BMW 7 Series v Mercedes S-Class v Audi A8: Which is best?

These are 3 of the most glamorous cars you can purchase in 2023 – the , 7 Series and A8! The concern is, if you remain in the marketplace for a luxury limousine, which should you select?

Well worry no more! Mat's here to get hands on with all three automobiles to learn which must be crowned the must-have high-end limo!

One area where these 3 vehicles are pretty equally matched is the quality of their interiors. All 3 come loaded with premium, soft touch materials throughout, and they all come with incredibly comfortable seats whether you're sat in the front or back. Nevertheless, there are a couple of significant differences …

For example, being in the back of the 7 Series, and you're treated to a definitely substantial infotainment screen for rear seat guests – it resembles you're beinged in your own movie theater! You'll find screens in the rear seats of the A8, too, but they are a great deal smaller than the 's. And when it comes to the S-Class, you don't even get a screen! Fortunately though the massive infotainment screen at the front type of offsets this.

When it pertains to efficiency, the most powerful automobile here is the BMW. We have actually got our hands on the M760e edition, which implies it comes with a 3-litre turbo gas engine paired with an electric motor, which integrate to produce 571hp and 800Nm of torque.

The 2nd most effective vehicle is the S-Class, which s the S580e edition. It comes with a 3-litre straight-six turbo engine and an electrical motor, and they integrate to put down 510hp and 750Nm. Then finally we have the A8, which in this circumstances is the 60 TFSI e. Under the bonnet you'll discover a 3-litre V6 coupled with an electrical motor, which can produce 462hp and 700Nm.

So they're all glamorous, and they're all loaded with tech. The question is, which is finest?! Well there's just one method to learn for sure – stick with Mat for this brand new group test!

00:00 Intro
00:28 Engines
01:27 0-60mph
03:18 Rate
03:41 Design
04:34 Interior
07:27 Rear seats
11:00 Boot
11:52 Driving: S-Class
15:33 Back-seat Driving: S-Class
16:54 Driving: A8
20:06 Back-seat Driving: A8
21:19 Driving: 7 Series
24:26 Back-seat Driving: 7 Series
26:26 Decision

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60 responses to “BMW 7 Series v Mercedes S-Class v Audi A8: Which is best?”

  1. carwow Avatar

    Which car do you think looks the best? VOTE BELOW!

    1. carwow Avatar

      VOTE: Mercedes S-Class!

    2. carwow Avatar

      VOTE: BMW 7 Series!

    3. carwow Avatar

      VOTE: Audi A8!

    4. EKG CANADIAN   enthusiast Avatar
      EKG CANADIAN enthusiast

      ​​@carwow S CLASS IS THE KING And CLASS LEADER .

    5. 🎗️ 아반떼N 마니아🎗️ Avatar
      🎗️ 아반떼N 마니아🎗️


  2. KoeiNL Avatar

    Its clear the S Class does its job the best: providing a smooth and comfortable ride. It also looks unassuming, which I think is a good thing in this class of car.

    1. SwapBlogRU Avatar

      I think it’s the best looking of the bunch. We definitely know which one is the ugliest.

    2. Metal Gamer Avatar
      Metal Gamer

      The BMW just looks too busy and weird.

    3. Bhuvi Avatar

      Why would u pay that much for a boring look?

  3. Emily : Explore my profile Avatar
    Emily : Explore my profile

    Let’s thank this good man for giving us a very entertaining series and for the effort he puts into each chapter. :3

    1. Hillary Crawford Avatar
      Hillary Crawford

      Nice 🤖

    2. Trlalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala Avatar

      ​@Hillary Crawfordlol these bots… Whoever stays behind them, I hope he or them rot of cancer.

  4. Chele Avatar

    The BMW is NOT missing a tablet in the back armrest. What you assumed to be the tablet holder is an actively cooled wireless phone charging area. The tablet know from the previous generation 7 series was replaced by the door mounted displays.

    1. parsa mansuri Avatar
      parsa mansuri

      Mercedes >>>> bmw

    2. wrth Avatar

      tablets are horrible they’re always a 10 year old Samsung tablet with fat bezels. good on BMW

    3. MagB Avatar

      ​@parsa mansuri not performance wise tho, in drag races the BMWs win against Mercedes most of the time and also on lap times for each comparable class (M5/E63, M4/C63 etc.)

    4. James Cook Avatar
      James Cook

      @parsa mansuri can you even afford a current gen merc? How about bmw? Nope, that’s what I thought, shut up with your fanboy nonsense.

      Let the adults who can afford these items speak.

      Mercedes is incredibly for delivering a very luxury ride while removing some of the driving dynamics, while BMW does the reverse. Is one inherently better than the other? No, it’s all about how you use your car.

      I drive my 7 series everyday for deliveries and moving my 5 dogs, all while enjoying a very engaging drive. My Mercedes was incredible for just driving my wife around in without worrying about bumps upsetting the ride nor going 170mph like I can my 7 series.

    5. DAVID GOGGINS Avatar

      @James Cook the new s63 feels unsafe at very high speed says it keep floating

  5. Blake Tindle Avatar
    Blake Tindle

    That S Class is gorgeous!!!

  6. Gary Walker Avatar
    Gary Walker

    I’ll never be in the market for any of these! But still, the Merc has the vital badge and that ride comfort for this end of the market. Felt the verdict mixed this BMW M with that 750 not tested. In the mid range, the 5-series, A6, E class, fine, more the toys and perf but these are luxo barges.

    1. Pop Laurentiu Avatar
      Pop Laurentiu

      Fully agreed if someone feel posh and want something special Mercedes has a backup cover by Maybach for extra stuff (power, style, features even extra options like +armored) so yeah Mercedes won for me style inside-out no doubt, the new BMW exterior style i really don’t like so much & white interior although is nice is very sensible for spotting dirt by back passengers.

  7. Malay Kumar Avatar
    Malay Kumar

    Great video as always. Matt being the entertaining and informative reviewer as always. Being a petrol head myself, sad to see the flagships coming in with a mere 6 cylinder engine. Missing the good old v12’s in these luxury limousines.

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan


    2. The Novice Gamer Avatar
      The Novice Gamer

      You can still get the V12 in the Maybach S class. And the V8 in the S580 and AMG S63 isn’t anything to complain about either.

  8. Lloyd Bonafide Avatar
    Lloyd Bonafide

    S class over everything. It’s still a pioneer today with its features and comfort. Also, it looks better.

    1. VikiN Norway Avatar
      VikiN Norway


    2. Len Jan Avatar
      Len Jan


    3. The North Avatar
      The North


    4. Minh Do Avatar
      Minh Do

      Leasing an EQE 500 right now which shares quite a few interiors parts with the S class. Let me tell you that it creaks and rattles EVERYWHERE. They use a lot of cheap plastics in these newer Mercedes that pops and creaks especially when the weather gets warmer. Looking back i should have leased a BMW I4.

    5. MrLeast Avatar

      @Minh Do Yeah Mercedes interior isn’t high quality, same here with a GLS 400d I rode in a couple of times.

  9. Jason K Avatar
    Jason K

    I’m as surprised as anyone to find that given the choice I would take the BMW out of these three. It’s not a looker but i think it looks a bit like something from a Marvel/DC movie and it makes the other two, the Audi in particular, look a bit dated. The inside looks spectacular (and you can’t see the outside when you’re in it)

    1. DWilliams Avatar

      Oh yah it looks like Thanos

    2. Dit Avatar

      Audi is dated , the a8 is one generation behind , 6 years old

    3. Mike Torre Avatar
      Mike Torre

      BMW keeps looking like a BMW, but also very different and futuristic. I’m a MB guy. But drive an Infiniti lol

    4. DWilliams Avatar

      @Mike Torre you really think the bimmer looks futuristic. Its just down right ugly from every angle. Of course this is my opinion and everyone has there own opinions and i respect yours.. im just saying eeewwww🫣🤢🤮… PS- its too damn ugly to be so expensive.. They need to bring back that glorious E38 styling.. again my opinion!!!

  10. L4S3RJ4Y Avatar

    I‘m a BMW Fanboy –
    but S Class looks so delicious <3

  11. Sean Carter Avatar
    Sean Carter

    Even as an Audi fan, I still love the interiors of BMW!! I feel that Audi has started to lag behind now, but considering the Audi is the cheapest, the lack of luxury comparatively in Audi could be forgiven.

    1. Schnidler Avatar

      i mean this comparison is not really fair given that the Audi is a generation behind and the A8 a 6 year old car now

    2. Hanan R. Avatar
      Hanan R.

      the bmw and merc have been recently updated as the other commenter said. Even with an older audi it stands up to these newer models, so one can only imaginw what the next one will be like

    3. A R Avatar
      A R

      I agree
      I love Audi but BMWs interior is well thought out, Mercedes is terrible, slapping that massive Tablet and claiming thats “luxury” 😂

    4. k pl Avatar
      k pl

      I would actually prefer the audi’s interior. However, they still need to get rid of the screen for the climate control. Just give me a button to operate the temperature and a dial to operate the infotainment system.
      Why does everything have to be touch these days, it’s terrible.

  12. Michael Teter Avatar
    Michael Teter

    5:08 is another example of why touchscreen-only interfaces suck. He tapped the [-] to lower the temp or fan several times, and then he began tapping the [+] to bring it back up. Now apparently he tapped the [-] more times than is valid, leading to a popup notification that “Fan cannot be deactivated in automatic programme.” Perhaps that message is useful, so you know why it won’t go any lower. But due to the lag, that popup appears while he’s trying to hit the [+]. In that context, it makes no sense… and it blocks his access to the [+] button. We’ve all experienced crap like this with various cookie and other popups on webpages… you can’t reach the thing you need because there’s some garbage that has popped up on top of it. This is absolutely not the kind of stupid frustration I want with a luxury car. While I generally like that BMW, they’ve opted to put a big fake crystal backlit bar for decoration where they could have put actual, physical climate controls. They can still have the touchscreen stuff, but please put the most frequently used and important things in physical buttons also.

    1. M S Avatar
      M S

      Getting rid of physical buttons is the dumbest thing ever. Deal breaker for me.

  13. OfficialHoneZtAbe Avatar

    I have an S580 with a V8. The V8 comes with a mild hybrid electric motor, supercharger AND twin turbos. Its AWD and has rear wheel steering. I wish they would test that

  14. tobimael Avatar

    keep in mind, even tho the audi had a facelift last year, it‘s still a d4, so 2017 tech. it‘s also noticably cheaper than the other two. if audi were to make a completely new generation it‘d definitiely be my choice. as of right now i‘d choose the s class tho. i think it looks the most classy out of the three (even tho i usually don‘t really like mercs). the bmw doesn‘t do it for me. yeah sure, they stepped up their game and the screen in the back and atuff is cool, but the looks are just ugly imo. i can clearly see why many politicians and celebrities choose the a8 or the s class.

    1. KingDonnerKebab Avatar

      Its a D5.

    2. tobimael Avatar

      @KingDonnerKebab oops yeah my bad


    What an entertainer! Let alone the very nice reviews. You are the best Matt.

  16. Dayton Corl Avatar
    Dayton Corl

    This generation of Audi A8 is 5 years old and I think it still has the best balance of luxury (without being flashy), quality, daily drivability and its the least expensive!

  17. zollotech Avatar

    I picked the A8 because the others were too flashy or old man looking until you go to the sporty models. My wife refused to let me buy the BMW because of the exterior. I like the subtle elegance of the A8 as opposed to flashy. Also the Audi was less money too.

    1. PATOOFA Avatar

      Audi A8 is by far the ugliest one here…

    2. Mang01 Avatar

      You couldn’t have gone wrong with either 3 in my opinion. I would have chose the BMW but Audi’s are great 🤌🏼

    3. Bobbyjoeee Avatar

      @PATOOFAu got money for it?

    4. Mang01 Avatar

      ​@PATOOFAas a BMW fanboy ima have to disagree there 😂 the BMW is pretty damn ugly

  18. Bleh Avatar

    The BMW looks amazing in my opinion. I love that BMW takes risks and give us new and bold designs everytime even though a lot people are too close minded or stuck in the past to appreciate them. I would pick the BMW without a question

    1. TheSequelsSuck _ Avatar
      TheSequelsSuck _

      Dude that thing looks like a brick on wheels… nothing elegant about it. The interior is class though

  19. Elizabeth: Soccer mom Avatar
    Elizabeth: Soccer mom

    great review as usual mat , but i would love a night time review of the interior lighting

  20. Thet Paing Soe Win Avatar
    Thet Paing Soe Win

    Finally the review I’ve been waiting for..This review should be renewed every once their generation change with full option cars comparison..Great Review btw💪🏻

    1. ᴛᴇxᴛ ᴍᴇ ᴏɴ ᴛᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ👉Carwow5 Avatar
      ᴛᴇxᴛ ᴍᴇ ᴏɴ ᴛᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ👉Carwow5

      I’ve something special for you

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