NEW VW ID. 2 REVEALED! – full details on MG4-beater | What Car?

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The Volkswagen ID.2 has actually been exposed and looks set to be even more affordable than the MG4 when it goes on sale. Enjoy to find out whatever you need to know.

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Video chapters:.
0:00 Intro.
0:34 1. Background.
1:26 2. What is the ID. 2?
1:51 3. Style.
2:33 4. Interior and tech.
3:40 5. Practicality.
5:03 6. Battery, range and performance.
6:13 7. Prices.
6:36 8. Competitors.
7:11 9. The bad news.
7:40 10. What's next?






27 responses to “NEW VW ID. 2 REVEALED! – full details on MG4-beater | What Car?”

  1. What Car? Avatar
    What Car?

    ID.2 or MG4 – which would you have?? 👇

    1. Pad A Avatar
      Pad A


    2. Francis Doran Avatar
      Francis Doran

      Well, you can’t buy an ID2 for 3 more years, and a lot can happen in 3 years.
      I would buy the car right now if it were available, but only if it can tow, can take roofbars and one can buy the larger battery version for €25,000. Smaller battery is only really useful for urban use, especially if one is having regard for battery charging constraints.
      38kw x 0.7=26.6kw which means useable range of maybe 106-125 miles.
      Charging 10-80% or 20-90%.
      But nice looking car and definitely one i would consider in bigger battery with towing capability, roof bars and the reasonable size boot.
      A great idea from a much older car, a 2004 Nissan Micra, is a sliding rear seat, which gives bigger boot space again, under cover and out of sight, when only the front seat is needed.
      An option i would like to see on more small cars, especially if no estate/ station wagon version is available.

    3. aktm1407 Avatar

      When Id.2 is released in 2-3 years, MG4 will probably be even cheaper than it is right now

    4. David Van Der Merwe Avatar
      David Van Der Merwe

      ID definitely choose the ID2
      Looks very promising and a great layout

    5. jor10_13R Avatar


  2. Jon Burnell Avatar
    Jon Burnell

    This looks very promising. Much better than the other ID models for me. If they pull this off this could be their actual game changer.

    1. Abel Israel Cruz Ayuso Avatar
      Abel Israel Cruz Ayuso

      And it will have only taken them 10 years since the Dieselgate 🙄

  3. Colin Renfrew Avatar
    Colin Renfrew

    The id2 is VW back on form. Looks great.

  4. Madonsteamrailways Avatar

    ID2 looks better than the other ID models. A must nicer looking car than quite a lot else!!

  5. Arvorskipper Avatar

    Looks like a winner to me, just what I am waiting for !!

  6. cnocspeireag Avatar

    This looks like an exciting step up for VW. You report that it was designed in six weeks, and is based on a shortened version of an existing car. I don’t know anything of the process of getting a car into production, but three years seems an awfully long time to an outsider. I wonder how long the Chinese would take?

  7. Andrew H Avatar
    Andrew H

    A good looking VW EV at last. As Ford seems to be planning on exiting the mass market, VW are stepping up to be people’s cars in the EV era. I did like the glimpse of an original Polo style dials dashboard graphics, a clever VW retro touch. Fingers crossed the production car closely matches this concept model, which certainly looks ready to go…

    1. Pad A Avatar
      Pad A

      I read somewhere that this is a joint venture like the commercial joint venture with Ford and will be the new fiesta

  8. bbbf09 Avatar

    Looks a whole world of improvement from previous efforts. Certainly inetrior and the slick user interface.
    The centre infotainment control wheel I think lifted from BMW – but no issues there.
    Pricing? There is big gap in difference in ‘anticipating’ and actual pricing in VW-land. I recall the ID Buzz being ‘targeted’ in the high £30’sk – or less than 40k. What is it now? Don’t think you get any change – if any – from £60K . I ‘anticpate ‘ this not less than £28k to 30k in reality. Which would make it no more than marginally of interest. Let’s see .

  9. Thomas Hillier Avatar
    Thomas Hillier

    I love the ID. 2. Much more VW. A pair of round headlamps and it’d be even better!
    I especially like the Beetle-style or 80s-style instrument display options. I mean why have a screen if you can’t play around with it and have a bit of fun?
    A very odd thing is the choice of a 60/40 split rear bench with the 60 side behind the folding front passenger seat. Would it be more versatile to have the very long load lefty that this offers and still keep seating for 3 rather than 2? Seems odd to me…

  10. Willie Nelson Gonzalez Avatar
    Willie Nelson Gonzalez

    Less than £22,000? I’ll believe it when I see it! VW have got to go a long way before I’ll part with my cash as by the time they release the ID2All there will be better and cheaper vehicles on the market come 2026. VW claim 280 miles an a full charge which will most likely be 200 miles.

  11. Bernard Samson Avatar
    Bernard Samson

    I would wager my Mortgage that when this comes to Market in UK, it will be more expensive than the MG4.

  12. Tricia Mcintyre Avatar
    Tricia Mcintyre

    Nice looking car,three years is a long time to wait for one,the good news is I’ve just bought a petrol car and by 2026 the prices will hopefully have came down for EV,S 👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🚘

  13. ImmortalMachine Avatar

    Let’s hope they follow through with this because it’s exactly what I’m looking for.

  14. John Kay Avatar
    John Kay

    Looking at at first glance the ID 2 wins hands down but in the video it looks like it’s the top of the range version from VW . Wondering what the specs are on the base model and no doubt have the smaller battery pack which I think will put a lot of people off . All being said it’s a very big step in the right direction for VW

  15. Stuart Leonard Avatar
    Stuart Leonard

    Love the classic dash cluster, mk1/mk2 golf look.

  16. Lot 76 CARS Avatar
    Lot 76 CARS

    Probably the best looking of the IDs (except the Buzz), it has much more character than the bland ID3/4/5. It surely has potential to take raise the game, especially if they’ve fixed the interior and software glitches. Early ID buyers may wish they’d waited!

  17. Simon O Avatar
    Simon O

    That looks much better, it looks like they realised they dropped the ball with the ID3 and 4.

  18. New Happiness Avatar
    New Happiness

    The fact that it’s front wheel drive is good so I imagine the battery is near the front axle. Unfortunately car in 2 yrs time will not be less than £22k

  19. Martyn Laverick Avatar
    Martyn Laverick

    Love the looks of this car and the price. If it makes it to production and at this price it’s a winner.

  20. Jeff Gillies Avatar
    Jeff Gillies

    I like the look and if they can deliver on that price then I’ll buy one. Bring on cheaper EVs!!

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