Back when F1 sounded good πŸ”₯


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  1. @KingRuffy12 Avatar

    So early the bots aren’t even here yet βœ…

    1. @Chromium194 Avatar

      They are here before you

    2. @KingRuffy12 Avatar

      @@Chromium194Yeah they got me as soon as I posted my comment 😒

    3. @Chromium194 Avatar

      @@KingRuffy12 I dont understand what they get from this till now

  2. @Jordan14s Avatar

    Sad that the new generation of f1 fans will never fully experience this

    1. @KXF41 Avatar

      2017 Silverstone I think it was Friday, I remember seeing the astonishment of some kids when a V10 went out on track, that NA sound needs to come back, hopefully if F1 moves into HICEV it will, we can only pray πŸ™πŸ»

  3. @JimnysOffRoad Avatar

    Formula E fans in the comments……..

  4. @Not.The.Avg.Smitty Avatar

    Every teenager that removes the muffler from their honda was hoping for this sound.

  5. @Alvar_Ranke38 Avatar

    Hi ich liebe deine VideosπŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  6. @marksapollo Avatar

    V10 were the best by far, although the Ferrari V12 was special too in the noise department.

    1. @Vortex001_MLG Avatar

      McLaren Lamborghini V12 🀯

    2. @mrebear9758 Avatar

      That’s a V8

  7. @CavX_YT Avatar

    Why the hell is everyones pfp a butt pic πŸ’€

    1. @WSKRBSCT Avatar


    2. @LITTLE1994 Avatar

      Idiot people on the internet.

    3. @Smzxe Avatar

      Booty bots

    4. @theenlightenedone1283 Avatar

      πŸ˜… u know the virus … epidemic to ruin the youngsters

  8. @weeeeee374 Avatar

    Lets stand where the engine wont be screaming

    1. @samuelgarrod8327 Avatar

      It’s a test track. Space for pedestrians and film crews is very limited.

  9. @nokbeen3654 Avatar

    Arrgggh if you only stood 200 meters further down the road

  10. @juiceplanet147 Avatar

    before & after would have a viral video

  11. @LITTLE1994 Avatar

    I know, right? Sadly, it’s nothing but history.

  12. @peanutbutterjelly1368 Avatar

    Aww man, that blown diffuser. 😩🀩
    That’s pure eargasm right there.

  13. @DDBmaster Avatar

    “Back when F1 sounded good” ? Fire him..
    Back when F1 sounded as eargasmic as they re supposed to be

  14. @LawrenceAbramoff Avatar


  15. @andreieduardalexe3406 Avatar

    For boring sounds/regulations you have Formula e.
    Make Formula1 great again pls πŸ™

  16. @Slaeowulf Avatar

    Back when F1 sounded okay, but these are no V12s.

  17. @oualidallal2837 Avatar

    Great moments ❀😒

  18. @user-gs2ih7bb2b Avatar

    Yes please

  19. @MisterTrashcan Avatar

    Stuka, but in wheels. That’s all I’m saying.

  20. @citedcanvas85 Avatar

    The v10 sound yeah. This not so much. Still better than the vacuum cleaners we got today

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