NEW Porsche 911 Dakar review – the best 911 ever? | What Car?

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Is the brand-new Porsche 911 Dakar the dream go-anywhere cars? Watch to discover.

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6 responses to “NEW Porsche 911 Dakar review – the best 911 ever? | What Car?”

  1. What Car? Avatar
    What Car?

    Would you rather own the 911 Dakar or the 911 GT3 RS? 🤔

    1. Robert Lloyd Avatar
      Robert Lloyd

      959 please

    2. DEVTHEGREAT_636 Avatar

      GT3 all day, because even if I had the Dakar, I would never take it off-roading

  2. DEVTHEGREAT_636 Avatar

    0:26 hmmmmm, I’d say Toyota Supra, Ford Mustang and the Nissan GT-R are massive contenders to that position, 911 is super famous, but the level of fame these have is unreal.

  3. Tünde Eszlári Avatar
    Tünde Eszlári

    Fantastic video.

  4. Res, Non Verba Avatar
    Res, Non Verba

    Ugly and utterly pointless. Bought by investors.

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