VW ID. Buzz Easter Egg hunt – we find them ALL! | Electrifying

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The new Volkswagen ID. Buzz is packed with creative, concealed features added by Volkswagen's style team. Some are harder to discover than others, and lots of will go unnoticed by drivers for several years prior to they're discovered.

Join Mike as he lists EVERY style Easter Egg in the brand-new Volkswagen ID. Buzz and let us know if you think we have actually missed out on any.






3 responses to “VW ID. Buzz Easter Egg hunt – we find them ALL! | Electrifying”

  1. Paul Harvey Avatar
    Paul Harvey

    Still pushing VW I see.

  2. Ben Paul Avatar
    Ben Paul

    Trying to work the infotainment screen is an Easter egg hunt on its own!

  3. Be Low Below Avatar
    Be Low Below

    It’ll be harder to find a passenger ID Buzz with 3 seats in the front, 3 in the second row, or god forbid, a third row without an extortionate mark up for the long wheelbase

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