1800hp Lambo Huracan v Rimac Nevera: DRAG RACE

Thanks to JM Imports for joining us for this race:
– @jmimports

This is an unbelievable gas v electrical drag race line-up!

We have actually got our hands on the almighty , and it's going up an absolutely wild !

So let's see how the 2 compare. Beginning with the , it rolls up with four electrical motors that combine to put down 1,914 hp and 2,360 Nm of torque. It's geared up with a huge 120kWh battery, however as a result, it's pretty heavy, weighing in at 2,300 kg. It likewise comes with an appropriate substantial price, costing around ₤ 2,000,000!

Next up we have the , and it's had an entire load of work done to it, consisting of a totally developed engine and gearbox! As an outcome, the 5.2-litre naturally-aspirated V10 can produce 1,800 hp and 1,500 Nm! What's more, it's a whole lot lighter than the Rimac, weighing just 1,650 kg!

So how will this one play out? The may be down on power, but will the weight distinction prove definitive? There's only one method to discover … LET'S RACE!

Rimac v MotoGP v Hayabusa:

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  1. carwow Avatar


    1. Tesla boy Noureldin Avatar
      Tesla boy Noureldin

      No it’s meeee

    2. Matthew Norman Avatar
      Matthew Norman

      We need a Hyundai Getz on this channel day 264 please a generation drag race

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    4. Mardesh Sasitharan Avatar
      Mardesh Sasitharan


    5. da_meme_guy Avatar

      you got me

  2. JOBE BOYS Avatar

    Let’s give Carwow props for August as a whole🔥🔥🔥 they really went all out

    1. Taylor Avatar

      It’s been insane hasn’t it

    2. Preston P. Avatar
      Preston P.

      August = Awesomeness right?

    3. Alwin Joseph Avatar
      Alwin Joseph

      I agree, this month was full of new and exciting content 🔥💯

    4. Gareth Pendlebury Avatar
      Gareth Pendlebury

      The bikes had me drooling!

    5. Kovy E Avatar
      Kovy E

      Rimac never has a boring race.

  3. ByronGR Avatar

    Let’s appreciate the fact they carwow is absolutely KILLING IT lately!!!

    1. Everyday Cats Avatar
      Everyday Cats

      drone video guy is god

    2. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Carwow always nailing those.

    3. alpenjodel24 Avatar

      bot comment


      Stolen comment from a bot

    5. ByronGR Avatar

      @I HAVE THE DOCUMENTS not a bot dude 🤟🏾

  4. Sameen Idhrak Priththy Avatar
    Sameen Idhrak Priththy

    the drag races, the cinematography, the editing, everything is just on point. Carwow’s gonna grow more.

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Carwow always nailed them all recently.

    2. sakimano Avatar

      Carwow has been stagnant for quite a while actually. Good content though. Maybe theyve reached a saturation point.

    3. hassy g Avatar
      hassy g

      @sakimano its end of combustion cars for them

    4. RacecarRik Avatar

      You must be new here

    5. Pleroma Avatar


  5. Hyakutvke Avatar

    I just wanna say how much we appreciate Mat Watson, he has carried carwow so much over the years that I thought he owned the brand until recently, he is such a great host and is constantly working on these videos to keep the channel consistent
    Thank you Mat Watson

    1. Free bird Avatar
      Free bird

      Maybe he’s earning an absolute fortune and doesn’t mind working constantly on these videos. Props to the film crew and editors who do the real work, not just sit in a car and floor it in a straight line.

    2. Hyakutvke Avatar

      @Free bird obviously, but you can still feel his passion in these videos and that’s what makes him an amazing host
      Of course the filming and editing crew bring their share of work but the reason behind my comment is because Mat has a wife and a kid now and he still manages to stay consistent

    3. Free bird Avatar
      Free bird

      @Hyakutvke yeah, I get what you’re saying, but it’s not exactly hard work, and he is earning a lot of money, yeah he’s the face of the channel, but out of the whole crew, he will do the least work for the lions share of the income. Fair play to him, and I used to like his style, but the fame has got to him and he thinks he’s funny, he’s not funny and I wish he’d talk less.

    4. JFresh! Avatar

      @Free birdnot to be rude but you’re coming off as jealous to the fact that Mat does the “least of work” when in reality it takes A LOT for some people to be the face of a brand / company. we can say the same for the editors who “only” sit in front of a computer & click a mouse.

    5. Free bird Avatar
      Free bird

      @JFresh! Jealous? What I am saying is I just wish Mat would stop talking so much and stop trying to be funny, the lines he does with the sexual innuendo are childish , get in the car, foot to the floor and cut 90% of the inane chat. It’s just an opinion, you don’t need to analyze it.

  6. Andelko Bujanic Avatar
    Andelko Bujanic

    It’s great for Rimac that Matt and carwow are giving them so much exposure and “air time”. Love every single drag race of the Nevera

    1. Jakov Šandrovčan Avatar
      Jakov Šandrovčan

      Why wouldn’t he if Rimac give him his car???? It would be stupid not to

    2. fred rce Avatar
      fred rce

      untill the lotus evjia shows off and dust the rimac…

  7. Lubabalo Leve Avatar
    Lubabalo Leve

    Best performance so far against the Rimac. Meg job on the tune guys!

  8. Papillon Avatar

    The sound coming from Rimac after 1/2 mile is just perfect!

  9. Erik Allen Avatar
    Erik Allen

    Thank you Carwow, guests, and Rimac for an outstanding performance we all appreciate. Definitely noticed the effort and incredible races. Loved them!!!🎉🎉🎉🎉

  10. RL Avatar

    That lambo is an absolute MONSTER. The Rimac is just otherworldly.
    And sick drone footage!

    1. Colby Goatvington Avatar
      Colby Goatvington

      Thr rimac cost 2m$,it better fucking win lol.The lambo did alright for costing only 300k including the build.

  11. SZHAKA7 Avatar

    The way the Rimac goes from 300 km/h is unreal. Very impressive 🔥

    1. Lloyd. Avatar

      Shame it can go round corners. 500 bhp cars are quicker than it.

    2. bucketslash11 Avatar

      top fuel does 300kph in less 3 than seconds

    3. Chikenlilchris Avatar

      @bucketslash11 those have roughly 10,000hp lol


      Watch Chris Harris drive the Nevera, then think again.

  12. Lenny Kibet Avatar
    Lenny Kibet

    I’m so impressed by both cars. First of all, the reliability of that build. 1800hp and ran without a hitch. But I’m most impressed by the top end of that Rimac. It just keeps going. So unexpected from an electric car.

  13. OfficialHoneZtAbe Avatar

    Not many people on this planet have put more miles on a Rimac Nevera than Mat has

  14. Nicola Manfro Avatar
    Nicola Manfro

    Just the fact that the Huracan needs a checkup after every race while the Nevera enjoys drifting shows how on another level it is

    1. JNS Avatar

      It costs 2 million 😂

    2. Darkslow27 Zagreb Avatar
      Darkslow27 Zagreb

      ​@JNSIt should be more expensive 😅

  15. Mario Sergio Araujo Avatar
    Mario Sergio Araujo

    Matt, você está demais!! Vem se superando nos comparativos!! Você está conseguindo comparar os mais famosos do mundo. Coisa que ninguém está fazendo!!! Parabéns!!

    1. Pedrosvaldo Penha Avatar
      Pedrosvaldo Penha

      Ninguém nunca fez nada parecido

  16. gram40 Avatar

    Props to JM imports for bringing a seriously tuned car which doesn’t fall over after just 1 run. And Carwow have just been amazing lately, a video a day lately and now new cinematics, pushing on toward 9 and then 10 million subs.

    1. Daler Mehndi Avatar
      Daler Mehndi

      Seriously. Most of the “tuned” cars we’ve seen on here turn out to be absolute turds. These were some really good races though.

    2. Harmony Avatar

      a video a day is a good earner 🙂

    3. Alex Phillips Avatar
      Alex Phillips

      Cracking aerial footage! Love it

  17. Ralph Artiza Avatar
    Ralph Artiza

    That tuned Huracan is absolutely nuts! The fact that it can get that close to the Nevera is insane! 🔥

    1. V A Avatar
      V A

      The fact that a NEVERA is a 5100lbs car vs a 3200lbs Lamborghini, is what makes it really insane. 200hp difference but almost 2000 pounds difference, and the rimac still gives the middle finger. I honestly thought the Lamborghini was going to win hands down! That rimac is a beast! Don’t underestimate the power to weight ratio on the rimac, it’s a SLEEPER! Didn’t expect it to do that good!

    2. TheHitman™ Avatar

      ​@V AThat’s a 2 million dollar car. Its not a sleeper

    3. Cool guy _ Avatar
      Cool guy _

      @V A there is a quite big difference in torque numbers, plus the maximum power numbers for the internal combustion engine is achieved only in an extremely narrow range of RPM, while the electric motor produces full torque instantly

    4. Mason Prestwich Avatar
      Mason Prestwich

      @V Athere is no way a £2’000’000 electric car is a sleeper 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣 and it might be heavy but weight means nothing once your rolling and you have 2,300+ nm pushing you along when the lambo only has half. That lambo is absolutely ridiculous. To keep up with that nevera and beat it off the line is the craziest thing I’ve seen on car wow. I knew the rimac would win 100% but I didn’t think that lambo would come that close. PS the lambo is a sleeper compared to that remac

  18. catchmedoctor Avatar

    You guys are currently escalating massively! Keep up throwing the crazy cars against each other but don’t forget the “normal” stuff too 😉 Also compliments to Mat who is really enjoying himself – that translates ✌️

  19. Mo - Avatar
    Mo –

    Huge respect for Jurgens Hurrican. Nothing has kept up with the Rimac as close as this 👌 and the sounds! 😍

  20. Chiboy Ife Avatar
    Chiboy Ife

    03:24 first Race
    04:01 second race
    05:23 third race
    07:51 Roll race 1
    08:43 Roll race 2
    Was a very beautiful race

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