Top 10 EVs with the LONGEST ranges 2023 | What Car?

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Desire an electrical car to do mega miles in? These are the top 10 EVs with the longest varieties that you can buy today.

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26 responses to “Top 10 EVs with the LONGEST ranges 2023 | What Car?”

  1. Tünde Eszlári Avatar
    Tünde Eszlári

    Magical video.

  2. Mr Mawson Avatar
    Mr Mawson

    Cheers 👍

  3. Snoopy Avatar

    Our local Kia garage has a 71 plate Niro EV for £24,999. Can’t give them away. The cat is out the bag….EV’s are a busted flush.

  4. Jupiter Five Avatar
    Jupiter Five

    I noticed that the early Nissan Leaf that was said to only manage 100 miles or less ‘in the real world’ was then followed up by telling us that many cars nowadays can cover over 300 on a charge -but the ‘in the real world’ figure was then conveniently not mentioned. Lack of consistency to suit the narrative……

  5. Rob Carson Avatar
    Rob Carson

    Lithium Ion batteries are heavy and have a very poor energy density.
    The EV cars on sale today are expensive and have very poor range. They are not good replacements for the ICE.

    1. Jonathan Taylor Avatar
      Jonathan Taylor

      I don’t disagree regarding the weight of EVs or that they are often more expensive than the equivalent spec-for-spec ICE model – though the current wave of Chinese models are bringing parity even closer than before – but, I do not agree with an EV not being a good replacement for an ICE car…. it just depends on changing the owner’s “mindset” on how to run an EV day-to-day.

      At least here in the UK, a 300+ mile range is nearly 5 hours’ worth of motorway driving (the last ‘average speed’ records from 2016 showed that as being 59mph)
      Unless you’ve got the bladder of a camel, most drivers would be stopping for a comfort break / snack / coffee after about 200 miles / 3 hours’ driving.
      So, instead of letting your ICE car sit idle in the services car park, an EV is sat plugged in to a rapid charge point and, in that 20-30 minute break, is being topped-up ready for the next 3 hours’ worth of driving.

    2. Rob Carson Avatar
      Rob Carson

      @Jonathan Taylor These are simply arguments that are used to justify an inferior product.

  6. Irek M Avatar
    Irek M

    The official WLTP range means absolutely NOTHING .
    It’s pure FANTAY 🤦👎🤮

    1. iTech Talk Avatar
      iTech Talk

      Usually take off 30-40 miles of the WLTP range for some cars. But the Kia Niro can achieve around 250-260 miles in real world conditions which isn’t far off the 285 claimed WLTP.

    2. Jonathan Taylor Avatar
      Jonathan Taylor

      Yes, it is…
      But it’s equally as inaccurate for most combustion-engined cars, too.
      For example, the WLTP for my wife’s Toyota Yaris Hybrid is over 82mpg – in the 7 years we’ve had it, THE best figure I’ve ever managed is about 61mpg…!!

  7. Hugo Paredes Avatar
    Hugo Paredes

    EV range it’s a bit misleading. A given car can drive, let’s say, 400 miles. It sounds awesome.
    But, then it’s recommended to charge between 10-80% (in some cases 20-80%). Which means that you should drive to a minimum of 40 miles (in an ICE car would be similar, we cannot drive to complete empty) and a maximum of 320 miles. In reality we would have a range of 280 miles.

    1. Jonathan Taylor Avatar
      Jonathan Taylor

      I think you’re confusing the 10-80% charging time comparison figures for EVs with what an owner can actually charge they car up to?
      All modern EVs have thermal management systems which reduce the impact of 100% capacity charging ‘stress’ on the battery packs, as well as ‘charging buffers’ meaning that, even when the car is showing a 100% full battery, the actual capacity is around 94-95% full, again, to minimise the risk of ‘over-charging’ the battery cells.
      However, in some respects, you do have a point also in that, unless it’s absolutely essential for the next leg of a journey, it’s charging etiquette not to rapid charge passed about 80-85%, as the charging speed is slowed dramatically by the thermal management system protecting the battery pack, meaning the last 15% of charge could take as long to achieve as getting to 85% in the first place – that just means a rapid charger can be freed up more quickly for the next customer to use.
      So, yes, if an owner were to be always driving beyond the range-per-charge of their car and so having to rely on public rapid chargers on-the-go, then you could argue that they ‘should’ only try to use the 10-85% capacity range of their battery pack.

  8. Troy Boy Avatar
    Troy Boy

    Keep the Evs coming and let the ICE die … only time will show us the grumpies in the chat will be choking …. 🤘

  9. Martin Beacher Avatar
    Martin Beacher

    I’m waiting for the cars with HCE to start being made – Toyota is leading the way here. No long re-charge time, takes a few mins to re-fill just like an existing ICE vehicle.

    1. tattttu9 Avatar


    2. iTech Talk Avatar
      iTech Talk

      Hydrogen is still so so far away and while yes Toyota has been working on it, so has Hyundai with the Nexo and even making Hyrdogen class 8 trucks. BMW has also been testing hyrdogen vehicles which Toyota supplies the hyrdogen system to BMW. Hyrdogen though still have a long way to go and you might think have a longer range than EVs but the Toyota Mirai only does about 250 to 300 miles of real world range which is the same if not less than some of the EVs listed in this video. Then there’s the filling up infrastructure, the UK only has 5 stations, and costs about £100 per tank to fill up. Compare that with about £20 to do 250 miles with a Kia Niro EV if you charge at home. And the ability to pre condition the car while it’s charging in winter.

  10. What Car? Avatar
    What Car?

    What’s more important: 🔌range or 🏁performance?? 👇

    1. Quequ Sefa Avatar
      Quequ Sefa


    2. CastleKnight7 Avatar

      A combination. 60% range & 40% performance.

  11. Richard Johnson Avatar
    Richard Johnson

    apart from the Tesla all the other cars will be blown away by Chinese imports in the near future, they will be cheeper and have as good a range if not better and with all the bells and whistles.

    1. TL Avatar

      The Tesla is made in China too!

    2. Jonathan Taylor Avatar
      Jonathan Taylor

      And that’s wonderful for those future potential EV owners as they will have such an amazing choice at lower prices

  12. TL Avatar

    Totally ridiculous prices, especially for the BMW and Mercedes cars. I’ll just buy a very economical hybrid car vs any of these as I simply cannot justify the cost premium. It will take at least 30 years to pay back vs an efficient hybrid if I do less than 9,000 miles per year. Remember, we need to pay luxury taxes and very soon vehicle excise duty on these too, so there are virtually no advantages to buy these enormous monsters too. I drive a Nissan Leaf for local commutes and very happy with it! Cost me less than £11,000 for a 3 year old car too.

  13. Mark Dean Avatar
    Mark Dean

    Build of Tesla reminds me of my airfix models I used to make as a child ❗️

  14. David Avatar


  15. Paul Inglis Avatar
    Paul Inglis

    I’ll just go and raid my piggybank for the minimum £50k I need to buy one !!!

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