NEW Skoda Octavia REVEALED! – full details on hatchback facelift | What Car?

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The new Skoda Octavia has been revealed with a fresh look and new tech. What else is new? Enjoy to discover.

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35 responses to “NEW Skoda Octavia REVEALED! – full details on hatchback facelift | What Car?”


    ❤️❤️🔥🔥 nicee. Waiting for rs to be launched in India

  2. @janpravica5346 Avatar

    I was waiting to see if they reimplement buttons for ac, temperature and such. They didn’t. So for me unfortunately a no go.

    1. @SteveGilchrist Avatar

      Yeh, major dissapointment !

  3. @fasthracing Avatar

    As per all car makers more added technology that people don’t really need. More built in obsolescence when the wiring starts to break down.

    1. @Brian-om2hh Avatar

      I’d have moved the car on long before that began happening….

    2. @fasthracing Avatar

      That why the car industry does what it does nowadays. Ain’t PCP just great! I’m a bit old fashioned I guess, I buy new or ex demo and keep for years. @@Brian-om2hh

  4. @brianallan9035 Avatar

    I feel that the VW group is missing the mark by not offering normal hybrid powertrains (as per Toyota). Always look forward to these reviews. Well done.

    1. @robloxfan4271 Avatar


    2. @toyotaprius79 Avatar

      And Toyota is 15 years behind where we should be.

    3. @Brian-om2hh Avatar

      It’s because “normal” hybrids are a bit of a waste of time. Most car makers will be forced to drop them once the planned legislation appears to ban them, and instead replace them with plug-in hybrids capable of covering a certain distance on electricity alone. Although it hasn’t yet been decided what that certain distance is to be…

    4. @robsmall6466 Avatar

      It’s not a review. The car has not been driven

  5. @granfersteve3815 Avatar

    But as with the new Superb, still no plans for an all electric version yet?

    1. @Brian-om2hh Avatar

      Skoda have 3 or 4 new electric models at the design and development stages. One will probably be a replacement for the Octavia, thus they won’t introduce a full EV version now. A fully electric replacement for the Yeti is on the way…..probably later this year. It’s called the Elroq.

  6. @martinbeacher6165 Avatar

    Matrix lights – Wasn’t there a news article last week saying they were dangerous as dazzling on-coming traffic? Still no physical dials re. climate control and fan speed – for me that’s a missed opportunity and so automatically crosses itself off my next car list.

    1. @tadleygreen Avatar

      I’ve had the vRS for three years now and never rely on the matrix lights as they just don’t work in practice, so I would always end up dazzling people and getting flashed. It’s a clever idea in theory but it can’t cope with all situations and is too slow to react, so really isn’t OK for real world driving.

  7. @ncatalin2941 Avatar

    Great there are no buttons for air conditioning…another company doing a dumb move to get rid of the buttons and integrate them in the screen, really really dumb

    1. @roboliver9980 Avatar

      Agree there’s some things you just want to be able to press

  8. @mikadavies660 Avatar

    I like Skoda’s interior…. The exterior looks very similar to the other models.

  9. @Kevin-dp1vy Avatar

    My 2015 VRS has self parking

  10. @rad1sh480 Avatar

    Hope they’ve got rid of the glitches that have plagued the infotainment system on the old model. One the verge of selling mine as i’m so fed up with it.

    1. @robertcarter4423 Avatar

      mine sorted itself out after I got it fixed on a recall for free, they even cleaned it for me.

    2. @rad1sh480 Avatar

      @robertcarter4423 Thanks for your response. Mine is still under warranty, thankfully. But went in yesterday and came out the same. Am waiting to hear if Skoda will sanction a screen replacement, or provide an yet another update which seemingly my garage hasn’t had thus far. Can’t sell it with a faulty screen, so better fix it!

    3. @robertcarter4423 Avatar

      What country do you live in? If you find skodas premier retailer they have to be up to date, in the UK it’s Marshalls

  11. @toyotaprius79 Avatar

    The bloat and unnecessary poshness of new cars (and inflation for profit) is just disastrous at this stage

    1. @fasthracing Avatar

      My thoughts. Even Dacia has started to chase that route of late.

  12. @NickAccount01 Avatar

    On the road, its usually the skodas that are super super bright and aimed all wrong. So adding even more light output on these will for sure be a joy in the evenings and with bad weather.

  13. @brianiswrong Avatar

    Not sure i want the word ” hopefully” and headlights in the same sentance.

  14. @ThePANDA1885 Avatar

    I had auto parking in my 2015 Octavia sel

  15. @Brian-om2hh Avatar

    I have that Laura voice control in my Skoda. It’s a pain in the ar$e. I think I’ve succeeded in shutting her up now, as I haven’t heard her in a while…. On the last occasion she asked “what can I do for you today?” I replied “pi$$ off” whereupon she started to direct me to the nearest bookshop….with all the closest locations appearing on the screen….. on another occasion I said “go away” and the satnav began planning the route to Galway in Ireland……I don’t think Laura and I are ever really going to hit it off…..

  16. @josephmarsh8235 Avatar

    Good on Skoda, proving SUVs are pointless and you don’t need one! I actually might consider buying one very soon, I almost did a year ago, but chose to not change my car.

    1. @Brian-om2hh Avatar

      I bought a Skoda SUV, for the simple reason I was finding it increasingly difficult to get out of my Golf, due to osteoarthritis. I can at least get in and out of this car much more easily than the Golf I had before…. I certainly didn’t buy it *because* it was an SUV…. If you went for an Octavia, you wouldn’t be disappointed. They’re a very underrated car. The Octavia 2.0 litre Tdi Estate I had around 12 years ago, was a brilliant motorway cruiser… The Octavia Estate is (or at least was ) the best selling estate car in Europe…

  17. @tobias.724 Avatar

    The only thing I like with this new iteration of the Octavia is the exterior look. On the inside I still perfer my 2020 (pre-face lift) with actual physical buttons for the important stuff.

  18. @alanrutland4424 Avatar

    Shame they didn’t integrate the smart dials from the new Superb. Would have made it an excellent car. Think they missed a trick there. Otherwise looks great.

  19. @JohnSmith-cs7jg Avatar

    I’m gonna miss having a manual car 😢

  20. @JoaoRio1 Avatar

    Happy with my IV PHEV hybrid, shame it is not proposed yet.

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