NEW VW T-Roc review – why this is one of the best SUVs | What Car?


Makeover, new interior– in this brand-new evaluation we explain how a facelift makes an excellent SUV even much better.

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23 responses to “NEW VW T-Roc review – why this is one of the best SUVs | What Car?”

  1. Jai Sabai Avatar
    Jai Sabai

    So many reviewers open the rear hatch and talk about luggage etc yet refuse to tell us whether or not there is a spare wheel in there 🙄.
    No wonder manufacturers are getting away with offering nothing.

  2. joni rono Avatar
    joni rono

    Totally agree with previous comment about no spare wheel,if they don’t include one ,just walk.

  3. Mika Davies Avatar
    Mika Davies

    I can’t understand people buying a new car with a 1.0ltr engine…. I currently have a long term hire Ford Kuga 1.5tdi. At £32,000+ it is a shockingly gutless waste of money.

    1. Shakeel Zaman Avatar
      Shakeel Zaman

      Cars need minimum 150hp. 200 for me

  4. Kien Fung Avatar
    Kien Fung

    One of the best suv’s? 😂😂😂 please..

  5. Rasher basher Avatar
    Rasher basher

    That 1litre is rough and underpowered.

  6. What Car? Avatar
    What Car?

    What’s the best car that VW makes? 👇

    1. Kien Fung Avatar
      Kien Fung

      That was back in the 90’s mate.

  7. Nick Meaker Avatar
    Nick Meaker

    Same car new one coming end of the year

  8. Boych Avatar

    Water pump is garbage on this car with TSI 2.0 190KM (previous gen.)

  9. Andrei Pop Avatar
    Andrei Pop

    The interior looks like they used what was left from the Golf 7. And that is a good thing if you don’t like the Golf 8.

  10. Aveedub Avatar

    Nearly 32k for an average, run of the mill looking gutless school run SUV?????? Crazy, crazy money for the kids to destroy, no fear! Who the hell can afford one of these new, with a mortgage, massive home bills, wife and two plus kids????? Clearly car manufacturers think we’re all millionaires or wealthy???????

  11. Knusper 72 Avatar
    Knusper 72

    How come you recommend a 3 cylinder engine. It’s mechanically not right as well.

    1. Meni Fo Avatar
      Meni Fo

      That’s because he mentioned only one of their sponsors. Guess who the others are.

  12. Paul Lacey Avatar
    Paul Lacey

    Another bland suv👎👎👎

  13. cabottaxi Avatar

    T Roc is bland and boring car. Had 2 VWs in the past and moved on to BMW . Far superior build quality. Ford Puma I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole with its eco boom 💥 engine . Design of the VW Taigo is nicer with full width rear lights.

  14. Geoff Kinlen Avatar
    Geoff Kinlen

    I Whot no hybreds?

  15. Meni Fo Avatar
    Meni Fo

    Reading the comments below, it seems that everyday drivers and consumers (i.e. non-professionals) have a more realistic and objective appraisal of this car. I see no changes in the new model. As dull as ever.

  16. M G Avatar
    M G

    SUV ,seriously 🫥😒
    It’s just a jacket up small hatchback for old people lol

  17. Russ Guy Avatar
    Russ Guy

    I’m wondering how the car in the video has IQ lights and front fog lamps? The UK VW Website won’t currently allow you to configure an R Line T Roc with these options, apparently due to the semiconductor shortage.

  18. Layercake65 Avatar

    It’s dull

  19. Mark Avatar

    What’s with the off putting background music – totally unnecessary

  20. Retro1989 Avatar

    2:01 “Nice piano black finish” no one likes piano black plastic, it’s awful and they should stop using it.

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