NEW Renault Clio E-Tech – full details on hybrid makeover! | What Car?

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The new Renault Clio E-Tech gets upgraded styling and even better performance, but what else is new? Watch to find out.

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Video chapters:
0:00 Renault's classic hatchback
0:54 The brand-new Clio
1:37 Trim levels
2:18 Interior
3:24 Rear seats and functionality
4:30 Engines
5:30 Clio or RS?
6:11 Pricing
7:05 Verdict and outro






21 responses to “NEW Renault Clio E-Tech – full details on hybrid makeover! | What Car?”

  1. tomaž Ocepek Avatar
    tomaž Ocepek

    Not to be picky or anything but I personaly think that it’s a mistake to do what manifacturers are doing now but they can’t help it if they are forced by EU ecomentalists aka birocrates

    1. SomeRandomGuy Avatar

      thank EU for that. they are coming up with the new ideas every year.

  2. Sarg Fowler Avatar
    Sarg Fowler

    Nice to see a small hybrid, but not sure whether this just ticks the box or whether it really adds to the cars economy?
    I would have preferred to see an external charger port and a bigger battery, but I guess the price reflects this.
    The battery appears to be the same 1.2Kw/h unit as before.
    I find the choice of 1.6 petrol engine rather odd considering the decent 1.0L turbo engines around these days.
    Finally, even with 143bhp, it just scrapes the 10s time for 0-60mph!

    1. iTech Talk Avatar
      iTech Talk

      The 1.6 engine only offers around 80hp hence why it’s still not the fastest but acceptable tbh. The car focuses more economy rather than performance.

  3. Richard Johnson Avatar
    Richard Johnson

    i like the colour and the Vegan interior.

  4. A Z Avatar
    A Z

    I like it 🙂

  5. Car Babble Avatar
    Car Babble

    Nothing too wow going on here. Curious to know the real world mpg with all the hybridness. My guess is it’ll net be barely better than a 1-1.2 turbo petrol.

    1. NafeRemix Avatar

      I get 52mpg out of my 1litre prefacelift, forums are saying max of 60mpg with the hybrid and that’s with very careful driving. Not worth the extra £5k+, not to mention the weight saving/handling

  6. Aleksandar Stefanović Avatar
    Aleksandar Stefanović

    I was getting hopeful when I saw the title of the video, mistakenly thinking that this is a PHEV…

  7. r adam Avatar
    r adam

    Nice looking car, hats off to renault for the regular hybrid offer to compete with the japanese and koreans.

  8. ciyber sal Avatar
    ciyber sal

    BYD dolphin is better, proper EV with blade battery

  9. Stefan Constantinescu Avatar
    Stefan Constantinescu

    Wait until chinese small ev invade european market

  10. iTech Talk Avatar
    iTech Talk

    “Hybrid makeover” um its the same hybrid currently found, just now it’s the only option you can buy in the UK… Not complaining though because it seems like an economical, good quality and stylish car.

  11. Kinocchio Avatar

    same old same old

  12. savedfaves Avatar

    2:30 once again a car maker pretending to care about the environment while giving the user cheaper, less durable materials. Leather is much stronger and comes directly from nature and there are environmentally friendly ways to raise cows and dye leathers. Car makers should do the right thing and invest in regenerative farms which farm the right way and protect traditional craftsmanship and local economies—the small rural farm is the beating heart of all countries and if car makers actually cared for the environment they would do the right, more difficult and hard thing and not take the easy option.

    1. BritishTeaLover Avatar

      I prefer fabric seats tbh. They’re far comfier on a cold morning, or when it’s been in the sun. And farming isn’t necessarily mor eco-friendly than fabric, especially at small scales (which they couldn’t use as they’d need large quanities). The idea of a small rural farm is nice, but it’s a bit odd to expect car manufacturers to be the ones to prop them up if they can’t otherwise compete.

      Plus its not like traditional craftsmanship is used in car seats, they’re almost all machine made anyway.

    2. Neil Taylor Avatar
      Neil Taylor

      @BritishTeaLover I was going to say Rolls Royce, but I saw the “almost”

  13. Rob Small Avatar
    Rob Small

    Nice styling in that spec but if your going to use the Alpine name you could of given a performance option. Big missed opportunity

  14. Martin LV Avatar
    Martin LV

    so zoe did the thing?
    so MG2 wins?

  15. Spinner Avatar

    Bit slow to 60mph given the power under the bonnet. My 136hp 1 series is faster than this

  16. Steve Holderness Avatar
    Steve Holderness

    If the Zoe looked like this I may be interested.. But it doesn’t.

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