Should charging really be this hard? 🙈 ⚡ | What Car? #whatcar #newcar #ev #chargers

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27 responses to “Should charging really be this hard? 🙈 ⚡ | What Car? #whatcar #newcar #ev #chargers”

  1. KamPlaysFan Avatar

    Great charger!

  2. Leisha Ostenberg Avatar
    Leisha Ostenberg

    This video made me smile😚

    1. Adrian Mc Avatar
      Adrian Mc

      Why ?

  3. CerealKiller Avatar

    My colleague just did a tester with a new electric van. Each day he was spending 2 hours sat in the office waiting for it to charge so he could go to ONE LOCAL SITE ONLY, then go home 30 mins away………….. They all know it was a disaster but we’re due new vans soon and guess what, they’re going to be electric 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    1. Steefn George Avatar
      Steefn George

      Why dont they charge overnight?

    2. CerealKiller Avatar

      @Steefn George Because the guy lives in a rented house so he’s not going to put a charger there for the landlord. Plus it’s a terraced house which the front door opens up directly onto the pavement, so the lead can’t cross a walkway. So charging in work is the only option. No engineer is going to leave a van full of tools at a public charger, a recipe for getting tools stolen.
      So, instead of engineers being on site for 08:00, we’ll be at the office for 8, then onto the first job. Home time, instead of leaving at 16:30, we’ll be back to the office leaving 16:00 ish, so each engineer will lose an hour a day, 5 hours a week, 20 hours a month production lost – INSANE. That doesn’t include hours lost if there’s any charging issues either……………….

  4. Club de voiture Avatar
    Club de voiture

    Tesla are beter

  5. Russell Bishop Avatar
    Russell Bishop

    The fastest solution I found was to call the support line. It’s frustrating, but they either restart the machine and it works, or they tell you flat out that it’s broken.

  6. MrFatknacker Avatar

    So you drive past a load of ultra-rapid hubs just to find a couple of random chargers stuck on a garage forecourt … was this for journalistic effect, or did you really not think this one through 🤔

    But sure in an ideal world they’d all just work, but then petrol pumps have their moments as well in my experience, which is why most service stations have more than just two of them … 🙂

  7. adamvok Avatar

    Im losing my sh#t on this lately… cant wait to switch back to a normal ICE car.

  8. DavidT Avatar

    Good advert for Tesla

  9. B Shah Avatar
    B Shah

    Never choose a charging stop with less than 6 charging stations. That way less chance of parking at fault unit. Also avoid Shell and BP, they have no real incentive to promote EVs

  10. Adrian Mc Avatar
    Adrian Mc

    Sadly .. buy Tesla works every time

    1. Alan Howe Music Avatar
      Alan Howe Music

      There is somewhat a price differential.

    2. Adrian Mc Avatar
      Adrian Mc

      @Alan Howe Music actually watch the whole video of this. Interesting insight with respect to that.

  11. Kim B Avatar
    Kim B

    Glorious modern times 😂 – makes me think of Charlie Chaplin a 100 year ago.

  12. Dave Berry Avatar
    Dave Berry

    EV charging should be as easy as ICE fuelling – if it was EV range anxiety would be a thing of the past – the whole thing seems to have been badly mismanaged as the government appears to absolved itself of the necessary responsibility for such a major change

  13. grant nyenes Avatar
    grant nyenes

    And this is why the US is moving to NACS as a standard. These not Tesla chargers are on average abysmal…terrible user experience

  14. Henry Ludlow Avatar
    Henry Ludlow

    Takes me 5 minutes to fill my car with diesel, which gives me 600 miles of range before another 5 minute stop off at the fuel pump. Oh, and my insurance costs are a third of the price of an electric equivalent.

    Then there’s the great residual values, not worrying about having the heating on in winter, diminishing battery returns and the lost of zero VED to the government. Oil burners all day baby. 😂

    1. Snoopy Avatar

      Agreed….Per ardua adstra.

    2. Adrian Mc Avatar
      Adrian Mc

      You must do a lot of 600 mile trips without having to take a break

    3. Henry Ludlow Avatar
      Henry Ludlow

      @Adrian Mc Oh dear, oh dear… yet another EV driver full of regret and disappointment. 😂

    4. Snoopy Avatar

      @Adrian Mc I have driven MANY 600+ mile journeys, with no more than the occasional “pit stop” of 5 mins to “empty the tank” and grab a coffee, to then be on my way again. There was NO requirement to “recharge” my Volvo V70 D5 at all. I am sure there are many other ICE vehicles that can do the same. Try that in an EV?

    5. Adrian Mc Avatar
      Adrian Mc

      @Snoopy so you had to stop so you never done one without stopping . Doing around 10 hours of driving your going to stop prob twice.

  15. Erich Mercado Avatar
    Erich Mercado

    This is not good for car buyers eyeing a BEV.

  16. Erich Mercado Avatar
    Erich Mercado

    @whatcar Does this happen with other BEVs? Just curious… How about using a different charger?

  17. Winter Sun Avatar
    Winter Sun

    He’s a very good reviewer. Obviously the secret to getting the charger to work is slapping the debit card on your hand!

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