NEW VW Touareg review – best-value luxury SUV? | What Car?

In this new evaluation, we inform you whatever you need to learn about this practical and excellent luxury SUV, and we tell you what it shares with the (spoiler alert: it's not its rate).

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23 responses to “NEW VW Touareg review – best-value luxury SUV? | What Car?”

  1. @cmartin_ok Avatar

    Why, even with a digital dashboard, are the Speedo markings at 20, 40, 60, 80 etc instead of 10, 30, 50, 70 to align with UK limits? This really infuriates me. Also the car, like so many, is simply too wide for UK roads, parking spaces and garages (I must be one of a few who still uses my garage to park my car in)

    1. @ViewBothSides Avatar

      yes, interesting isn’t it. Germany has a fundamental challenge with software which means they’re seriously under-represented in global developments. It’s due to a continuing dominance of “engineering”, where 20,40,60 sounds more logical to someone who’s frankly clueless about usability but doesn’t know it. Plus German management think they can manage the software development without ever looking at the product.

  2. @richdevil77 Avatar

    Love my 2020 Touareg, I will need to replace eventually however with minimal changes on the new face lift I don’t need to be in a rush!😊

  3. @marlonfrijters8356 Avatar

    Here in the Netherlands the starter price is at €89.999.. price is quite steep.

  4. @mikadavies660 Avatar

    I used to have a Toureg and was always disappointed with the lack of quality, for such an expensive vehicle.

  5. @TheIronArmenianakaGIHaigs Avatar

    I love the VW UP but i really feel like VW have been taking the mick for the last 5+ years with premium prices for cars that feel entry level on the inside.

    1. @sierrayankee6801 Avatar

      Same as Mercedes tbh

  6. @iniestaxavi3826 Avatar

    1. Looks like a very average SUV with an outdated exterior – more Hyundai Tuscon vibes. Everyone else is stepping up their game. 2. It’s so expensive. Who on earth is getting this over other competitors?

  7. @williammorris1384 Avatar

    The reviewer reminds me of what Prince William would look like, with hair ! He’s very good though and everything is clear and simple enough, without copying anyone else 👍£70,000 though ; that’s £25,000 too much. Ridiculous actually!

  8. @sternskov2629 Avatar

    It would be good if you also mentioned whether this car or other cars have or do not have heated radar and safety systems, like you did with the heated sprinkler system.

  9. @Steve-Cross Avatar

    The new Qashqai is a much better value for money SUV. Top of the range Tekna + has everything the VW has and more. Obviously not as big or as powerful, but a great little SUV for half the price of the basic model. If you don’t need to tow a big caravan, it is more than adequate and luxurious.

  10. @crawfordg Avatar

    On the subject of a sprint at a roundabout, an essential if you live in the Chichester West Sussex area, does the vehicle not have a Sport function on the auto box. I have a VAG vehicle and I use the Sport function on a daily basis and it gives the performance of a GTI. regards Crawford

  11. @alisonauchterlonie8212 Avatar

    I am so fed up with all the car manufactures giving us what suits them and not what “we” want. I do not want everything on a touch screen. It’s dangerous fiddling about while driving.

  12. @hughjanus7354 Avatar

    68 foukin thousand poundizzles… This thing used to start in high 30’s not so long ago.

  13. @markjwil Avatar

    The Touareg seems good looking but too expensive for what it is. There’s better options out there.

  14. @cabottaxi Avatar

    £68000 aint a bargain for any car. Anyone living and driving in a city centre really doesn’t need a car of this size. Piece of nonsense.

    1. @bobmcdade5217 Avatar

      £70K for a VW SUV? I must be getting old because that seems like an awful lot for an average car.

  15. @thiagolima5232 Avatar

    love love love thi is car

  16. @RomanVerhovsek Avatar

    Tnx for the review. I’ve ordered mine two months ago.

  17. @Hashkhan786 Avatar

    Thanks for the review. I have ordered 5 just now.

  18. @theanorakchannel2496 Avatar

    I always enjoy what car reviews, however I am often frustrated by the lack of numbers. How far will this car go on battery power if you buy the hybrid? How long is the car, especially for a big beast like this. It may not mean too much, but what is the boot capacity? And most importantly, you don’t actually mention the price on the video. Apologies if it comes up on the screen, but I am totally blind so wouldn’t be able to hear it. I’m debating whether to buy a big posh SUV like this, or just to buy a Kodiak. I’d save myself a big chunk of change, and how much would I actually gain in terms of boot space from the Guide Dogs and so on.

  19. @PenryMMJ Avatar

    The name always makes me smile. It’s named after the nomadic tribe that lives in the Sahara, but Touareg in Arabic means Godforsaken.

  20. @thezanzibarbarian5729 Avatar

    If any small SUV could be considered to be like a cheaper Bentley, it’s the Genesis GV70. It certainly _IS NOT_ a VW Touareg!

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