£2,000 vs £200,000 Luxury SUV

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If you want to give yourself a genuine existence on the road, among the very best ways to do this is to get your hands on a extended-wheelbase SV.

Nevertheless, there's an issue – the brand-new Variety Rover includes a quite significant price tag of around ₤ 200,000! So if it's too high for you, would you be much better off opting for a 2004 Variety Rover Autobiography, that cost simply ₤ 2,000?

Well, it's time to learn! So let's have a look at what you get with each automobile.

Starting with the new Variety Rover, it looks very sleek from the exterior. It includes a chrome result on the grille, big 23-inch alloy wheels, and a couple of wise functions such as pop-out door handles! Step within and it just exudes luxury, with the whole cabin covered in leather and a big infotainment screen and digital dial system. This edition also includes the executive class dual rear seats, which recline and are very comfy!

When it pertains to engine options, the one we have here is a 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 that can provide 530hp. However, there are also 2 plug-in hybrid editions available.

In regards to the old Variety Rover, it's plainly associated to the more recent cars and truck, although it has a much more boxy design. It's clearly been well used, with a number of bumps and areas of rust, however it still looks pretty clever. The interior has also held up reasonably well, although the leather on the guiding wheel doesn't look the best, and some of the mod-cons no longer work – but it's still okay for a vehicle with over 170,000 miles on the clock!

Naturally, it's also down on power, with its 4.4-litre naturally-aspirated V8 delivering 286hp.

So what do you believe – will the vehicle that is 100x the price of the timeless Variety Rover win it? Or will the old edition prove to be better worth for money? You'll need to stick with Mat and see on your own!

00:00 Introduction
00:33 Style
03:22 Interior
07:21 Door Test
08:00 Back Seats
12:50 Boot
15:37 Off-roading
16:40 Engines
18:22 Revs
19:24 New RR: Driving
23:53 New RR: 0-60mph
24:30 Old RR: Driving
28:23 Old RR: 0-60mph
28:57 Verdict
29:36 Is it broken?!


69 responses to “£2,000 vs £200,000 Luxury SUV”

  1. @imokthx123 Avatar

    Love your videos Matt, you, Yanni and Jeremy Clarckson are my fav car enthusiasts ❤

    1. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      Wish Clarkson joined Carwow gang very soon.

    2. @GerbenBol Avatar

      @@purwantiallan5089 Not gonna happen. He doesn’t even appear in Drivetribe.

    3. @hassyg4083 Avatar

      Harrys Garage is least biased

  2. @LeakyD Avatar

    Come back in 20 years and see how the new one fairs. Not so well I would imagine

    1. @gaffle7646 Avatar

      Re$ale will be toilet worthy.

    2. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      Well the car sold amazingly well in some other countries man.

    3. @Jamessansome Avatar

      20 years! More like 10 years. At 10 years old and worth about 15-20% of original value nobody will want to spend 7/8/9k to fix a serious engine issue (historically common) or 2k every time one of the many many electronic bits need replacing (like those door handles) JLR products just don’t last….

    4. @valgehiir Avatar

      All the needless extras, all the idiotic automatic tables will not work. These extras are truly silly on a new one and new car is ugly, I’m sorry

    5. @alexlee-isted5046 Avatar

      @@Jamessansome The V8’s aren’t too bad engine wise but the diesels love to go pop. Worst part is the constant electrical issues with them

  3. @Mihigo26 Avatar

    I find it funny how these reviews by carwow are all nice and friendly, then you speak to their customer service team when trying to sell a car. I had one guy on the phone yesterday telling me I didn’t know what I was talking about and getting super aggressive because I refused the offer. Beware folks when using carwow, you’ll be offered peanuts for your car compared to others and their customer service reps are rude, arrogant and downright aggressive. Don’t let Mat’s friendly and endearing personality make you think otherwise. They are no better than WBAC, Motorway etc.

    1. @shanginadildo Avatar

      Hardly surprising. The entire industry is full of con men

    2. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      Well thats very interesting fact bro.😅

    3. @supercrazysane Avatar

      It might have been just a bad experience as I sold my 21 P400 X Defender through Carwow. Achieved over £5k more than WBAC and Motorway. Staff were very professional (and due to mods mine was priced over list). Car collected two days later, payment bagged before it left the driveway – completely hassle free tbh.

    4. @alexlee-isted5046 Avatar

      I have not used CarWow but I did use Motorway to sell my wife’s 1 series and they were brilliant. Couldn’t fault it at all and they offered £1.2k more than the next nearest part ex off I got from BMW, WBAC, Evans Halshaw etc. Sold in a day, collected a week later, no knock down on price and paid in full before they drove off.

    5. @valgehiir Avatar

      Thank you, good to know

  4. @fuseininawaf8565 Avatar

    Love your videos man, so entertaining and informative.

    1. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      Absolutely informative and amazing in fact.

  5. @kopitepaul Avatar

    Matt don’t bin the cheap one off keep it and tell us what it’s like to live with for a period of time. What mpg you get after journeys / how reliable it is or isn’t etc.
    I can’t be the only person who would love an honest review of what it’s like to actually have one as a daily.

    1. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      As a daily drive?

    2. @Rolenz Avatar

      I have a 2006 Vogue that I daily and its a lovely car to use. (you just gotta be really picky and carefull when choosing one to buy)
      It is however not cheep on the wallet. The fuel cost is above average and IF something breaks or fails, its not cheap to repair because it is a complicated luxury car.
      Everything is over engineered, and when something breaks in a, lets say Dacia Duster, you need to change out one part, in the Range Rover you might need 2 or 3.

      This is also true of cars like the Merc ML high specs, the Audi Q7 and BMW X5 and up in the higher trims.

      Hell.. the early 2000 range rovers use tons of BMW M5 parts since Land Rover was owned by BMW at the time.

      But cost aside.. Even from 2006, the Range Rover is just so lovely to drive in town, and off road (I have taken mine to the mountains here in Iceland).
      Also does really well in deep snow considering how bloody heavy it is.

    3. @user-ed9xc2dt6e Avatar

      Dude try High Peak Autos Review. He got an L322

    4. @kopitepaul Avatar

      @@Rolenzgreat reply thank you, yeah the notorious unreliability is what puts me off getting one. The fuel costs I could live with as the car itself is so cheap.

    5. @kopitepaul Avatar

      ⁠@@user-ed9xc2dt6ealready subscribed I just have a feeling if Matt kept this one for awhile it could be very telling, but I appreciate the recommendation anyway mate thank you.

  6. @Fabulousprofound168 Avatar

    Imagine how much the new one has already depreciated in this 30 minute video… I still hopelessly wish Land Rover can get their act together and give us reliable durable products that can match its abilities 😞

    1. @TheScenick Avatar

      An old colleague of mine just sold a registered demo unit with 500 miles on the clock ABOVE list price. So. There’s that.

    2. @FrankDBoyce Avatar

      @@TheScenick so you sell Land Rovers……

    3. @hassyg4083 Avatar

      youd be lucky to find a cheap Defender they hold their values better than a G wagon lol

    4. @AB-nv7bz Avatar

      People keep buying them, why change?

    5. @apexpredator2323 Avatar

      You guys are just unbelievable!
      You are saying that this car has been depreciated without even actually looking and testing it.
      It is true that “haters gonna hate no matter what you do”
      So fu*k these guys and move on

  7. @ricardomedeiros2505 Avatar

    Theres something about the old model that i just love

  8. @MrMylesAndersonXD Avatar

    Please don’t kill this one in an off-roading challenge. You can see this one has had some love and has plenty of life left in it! Killing it would be sacrilege

    1. @TheAndostro Avatar

      yeah give it 2 or 3 months before it breaks anyway

    2. @apexpredator2323 Avatar

      If the owner didn’t care about it and sold this car why would he care about it?

    3. @ukgroucho Avatar

      @@apexpredator2323 He probably sold it because of the insurance cost ‘crisis’ with Range Rovers and Land Rovers. They are being stolen at an unprecedented rate (and yes that is mainly the newer ones) but it seems some insurance companies are unable to understand that a 15 year old vehicle is unlikely to be stolen so people with old RR and LR are seeing insurance premiums double or triple – and when your car is worth £2000 paying most of that for a years insurance probably sticks in the throat.

    4. @portaltwo Avatar

      @@apexpredator2323 Estate sale from devoted owner. Couldn’t get a gravesite big enough for both of them.

    5. @kizzyp2735 Avatar

      @@TheAndostro ..Its 20 years old with 173,000 mile on the clock all working with 12 months m.o.t and still somebody has to dis it on reliability !!!!

  9. @marknyerinde5114 Avatar

    Love these Old Vs New.Please do more of these….

    1. @marcelkahr4615 Avatar

      Yeah. I would like see BMW 7er E38 vs G70

    2. @ShivamSharma-ib1mb Avatar

      Throttle house does a lot of this, new vs old.

    3. @hassyg4083 Avatar

      @@marcelkahr4615 1970’s bmw were quality after that they went down hill

    4. @user-pd8fj6np1k Avatar

      Trottle House done quiate a bunch of that))

  10. @BotsWeekendCovers Avatar

    Great video on the old vs new. I love my 2019 RR Sport HSE and its been perfect! I’ve had the X5 and SQ5 and my RR is far far on another level! Absolutely dead quiet inside when driving as well.

    1. @user-hi5sg5jr4u Avatar

      don’t write Bullshit! RR sport is garbige. heavy, suspetion too firm, engine (unless svr) is stupidly not effectve,but SVR with 5 miles per gallon shame to drive, Bugatti has same mpg.
      But BMW e53 4.8 (even 4.4) will destroy it all the ways. not speaking of G series X5 on air suspension…

    2. @hksp Avatar

      yayaya, svr is garbage until royalty all over the world like khk , politicians , vvvip , will always have svr tailing them around, i guess rich ppl like to put their protection in garbage right ?

    3. @hassyg4083 Avatar

      landcruiser is far better

    4. @BotsWeekendCovers Avatar

      @@user-hi5sg5jr4u lol mine has been great. You need help man….

    5. @BotsWeekendCovers Avatar

      @@hassyg4083 I don’t agree. Not on the luxury side.

  11. @thegingaman Avatar

    Hey Mat, loved the comparison between the brand-new Range Rover and the one that’s 20 years old. Got me thinking, how about throwing a 10-year-old Range Rover into the mix? It’d be cool to see how it stacks up against the other two regarding tech and value drop. Cheers!

    1. @susjacob1598 Avatar


    2. @snacklofter Avatar


  12. @yousuff1 Avatar

    The new one certainly isn’t worth 100 times more than the old one.. nice to put things into perspective.

    1. @bjornar9026 Avatar

      The old one certainly isn’t 100 times cheaper. Wait till the repair bills come.

    2. @TermlessHGW Avatar

      If you’re not a practical man, even loaded with money and can’t drive a Honda, Mazda or Toyota but absolutely have to have a Range Rover I’d say the warranty on the new one is worth the difference in price alone.
      Also for all you car geeks out there, J. Clarkson still drives that old Range Rover around his farm.

    3. @brothersgarage3748 Avatar

      ​@TermlessHGW if you work on your own cars and get the right engine this case the supercharged v8 you’ll be trouble free if you maintain it regularly

    4. @kobray3455 Avatar

      @@bjornar9026 i rather fix an old car 10 times then fixing a new expensive car once

  13. @donleo8037 Avatar

    The 2k one actually looks better . Love the body style of it

  14. @PhilW08 Avatar

    Going to be interesting to see how all this tech works in 20 years, imagine that car could be £2k in 20 years 😄

    1. @volvo24091 Avatar

      WILL be worth 2k in less than 20 yrs

    2. @CovKid2K10 Avatar

      It will be mate. Look at the prev l405 model. Now about 15k soon to be 2k in 5-10 years

    3. @jurissorokins6469 Avatar

      @@volvo24091 don’t be so sure about that. different materials, manufacturing, technology. different economy (inflation), politics. different times my man. the depreciation will be different. What’s interesting in what you mentioned – how will it age?

    4. @beemerdek Avatar

      No it won’t ​@volvo24091

    5. @vynasdyzelis Avatar

      ​@@jurissorokins6469I don’t have high hopes considering Land rover is now owned by the same company who made the “Cheapest car in the world”

  15. @edoih Avatar

    Will be interesting to see how many of the electronic features of the new one will be working ten/twenty years from now.

  16. @danielseddon3177 Avatar

    A lot improved throughout the L322’s reign. I have a 2011 supercharged model and there’s much less the new one has over it (the Bentley luxury aside). Even the 0-60 isn’t that much better + the Jag V8 is actually pretty reliable.

  17. @richardpatton2502 Avatar

    20 years from now it will be easier to list the stuff that still works rather than the ones that don’t 😂

    All the best to everyone

  18. @Mili_sweet_girl.1995 Avatar

    Great review! It would be interesting to have the 2004 Range Rover detail and clean up and how it looks compared to the new Range Rover. If the original own took care of the it would probably clean up pretty good.

  19. @karacha Avatar

    You know… I am actually quite impressed with the old one. Love the style and it seems to be in good shape. Over 170k miles (which is approaching 300k kilometers) is nothing to sneeze at.

  20. @KevinTalbotTV Avatar

    ill wait till the new one is £2,000 🙂

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