NEW VW Tiguan revealed! – full details on crucial SUV | What Car?

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The brand-new VW Tiguan has been exposed– buttons are back! In this video, we inform you whatever you need to understand about this vital brand-new SUV.

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30 responses to “NEW VW Tiguan revealed! – full details on crucial SUV | What Car?”

  1. switchfish24 Avatar

    Interior looks hideous!

  2. Colin Renfrew Avatar
    Colin Renfrew

    Bland styling….could be a Suzuki.

    1. Cannygrowabeard Avatar

      @colinrenfrew48 I was thinking the same, it looks like that badge engineered Suzuki Across (Toyota RAV4)

    2. JDM guy Avatar
      JDM guy

      The front looks very similar to the (Chinese) BYD Atto

  3. Neuro Weaver Avatar
    Neuro Weaver

    The previous generation of Tiguans (as with all VW lineup) looked much better, withe the squares-within-rectangles lights and overall design.

    1. Hugo's Avatar

      Give it some time man. It will grow on you

    2. Richard Dastardly Avatar
      Richard Dastardly

      @Hugo’s – Will see what the UK versions are like, usually the R-lines make up for the ugliness 🤣🤣🤣

  4. Mega Ice Avatar
    Mega Ice

    Passat tiguan no longer have sharp line on door size
    Bad design on new vw cars

  5. Henron Weekes Avatar
    Henron Weekes

    The front looks sad and not exciting compared to previous model. Inside is nice just the outer shell looks very much busy.

  6. Mayshii Avatar

    Very informative video! 💯

    1. Rob Small Avatar
      Rob Small

      Not a review. Can’t review it without driving it

  7. Ian Bunn Avatar
    Ian Bunn

    In short… buy the Skoda Kodiaq as it will be better

  8. A Nemeth Avatar
    A Nemeth

    Would have been really difficult to show it in Munich 2 weeks ago… That wrap was ridiculous 😅

  9. N Avatar

    They learned how to design interiors!
    I hope they’ll learn how to design exteriors as well.

    1. Meni Fo Avatar
      Meni Fo

      My exact thought while watching the video…. provided that they upgrade the quality of the interior.

    2. TurtleShell 8024 Avatar
      TurtleShell 8024

      Are you talking about BMW?🤓

  10. Shaggy Avatar

    That front end looks like a minibus…

  11. Engimo Avatar

    The company really needs a designer, hire me

  12. sudhir Avatar

    Previous gen is looking more bold and stunning

    1. Luisanova  Avatar

      100% agree

  13. Miha Primožič Avatar
    Miha Primožič

    Will it be an extended version, the Allspace model?

  14. Marcus Barley Avatar
    Marcus Barley

    Thank you mr designer for being really creative with slapping a tablet on the dash. Must of had a real lazy day and couldn’t be bothered to integrate it within the dash board. That must of been too much trouble. Or was it to keep the costs down.

    1. TurtleShell 8024 Avatar
      TurtleShell 8024

      _must _*_of_*_ been_ ❌
      _must _*_have_*_ been_ ✅

    2. TurtleShell 8024 Avatar
      TurtleShell 8024

      …besides, designers don’t have a final say on the designs, not even the head designer… the board and engineers do.

  15. Me Myself and i Avatar
    Me Myself and i

    Huge improvement on The interior. Dont like The outside much. But that inside looks awesome!!

  16. Wishmaster Avatar

    About the steering the previous model there where physical buttons on the regular Tiguan and only the R-Line model has the touch sensitive buttons..

  17. Edward De Jong Avatar
    Edward De Jong

    Looks more like a Honda CRV every day. This is a very competitive segment.

  18. Deuteross Avatar

    The styling of the Tiguan and the Passat are such a big step backwards compared to their predecessors.

  19. Sk2sk1 Avatar

    Like this car! Especially the interior! ❤

  20. Tom Poucen 2020 Avatar
    Tom Poucen 2020

    The interior is very similar to my 2024 (US) VW Atlas Cross Sport. There are no knobs to turn on the infotainment system. All the US car reviewers have panned my version on account of this. But this car does improve the climate controls over mine (a top of the range SEL R Line Premium) by having lighted slider controls. I have to stop the car and turn on a light when driving in the dark in order to change the settings.

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