NEW Tesla Model 3 facelift REVIEW! Everything you need to know | What Car?

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This is the new Tesla Design 3 facelift. What's new? What's it like? See to discover.

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Video chapters:
0:00 Why is the so good?
1:50 Outside styling modifications
2:28 Model 3 interior evaluation
3:18 Interior styling modifications
4:00 Tech and quality changes
5:03 New ranges!
6:19 Driving the new Design 3
7:41 Usefulness
8:12 New prices
8:34 What should Tesla have changed?
10:03 Outro


41 responses to “NEW Tesla Model 3 facelift REVIEW! Everything you need to know | What Car?”

  1. Carl turner Avatar
    Carl turner

    Looks great, but since Tesla showed a front bumper camera on photos on their website and then removed them, I will wait as without parking Sensors it needs the camera. The other cameras seem not to be upgraded to the latest HD which suggest that the first production run is still Hardware 3; not 4. So not exactly future proof.

    1. Paul D Avatar
      Paul D

      Yes, the first pictures with the front bumper cameras were removed from their website.

  2. Ryan's Model Y Avatar
    Ryan’s Model Y

    Epic shots of the new Model 3 🙌

  3. Sebastian L Avatar
    Sebastian L

    Does anyone know if the rear display can be blanked? Will it do it automatically, like a screensaver mode? Thanks

  4. Mark Avatar

    The main change they should have made(but didn’t) was making it a hatchback

    1. James Paul Avatar
      James Paul

      Agreed, many would prefer this over a Model Y if it had a hatch, so much more practical

    2. James Paul Avatar
      James Paul

      @Phteven? agreed, I was hoping the Model Y would look more like the Macan, instead it looks bloated

    3. Alan Wayte Avatar
      Alan Wayte

      God No

  5. EV Geek Avatar
    EV Geek

    I agree, 360 birdseye cam view and a heads up display would be such an improvement, maybe next refresh 🙏

    Not sure how no indicator stalks would work on UK roundabouts 🤔 this will put many buyers off

    1. Paul D Avatar
      Paul D

      The turn signal buttons can only work safely if you drive straight. In a roundabout, your eyes will have to leave the road. Good Luck on a busy roundabout.

    2. pnketia Avatar

      Amazingly if the price is right people learn to live with compromise!

    3. Swift Avatar

      360 cam view wouldn’t really be a help, but a properly integrated, not in-your-face HUD would be nice.

  6. Tonda Vogt Avatar
    Tonda Vogt

    as what i have heard the blindspot warning comes with the ambient light in the highland. it should blink or change color as a blindspot warning

  7. jay mark kabo Avatar
    jay mark kabo

    Ambient light bar is also going to be used as blindspot indicator in a later software update.

    1. Phteven? Avatar

      Just like FSD is always 2-3 months away? Or the way they still haven’t figured out decent auto wipers, but they have taken away manual control buttons for those too 👌

    2. jay mark kabo Avatar
      jay mark kabo

      @Phteven? Isn’t annoying that Teslas updates itself? If we are talking about other automaker’s cars, there won’t be talk about anything about updates. Like “did you get your sw update for your civic?”

    3. Nick Avatar

      Wow thats pretty creative and super useful, nice

    4. Doug Manck Avatar
      Doug Manck

      Even if you have it turned off?

    5. ayahuasca12 Avatar

      the indicator is in the speaker

  8. MrMountainHawk Avatar

    What happened to the rumored 360 camera? How does a car with this many cameras not have a 360 camera!!!

    1. Nick Beardshall Avatar
      Nick Beardshall

      That’s the inherent problem with rumours.

  9. Paul Tasker Avatar
    Paul Tasker

    Lack of stalks bad, styling good. Really like the new appearance but it’s a shame the control layout has gone backwards.

    1. Nick Avatar

      Stalks really aren’t that big of a deal

    2. pnketia Avatar

      Less parts brings down the cost of EV’s which everyone is screaming about! If you want stalks pay more for an EV!

    3. DavidT Avatar

      @Nick depends on road layouts. Many European cities have small roundabouts, that means that to indicate left requires finding the indicator button, now on the right hand side of the steering wheel and upside down from where they were before.
      Not good.

    4. blue ig Avatar
      blue ig

      @pnketiaI don’t mind paying like 300 more bucks for stalks

    5. Nick Beardshall Avatar
      Nick Beardshall

      ​@Nicktry negotiating a double roundabout or a dog leg left/right turn.

  10. marco Avatar

    The competition could never. RIP

  11. Egidio Meola Avatar
    Egidio Meola

    I agree, they’re still room improvement.

    1. Nick Beardshall Avatar
      Nick Beardshall

      There is

  12. MsWarpedone Avatar

    I finally have an upgrade path from my ’19 M3 LR RWD.
    Dual blue white 19″

  13. MARK MW Avatar

    Prices seem more reasonable so, now worth a consideration 🤔

  14. ka w Avatar
    ka w

    Electric bonnet would be nice. I used the bonnet more than the tailgate on my model Y…. I know there is aftermarket….would be nice if it’s a standard equipment.

    1. Darren Hill Avatar
      Darren Hill

      It is electric

  15. TRRC Avatar

    They have to make it simple to keep prices low, and also dont have many options to lower production cost etc – if you want to pay for options buy a german car

  16. DoubleClutchOnline Avatar

    I drove a Model Y for a year. I would like to have had a driver’s display, but only for the detailed navigation instructions like they offer on the Model X. There were no issues having the speed on the center display. Everything is extremely well thought out and becomes almost natural. Better than any other car I’ve ever driven. Though I agree, a 360 Birdseye image would be very helpful for parking.

  17. Doug Manck Avatar
    Doug Manck

    Love it overall but needs improved blind spot monitoring as you mentioned plus rear cross traffic alert.

  18. Boyan Dobrev Avatar
    Boyan Dobrev

    Looks amazing on so many levels. I’m buying one and I don’t actually care about HUD and the lack of stalks. I’ll adapt and drive that car with a big smile on my face¨

    1. DadMan Avatar


  19. Brendan Noonan Avatar
    Brendan Noonan

    Excellent review, love the comparison. Saving hard for one of these motors, probably will not be able to go new but older model not a bad option it appears. Thanks

  20. Luciano Oliveira Avatar
    Luciano Oliveira

    Ten additional suggestions as owner of various Model 3 since 2019: 1) stalks in the steering column; 2) parking sensors; 3) rain sensor; 4) adaptive dampers; 5) seats with extension of the seat base; 6) active noise cancelling making use of the 17 speakers; 7) alternative routes in navigation; 8) integration of speed cameras information from 3rd party sources (or Waze integration); 9) option to turn-on automatic closing of windows and AC recirculation when entering tunnels; 10) virtual queues for SuperChargers, with assignment of optimal charging stall.

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