Audi TT Generations DRAG RACE

Thanks to everyone for lending us their vehicles:

– TT RS Mk2:
– TT RS Mk2:
– TT Mk1 V6:

It's time for every generation of to go head-to-head!

So let's see how these 3 generations compare. To start with, we have two editions of the Mk1 lining up. The very first comes geared up with a 1.8-litre 4-cylinder turbo engine that can produce 240hp and 320Nm. It sends this power to all 4 wheels through a manual transmission, and it weighs in at 1,416 kg.

The next Mk1 comes equipped with a much bigger engine, a 3.2-litre V6 no less! It's therefore a little up on power, producing 250hp and 320Nm, and its power is sent out through an automatic gearbox to all four wheels. Nevertheless, it's also the heaviest automobile here, tipping the scales at 1,520 kg.

Then we have Mat in the Mk2 TT RS. It's loading a 2.5-litre 5-cylinder turbo under the bonnet, which can put down 340hp and 450Nm. It's just equipped with a manual gearbox, but the power is sent out to all four wheels, and the Mk2 weighs in at 1,450 kg.

Then finally we have the Mk3, and it's the special-edition Iconic Edition TT RS no less! Just like the Mk2, it's powered by a 2.5-litre 5-cylinder turbo engine, and it's the most effective cars and truck here, able to produce 400hp and 480Nm. It weighs in at 1,475 kg, and the power is sent out to all 4 wheels by means of a 7-speed automatic gearbox.

So will it be a tidy sweep for the Mk3? Or could the Mk2 snatch it? There's only one way to find out … LET'S RACE!

Mat's deal:

RS6 generations:

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76 responses to “Audi TT Generations DRAG RACE”

  1. Sibusiso Vabaza Avatar
    Sibusiso Vabaza

    Bring back the Lamborghini Ultimae for the drag race you had “Mechanical Sympathy” for. 😭🙏🏽

    1. Parasyte Avatar

      That race is already done
      Search or YouTube

    2. sandile wandile Avatar
      sandile wandile

      We need it again plz

    3. Feminism Avatar


    4. Daniel Ainger Avatar
      Daniel Ainger

      Nah we don’t

  2. lolCollol Avatar

    The second gen looks so fantastic!

    1. marcooconnor Avatar

      Yeah? I’d say that Mk1 QS was the most good looking.

    2. PBA 7 Avatar
      PBA 7

      ​@marcooconnor There is something about the interior of the Mk1 that is timeless., But the second gen had the best looking exterior.

    3. Nahcuh Avatar

      @marcooconnorI have a mk2 so I can’t 100% I’m unbias in saying the mk2 is the best looking 👀👀

    4. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      ​@PBA 7the 1999 Audi TT also looks gorgeous.

    5. Ross kJ Avatar
      Ross kJ

      mk2 is by far the best looking imo and has the best interior, mk3 interior/exterior both cheap looking and mk1 has just aged kinda badly

  3. Car-spot-one Avatar

    Absolutly fun cars to drive.

    1. Gockel XXXXXL Avatar
      Gockel XXXXXL


    2. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      And also quite clearly understandable.

    3. Brandon Pitre Avatar
      Brandon Pitre

      @Gockel XXXXXLlike any Audi, but the TT is relatively light with great handling, it’s nimble for sure

    4. EugVR6 Avatar

      ​@Gockel XXXXXLDefinitely but driven at 7/10ths it’s a great road car but terrible track car.

    5. P as Peter Avatar
      P as Peter

      VW Golf. But the golf looks better

  4. fatbelly27 Avatar

    Mat and Yanni is a great bromance

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      I always approved this hundred percent.

  5. trololo Avatar

    That 3.2 doesn’t really do well probably lost good portion of ponies under hood but didn’t lose any weight hence that performance

    1. Marty TDD Avatar
      Marty TDD

      Definitely! I suspect if they dyno’d the 3.2 it would have considerably less hp than 250. I had an A4 with the 90 degree 3.2, 70,000 miles on it, had it dyno’d last year, it had lost 8 hp. Bit of software restored 5 hp back and raised the torque. This tt looks like it has lost way more lol.

    2. trololo Avatar

      @martytdd1606  my friend has bought used A3 3.2 220000km and his car lost nearly 70 ponies he scheduled it at mechanic for Engine rebuild as well as some other major repairs which mechanic recommended as those might help a little

    3. The Sollys Avatar
      The Sollys

      @trololo Mine has 240,00km on it!..Quite sure its quicker than that.

    4. john m Avatar
      john m

      But why did it only have 10 more bhp than the 1.8 originally? Kinda pointless

    5. __ Avatar

      @john m Its an NA engine whilst the 1.8 is turbo charged.

  6. Isaac Naedrick Tongohan Avatar
    Isaac Naedrick Tongohan

    Matt should really do more of these genetation to generation races.❤❤❤

    1. willian zorzi Avatar
      willian zorzi

      He done alreadyy search itt

    2. Reece Drury Avatar
      Reece Drury

      My R53 mini is available for a mini generation race…..

    3. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      ​@Reece DruryR53 Mini?

    4. The purple Arceus Avatar
      The purple Arceus

      @Purwanti Allanits the mid 2000s mini with the supercharger

    5. Erik the Furious Avatar
      Erik the Furious

      @willian zorziBut we need
      *M O R E!!!*

  7. deaks25 Avatar

    The Mk 2 was a bit underwhelming looks-wise when it was new, but the shape is aging so damn well, it looks absolutely gorgeous. Audi really nailed it with that clean, timeless design with the MK 2.

    1. Haza Avatar

      Yeah the Mk2 is truly my favourite TT, it the best mix between the other two generations which in my opinion are two far on either end of bubbly and sharp.

      The V6 Mk2 is my affordable dream car.

    2. Renato Pascoal Avatar
      Renato Pascoal

      Totally agreed. Never liked it too much but at some point started growing on me.

    3. inS41NT Avatar

      I gladly own a white one AWD quattro since last year 😊❤ 2.0L tho

    4. Accidental Activist Avatar
      Accidental Activist

      I have a MK2 TTS (Black Edition) with a Revo stage 1. It still looks lovely yet understated IMO as its less in your face than the full TTRS but bloody quick (316bhp) and can surprise a few.

    5. Oskar Skalski Avatar
      Oskar Skalski

      @Renato Pascoal I never liked the first generation, it always was too bubbly. But tbh now it has grown on me and for me it would be 3rd Gen>1st gen >2nd gen. If audi TT was RWD I would consider it as a fun car for track days. Because in several years I would like to buy some considerably cheap car for hooning around the track. But audi puts me off a little with it’s understeer setup.

  8. Otacon Avatar

    That 3.2 looks well used and not very well loved 😕

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Yep. Much like Vector M12.😂

    2. DEMONPLAYZ Avatar

      Vector went bankrupt like Pontiac in the early 2010s

    3. Otacon Avatar

      wtf does Vector and Pontiac have to do with that 3.2 not being well looked after?

    4. Splenced Avatar

      @Otacon nothing. this purwanti dude goes around on every single carwow post and writes a ton of nonsense comments.

    5. G.G.A. Avatar

      Very true! Just look at the rims and the picture of the top of engine shown – they look neglected; the other mk1 was in much better condition.

  9. maurice Avatar

    MK1 all the way🔥 You have to consider, back then there weren’t S and RS models. I think they would compare great against the “normal” Mk2 and Mk3s 😊

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      @MauriceF13, the 2000 Audi TT is still more gorgeous than 2021 Audi TT.

    2. junya iwase Avatar
      junya iwase

      Idc it sucks now

    3. maurice Avatar

      @Purwanti Allan Oh yeah😍

    4. P as Peter Avatar
      P as Peter

      ​@Purwanti Allanno. It looks like a used soap. Horrible

  10. Captain Snekk Avatar
    Captain Snekk

    The oldest one still looks amazing!


      Timeless design

    2. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      The 1999 Audi TT also looks amazing.

    3. Peter Attatürk Avatar
      Peter Attatürk

      Totally agree… In my opinion it’s getting better from design point of view as older it is… it’s a car for my “bucket list” 😛

  11. The Endless Avatar
    The Endless

    Now this is what a drag race is really all about! This was fantastic! Keep it up Carwow and you Matt! 🙂

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Carwow nailed the best.

  12. Matvey G Avatar
    Matvey G

    I will miss the TT, such an under appreciated car

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      And also the 1999 Audi TT in fact.

    2. S Avatar

      It’s not under-appreciated, it’s simply a niche car because it’s in a weird spot. Coupes like these are either super fun to drive like a Cayman, or comfy and luxurious like an SLS.

      The TTRS is in a very weird middle ground where it doesn’t do anything particularly well. It’s not particularly exciting to drive, it’s not particularly comfy either and while the interior quality is absolutely good, it lacks some very obvious options like memory and cooled seats which would make it a capable GT. It launches really well and the engine sounds intoxicating, but that’s just about it.

      You could live with the above if the asking price was decent, but when you see that every other competitor is cheaper 9/10 people will look someplace else just like I did. A damn shame since I really like the car.

  13. daniel jordan nicol Avatar
    daniel jordan nicol

    The 3.2v6 looks like its had a hard life

    1. The Sollys Avatar
      The Sollys

      Was never going to win against turbo’s…however it did look baggy as phuck, maybe down in power too/

    2. The Dandy Avatar
      The Dandy

      its either got massive issues or its incredibly lazy cus the owner never put it through its rpms
      cus engines get lazy when you dont put em high in the rpm range every now and then

    3. daniel jordan nicol Avatar
      daniel jordan nicol

      ​@thesollys9540 yeh I remember a race we had with a mk5 golf gti against a mk5 r32 golf same engine. The r32 was dead level with the gti till far into the 130ish mph then the 3.2 powered on

    4. Feminism Avatar


    5. Paul Bolocan Avatar
      Paul Bolocan

      let them put that touareg 3.2v6 versus this tt and see which one will be quicker

  14. Acutard Avatar

    Considering the visual state of the v6-TT, I assume it didn’t receive much love on proper maintenance of the engine either. Which could explain the current performance.

  15. Luke Mosedale Avatar
    Luke Mosedale

    Great video seeing as I own a MK1 TT 3.2. That 3.2 definitely seems to have some issues

    1. KevinFeder Avatar

      No way its that slow , right?

    2. Andrei Florea Avatar
      Andrei Florea

      To me it seems like the 1.8 was remapped…

  16. Yiannimize Avatar

    All about the 🐶 leg…. If you know you know!

    1. Sensaatiomies Avatar

      Yianni youre a blessing😇as is your knob

    2. Sam Teks Avatar
      Sam Teks

      Why is your username not Giannimize, Gianni?

    3. Xero Avatar


    4. Matthew Norman Avatar
      Matthew Norman

      Hi yianni again do you know what the difference between a i20nand a Getz? The i20 has been on carwow where the Getz hasn;t day 223

  17. ciclídeos de tanganica Avatar
    ciclídeos de tanganica

    Um dos mais icônicos carros esportivos da história. Pena que tudo hoje se resume a SUVs. Não seria surpresa se fosse relançado como um TT SUV, infelizmente.

  18. Rasher basher Avatar
    Rasher basher

    9:34 9:36 Rolling race
    12:07 Rolling race 2
    14:05 brake test

  19. Daniel M Avatar
    Daniel M

    Imagine how akward the others feel staying there and listening to Mat and Yanni bromancing😂❤️

  20. Roger Deller Avatar
    Roger Deller

    the 1.8lt was a great engine. it was used in many models and with different power settings.

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