NEW Toyota C-HR revealed! – FULL details on hybrid SUV | What Car?

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The new has been revealed! See to discover everything you require to understand about this revamped .

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21 responses to “NEW Toyota C-HR revealed! – FULL details on hybrid SUV | What Car?”

  1. shaked levi Avatar
    shaked levi

    way ,way better looking then the old. the exterior is better resolved & the new front-with the 2nd black lip that integrates the lighting- is striking

  2. Trent Avatar

    I love everything about this new Chr . Toyota really create masterpiece 👌

  3. Colin Renfrew Avatar
    Colin Renfrew

    To be able to design an SUV that looks different…..well done Toyota. Looks amazing.

  4. zuti071 Avatar

    This new one looks better but C-HR in general is extremly overpriced car.

  5. Mr H Avatar
    Mr H

    Outside looks amazing, but I think the dashboard is a bit underwhelming. Maybe it will look better when seeing it for real.

  6. Artov Noyes Avatar
    Artov Noyes

    Great to see a good looking Toyota. I have a Civic on order but I would have looked at this if it had been available sooner.

  7. A R Avatar
    A R

    This looks fantastic

  8. Keith Knill Avatar
    Keith Knill

    Looks amazing.
    Have the old model and looking forward to getting the next gen.

  9. OUR 10 PICKS Avatar
    OUR 10 PICKS

    I don’t care what others think! This second generation CH-R is the one for me 😊 I just love it 👌

  10. Tram. Avatar

    Looks aggressive, I like it!

  11. Jermine Prince Avatar
    Jermine Prince

    I love the look and glad the interior hasn’t changed much. Nice!

  12. Matthew Davies Avatar
    Matthew Davies

    Would have preferred if we’d got the new Prius in the UK

    1. MrDuncl Avatar

      I would have preferred the Corolla Cross. Someone in Ireland reviewed one and someone in South Africa told me how great theirs is but Toyota won’t sell them here.

  13. Dreamcatcher_11_ Avatar

    Toyota is killing it. All their new cars are just top notch.

  14. marjan batic Avatar
    marjan batic

    Beautiful car imo.
    Good job Toyota 👍

  15. Commenter Avatar

    The car looks incredible, from every side actually. This will sell like crazy.

  16. scoobydoozie65 Avatar

    Wish this was coming to USA! 😓. I have 2018 CHR, love it and would love to upgrade.💕

  17. William Nelson Avatar
    William Nelson

    My wife has just purchased a GR Sport and it’s much better than the 1.8 she had before. I like the new design and two tone paint work but would like to see Toyota dropping in more powerful engine under the bonnet to be comparable to the ST et al.

  18. Christopher Law Avatar
    Christopher Law

    The design is fantastic and exciting but I heard it’s for the European market only 😟
    You won’t buy the CH-R for practicality. You want the new CH-R for it’s design, sportiness and unique styling 🥳👍🏼

  19. MrDuncl Avatar

    It would be interesting to compare this to the Lexus UX. Any news on whether you can have a space saver spare wheel? The reviews of the new Hyundai Kona suggest it still has room for one.

  20. Jeff Shreve Avatar
    Jeff Shreve

    I watch this channel more than ever and it’s due to Doug and reviews like this. Factual and interesting without trying to be a comedian. What a relief these days.

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