Fusion Sport if you can bring it from the US?

  2. Ellis Bilsborrow Avatar
    Ellis Bilsborrow

    One of the best sounding drag races I’ve heard in a while

    1. Maarten van Soest Avatar
      Maarten van Soest

      @Alexander Fehr Trying to ruin the fun because I dont share your thrill?? Are you that sensitive? These oldtimers are fun no doubt, but i think you might like the low center of gravity and the instant torque and 1g lineair acceleration as well as soon as you experience a <3 seconds to 100kmh.. They feel less like a mechanical machine and more like a very precise tool. For me the latter is very appealing. For you these oldtimers. Its all ok.

    2. Walter Hairston Avatar
      Walter Hairston

      LMAO….you got to be a fanboy?! Those were not great sounds at all, but they are beautiful and sporty!

    3. Ellis Bilsborrow Avatar
      Ellis Bilsborrow

      @Walter Hairston theirs jusy opinions and taste, not really a fan boy at all of old bmws more the naturally aspirated v8s

    4. Mihai Anton Avatar
      Mihai Anton

      @Cameron Lotter Porsche fanboy here. These BMWs sound better

    5. Cameron Lotter Avatar
      Cameron Lotter

      @Mihai Anton definitely sounds better than Porsche 😂 no Porsche sounds good. I’d take 812 superfast, Aventador Gintani exhaust, and many more over these shitty bmw

  3. GAGA Avatar

    The sound was incredible ⚡

    1. M uz Avatar
      M uz

      You can literally only hear the M5, love it!

  4. Robert Lloyd Avatar
    Robert Lloyd

    Good to see Ben onboard, a talented professional driver 👍

    1. Stoyan Stefanov Avatar
      Stoyan Stefanov

      Those shifts didn’t seem too professional though…or maybe something was wrong with the car

    2. Gerymx Avatar

      Except his gear changes…

    3. Mrks Brasco Avatar
      Mrks Brasco

      @Gerymx Seine Fähigkeiten zu schalten sind Großartig 👏👏

    4. MSKING 2020 Avatar
      MSKING 2020

      @Mrks Brasco hoffentlich haste es ironisch gemeint

    5. Ben Lecluyse Avatar
      Ben Lecluyse


  5. Andy Kerr Avatar
    Andy Kerr

    My 1st car was a 2.8L E39 and I’ve got to say this drag race gave me a right old hard-on

    1. Josue Ayala Avatar
      Josue Ayala

      @Anthony ! It was beautiful to lol msport bumpers oem m parallel wheels lowered on coilovers

    2. Anthony ! Avatar
      Anthony !

      @ramadhanisme mental 🥲

    3. Anthony ! Avatar
      Anthony !

      @Josue Ayala Stop 😭

    4. Josue Ayala Avatar
      Josue Ayala

      @Anthony ! Man thats how i feel lol i miss it everyday

    5. paul harper Avatar
      paul harper

      I had an e39 m5 10 years ago that also had the rear muffler delete and sounded exactly like this one. The nostalgia is strong.

  6. Cars and Custard Avatar
    Cars and Custard

    The E39, in almost any variant is one of the greatest cars of all time, without a doubt. Great video.

    1. Suk Avatar

      @Spasm975 people stuck in the past, nothing special about it, looks old, is old, no tech. F90 M5 LCI better in every measurable aspect except cost.

    2. Josef Kurtz Avatar
      Josef Kurtz

      Bought my model Y last year after withdrawing my profit from rezekifx trading

    3. robbieshaft Avatar

      @Spasm975 oh someone doesn’t like the E39, it’s ok you like non sport civics we get it 😀

    4. Fred Nerk Avatar
      Fred Nerk

      @Spasm975 I agree with you. Somehow it has got an iconic status which is unmerited .

  7. Peter Avatar

    It looked like Ben stuffed every gear shift up.

    1. Joseph C. Avatar
      Joseph C.

      @SkrtSkrttt lol, to clarify, my 2 little M5. Hopefully my 6 others care don’t bankrupt me 😘 😉

    2. Ahyaan Avatar

      @Joseph C. i think that the owners had some sort of rule of keeping traction on due to the weather. But he would be alot faster if he did turn tc off

    3. Zeddi One Avatar
      Zeddi One

      @Keep Soul Free He was the Stig for years on Top Gear, pretty sure he can drive

    4. Ben Lecluyse Avatar
      Ben Lecluyse


    5. GetCampedOn Avatar

      @AlzhinSon Pretty sure you don’t know who he was 😂

  8. Okith De Silva Avatar
    Okith De Silva

    Mat we want more classic car drag races like this one with more classic cars!

    1. EmJay Avatar

      +1 to that

  9. Thabo Tshuma Avatar
    Thabo Tshuma

    Some say he once baked a cake using nothing but engine oil and a refrigerator, and that the only thing that terrifies him are the curtains at James May’s house.

    1. Arbri Mehdija Avatar
      Arbri Mehdija


    2. Lesiba Mokobane Avatar
      Lesiba Mokobane

      … all we know is, he’s named “The Stog”

    3. steven nazar Avatar
      steven nazar

      Split arse!😂😂

  10. snapwithchance. Avatar

    The air footage! 🔥 with all that happened, the e39 M5 is still the winner in my books 😍

    1. Yerrie Avatar

      The M5 is boring, the Alpina is thumbs up everywhere

    2. snapwithchance. Avatar

      @Yerrie yeah no doubt the Alpina’s are sick.. but the sound that the M5 makes 😭🔥 you have to admit that it’s crazy 😅 and it’s manual 😩🔥

    3. Yerrie Avatar

      @snapwithchance. I like to hear the engine, exhaust noice does nothing to me, but that’s why we have Alpina’s and M’s so there is a choice for everyone 😁

    4. snapwithchance. Avatar

      @Yerrie couldn’t agree more bro 😄👊

  11. Akshit Sharma Avatar
    Akshit Sharma

    The aerial shots of the cars racing are just awesome. WE NEED MORE OF THEM

    1. Elroy MusicZA Avatar
      Elroy MusicZA

      totally agree, looked so epic

    2. fncjeff Avatar


    3. GalaxY Soul Avatar
      GalaxY Soul

      I Was gonna say the same

    4. Carl O. Avatar
      Carl O.

      The first thing I noticed. Really really cool

    5. IamNotYourMate Avatar


  12. mr.T!m Avatar

    I love the E39, Would also love to see a dreg race with a E38 and the competitors like the A8/S8 and the S-Class

    1. WhatApp me 👉+1⓼⓪⓷⓻⓸⓪⓼⓺⓪⓵ Avatar
      WhatApp me 👉+1⓼⓪⓷⓻⓸⓪⓼⓺⓪⓵


  13. Confidently Wrong Avatar
    Confidently Wrong

    One of my great regrets is getting rid of my E39 M5….with a stage 1 Dinan package (god that sounded good!). Only problem with the car is I couldn’t sneak back home…the rumble of the engine was like an early warning system!

  14. Atlegang Letsoge Avatar
    Atlegang Letsoge

    That camera view from the top (5:30) is stunning. Its like an action movie. Well done🤩

    1. SunnyD Avatar

      I 100% agree I was about to comment this

    2. Barthoization Avatar

      YES ! Money shot right there. More !

    3. deemonbl4 Avatar

      I’m with you on this!

    4. Ben Lecluyse Avatar
      Ben Lecluyse

      Yeah it’s absolutely insane !!

  15. B Zilla Avatar
    B Zilla

    Good to see the Stig. The E39 is one of the greatest cars ever made, truly a timeless design.

    1. blancA4blanc Avatar

      Only wish he could drive stick 🙁

    2. B Zilla Avatar
      B Zilla

      @blancA4blanc stick? You mean manual? That M5 has some drivetrain issues. Wonder if that gearbox and clutch have actually been serviced. My 330d doesn’t even bog down like that, just shows there’s some shoddy maintenance going on there

    3. Dillan Mistry Avatar
      Dillan Mistry

      @B Zilla So true! the 530i out weigh all of the ones above, even after 200k miles they still purr like a bird but these f10s cant go a century of miles without a new timing chain , you can trust an e39/e46 for long term and when you jump in one of them after being in a newer bmw, even if its slower, it feels miles better, more fun, cool and timeless!

    4. B Zilla Avatar
      B Zilla

      @Dillan Mistry I’ve got 290k Km’s on mine, no issues whatsoever though, runs smooth, but I take really good care of the F10, you need to do the maintenance, I’m also the only owner the car’s had so I’ve kept it in good condition. Buying a second hand one is a major risk however.

    5. Dillan Mistry Avatar
      Dillan Mistry

      @B Zilla That’s really good you keep up with maintenance, my dad’s one broke with a timing chain and it was due to too long oil change intervals and the old oil got clumpy and stressed the timing chain, but not just that its lights and stop/start pop up issues that pop up, but then again it is second hand and its not neccerily treated like a queen as it should like yous. The e39 has only had one issue for me of a slight misfire and never skipped a heartbeat after it was fixed

  16. Yasar Ramzan Avatar
    Yasar Ramzan

    That drone shot with all 3 was so majestic. Beautiful cars ❤

    1. OfficialMatwatson01 Avatar

      Hello yasar
      You won a New Year surprise package quickly message me now on telegram to claim🎁

  17. Alex 20 Avatar
    Alex 20

    The aerial camera angle looks cinematic. Would love to have more of those

    1. OfficialMatwatson01 Avatar

      Hello Alex
      You won a New Year surprise package quickly message me now on telegram to claim🎁

  18. Edgar Sancho Avatar
    Edgar Sancho

    Before watching the race itself and without caring for the result, just a massive thank you. All your videos are great to watch but this one really hits where it counts! Thank you

  19. Alen Stefanac Avatar
    Alen Stefanac

    That S62 engine is a beast. The sound coming out of the exhaust is just wonderful

  20. Menno Bro's Avatar
    Menno Bro’s

    Good to see ben onboard. we like to make similar content!

    1. ᴛᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ ᴍᴇ👉mr_car_wow Avatar
      ᴛᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ ᴍᴇ👉mr_car_wow

      Hit me up 🎉🎉

    2. Ben Lecluyse Avatar
      Ben Lecluyse


    3. sumoooo Avatar

      This Ben needs to learn how to change gear and turn the dsc off lol. How was he the stig?

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