NEW VW ID Buzz review – why it’s the best electric car | What Car?

In this new VW ID Buzz , we describe why this brilliant new electric cars and truck is our of the Year 2023

00:00 What is the ID Buzz?
00:53 Usefulness
04:17 Interior
05:14 Technology
06:13 Build quality
06:40 Range
07:54 Charging
08:49 Driving
10:19 How to spec
11:43 Prices
12:14 Decision

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24 responses to “NEW VW ID Buzz review – why it’s the best electric car | What Car?”

  1. Brian Allan Avatar
    Brian Allan

    CAR of the year? Really? I’ll pass on every level.

  2. Jonathan D Avatar
    Jonathan D

    No car with VW’s touch controls should win this award. I’ll stick with my Mini Clubman.

  3. David Marshall Avatar
    David Marshall

    I’ve no doubt it’s a great vehicle, but £60k..??? Should a ‘car of the year’ not be something most normal person can afford 🤔just thinking….

  4. steve cross Avatar
    steve cross

    What is it with you guys and VW? Virtually every review, no matter the make you are reviewing, you have to mention VW as a comparison. The ID buzz would be a great fun little get around. However it is very expensive, for what it is. It is very basic in build quality. Lots of hard plastics. Not as practical as the brilliant VW microbus of the 60s/70s, which it is trying to emulate and failing miserably. I’m sure some rich kids, in California, will be captivated by it’s funky, futuristic, retro looks. Yes there is a lot going on design wise. LOL. There are much better alternatives. Car of the year? Very funny. 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  5. Mumwifeteacher Avatar

    I don’t get it? A Chrysler Pacifica hybrid is a much better choice at 20k cheaper and with 30 miles of ev rang you would still get most of the fuel savings – plus you can still do longer trips

    1. roblox fan Avatar
      roblox fan

      Cheyslers are no longer sold in the uk

    2. L P Avatar
      L P

      Where in the world do you people live in? I live near the arctic circle and drive an EV with a midsized (58kw) battery. I’d have no problem driving from here to Spain if I felt like it. So seriously, if I can do longer trips within my country with a full family in the car in -20 C weather, why can’t you? There’s literally chargers everywhere here.

  6. Neil Hollands Avatar
    Neil Hollands

    67k for that spec. Absolutely ridiculous! 😂

  7. Feliks Bentkowski Avatar
    Feliks Bentkowski

    It was a beautifull dream, but is hasn’t met expectations. It looks nice from a distance, but I have no idea how it may be used practice – to short range for long distance travels, to big for a city. The interior is big, but not practical (just compare it to older brothers – Touran or Sharan). Poor quality and high price tag.

  8. Hugo Cass Avatar
    Hugo Cass

    Cute styling does not hide the fact that this thing is wildly expensive, not very efficient, more than 2 metres wide (with mirrors extended), and at 2.5 tonnes obscenely heavy. And it has VW’s hateful touchscreen control system. I’m all for EVs but this ID Buzz has no innovation about it apart from well executed retro styling. The camper version will be fun – imagine trying to plan a holiday in something even heavier and less efficient!

  9. SMTK Avatar

    So sad the rear seats don’t lay flat/flush or be removed individually. Being able to configure the space is so important on car/vans like this..

  10. Why All The Fuss Avatar
    Why All The Fuss

    With Hyundai/Genesis EVs going for north of 50K, I don’t think 60k is out of line. HOWEVER, VWs well known and verified rubbish reliability will be the biggest obstacle for VW

  11. alan thomson Avatar
    alan thomson

    It will be years before the charging infrastructure will be “good enough” for longer distance touring ( as opposed to point to point driving). I like the vehicle well enough, even though it is eye watering-ly expensive. If I was looking for a fuel efficient car right now, I would go for a plug in hybrid like the Kuga or Hyundai, they have enough electric range for daily use for me.

    1. maestro8766 Avatar

      Alan, you are absolutely on point here. A car like this with a 77KWH battery only gives a realistic range of only 150 miles, unacceptable

  12. Erasmus Avatar

    Another great VW ruined by touchscreen madness and haptic buttons. The sooner VW brings back physical tactile knobs and buttons for basic functions, the better.

    1. Stuart Scott Avatar
      Stuart Scott

      It’s absolutely fine. Reviewers all spout the same rubbish .. I still wouldn’t bug this though due to the poor motorway range

  13. Vincent sparks Avatar
    Vincent sparks

    I used to think What Car made a sensible analysis to arrive at car verdicts – in this case – madness – no way is the Buzz a sensible choice. You have been caught up in the hype and design. Just look at the comments as responses to this video – I dont believe you are correct this time

  14. Stuart Scott Avatar
    Stuart Scott

    Terrible decision. It has a motorway range of less than 160 miles at 70mph for £60k. Model Y still beats it hands down imo

  15. Silver SoSo Avatar
    Silver SoSo

    Pure hype. Very expensive with a limited range. Think I’ll stick with my 20 grand diesel Tourneo Custom 8 seater.

  16. Just this guy Beeblbrox Avatar
    Just this guy Beeblbrox

    So I guess this is proof that “Car of the Year” was always a marketing ploy available to deep pocketed Manufacturers. I used to take What Car seriously 😮

  17. Michael G Avatar
    Michael G

    The type 2 was based on the beetle and had common complements with the type 3. So using the MEG is a nod to history really. Wish it had solar panels on the roof.

  18. Seb Stott Avatar
    Seb Stott

    Call me a Tesla fanboy, but you can get a Model Y long-range for £10,000 less, and it has 80 miles more range, four-wheel drive, faster acceleration, Supercharger access, and faster charging speeds. The boot space is 971 L (2,158 L with seats folded) so you’re sacrificing a lot for a little more storage.

  19. Jonathan Taylor Avatar
    Jonathan Taylor

    Oh heavens, Doug…!
    What on Earth possessed What Car? to think that a £60k+ people carrier, with no rear air vents nor opening rear windows should EVER be considered a ‘Car of the Year’…??? 😳
    Put it this way, it’s a good job the efficiency and range are so poor – at least, that way, you’ll be forced in to stopping more often to let the kids / dogs out to get some fresh air…!! 🤣

  20. What Car? Avatar
    What Car?

    What’s your Car of the Year? 👇

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