NEW Polestar 2 review – better than ever? | What Car?

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In this new Polestar 2 , we take a look at whether some crucial updates to the battery and performance have made this a Tesla-beating electrical cars and truck.

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Video chapters:
0:00 Intro
1:36 Outside styling changes
1:56 Battery alterations
2:11 Interior decoration
3:09 Tech
4:40 Rear seats
5:49 Boot space
6:46 brand-new ranges!
8:18 Charging speeds
9:07 The rear-wheel drive model
9:55 Driving impressions
11:20 Performance
11:54 Pricing
12:25 Verdict






35 responses to “NEW Polestar 2 review – better than ever? | What Car?”

  1. Steve Avatar

    Thanks Doug, excellent as always

  2. Carlos M. Avatar
    Carlos M.

    Beautifully produced and edited content. Insightful, elegant, and pleasant to watch. Amazing job!

  3. threeleafshamrock Avatar

    The range is a HUGE selling point, it’s just seems – per this review – that Polestar engineers have made THAT their primary goal and everything else is in the “We’ll sort that out later” department.
    The Polestar is evolving and that’s great BUT it’s obviously not the ‘finished product’ yet. The range is jaw-dropping but am I willing to take that, at the cost of ‘noisy’ ‘jittery’ and ‘cramped’? I think I’ll revisit, when they sort out those [you would imagine, relatively easy to deal with] negatives.
    Great review, as always. 👍

    1. Nick Fisher Avatar
      Nick Fisher

      The range is Jaw dropping until you realise that you could easily loose 30% in winter!

    2. threeleafshamrock Avatar

      @Nick Fisher yes but that’s true of all electric cars. I’d rather loose 30% of 400 than of 280.

  4. Pradeep Magan Avatar
    Pradeep Magan

    Omg still no separate aircon controls what’s up with these designers

    1. 001r Avatar

      Massive distraction while driving

    2. Kinocchio Avatar

      touchscreen – cheap

  5. KrazyCouch2 Avatar

    Great review! Super easily digestible and informative.

  6. Ime Avatar

    It would have been helpful to discuss the car’s efficiency, as that is also an area where Tesla blows rivals away

    1. Bob UK Avatar
      Bob UK

      You’ e got the range figures snd the battery capacity, just divide one by the other for the theoretical. In real world conditions there are so many variables – driving style, speed, weather, temperature, wind, road type, hills etc etc that I’m not convinced that review figures mean very much.

    2. Ime Avatar

      @Bob UK I disagree. I really value comparisons between electric vehicles based on their efficiency. Some cars are much better at reaching near their EPA ranges than others. Tesla’s model 3 is way more efficient than the majority of rivals and I value that a lot. It was a glaring omission from the video. I would prioritise efficiency over a number of variables, 0-60mph time for example because nobody ever does that in real life

  7. Kangaroo Island TV Avatar
    Kangaroo Island TV

    This car ticks all the boxes for me compared to the others you mentioned, so much so that I’ve ordered one. I disagree with your take on the infotainment and the ride, but each to their own.

  8. David Mehlhorn Avatar
    David Mehlhorn

    It’s about time that the Euro NCAP crash test ratings were changed to reflect the danger that having the hvac controls buried in a touchscreen presents. Taking the drivers attention off the road to adjust the heating or air con is downright dangerous and should result in a loss of a star making the car less attractive.

    1. FFVoyager Avatar

      The adaptive cruise and collision avoidance tech probably makes up for that?

    2. David Mehlhorn Avatar
      David Mehlhorn

      @FFVoyager Nope. Relying on tech to keep you out of trouble always comes a very distant second to the mark one eyeball……… I tell my 17 year old son who’s learning to drive, “keep your eyes on the road” as the car is travelling 20, 30, 40 metres etc every time he tries to change the radio channel. Do you really want to trust in tech to avoid hitting a child who ran out in front of you?

    3. FFVoyager Avatar

      @David Mehlhorn my point is that I don’t think that with the addition of the electronic safety systems your consideration that there is a disbenefit of having a screen instead of buttons to operate the climate is correct. I expect it makes the vehicles less likely to be involved in a collision than older cars without them.

    4. David Mehlhorn Avatar
      David Mehlhorn

      @FFVoyager and my point is that I can adjust the hvac controls in my car by touch and without having to take my eyes off the road. At no time is my attention diverted by trying to find my way around a touchscreen to get the car temperature cooler or warmer. I think car designers have lost their marbles by trying to follow Tesla’s lead in having everything in the touchscreen. It is bloody dangerous and similar to mobile phone use in cars, the police should be empowered to fine people and give them penalty points for using a touchscreen while the car is in motion.

    5. FFVoyager Avatar

      @David Mehlhorn you can, but you are used to your car. If someone else jumped in they would have to look at them to adjust them.

      When someone is used to using a screen they probably won’t have any problems either. Of course with software rather than physical controls there is a chance that voice control is possible.

  9. Bob UK Avatar
    Bob UK

    Hi Douglas. Very helpful. Interesting trade offs – as usual! I mainly like the interior – I do wish some controls were still operated by real knobs – I like the range – good move – not sure if rear seat space is really a problem. Charging is ok but then the major competitor has those easy to use superchargers. Decisions, decisions. Fascinating hunting though ….

  10. Nick Fisher Avatar
    Nick Fisher

    Your verdict matches my opinion and experience exactly. One of the reasons I purchased a Genesis GV60!

  11. Thomas Eriksson Avatar
    Thomas Eriksson

    Great Review👍 Too bad all presscar have option 20 inch wheels🤬
    Better comfort and less roadnoice with standard 19 inch..

  12. Orfan Productions Avatar
    Orfan Productions

    Very refreshing to hear you refer to the front boot as exactly that – a front boot, instead of that godawful Americanism ‘frunk’ (as if we haven’t had front boots in our Beetles and 911’s for decades, and it was Musk who just invented the concept!). I’ve hit the ‘like’ button just for that alone! 😉

  13. sevensixtysteve Avatar

    It always fascinates me how a motoring journalists opinion can differ from a personal experience. I have driven the Tesla, Hyundai and Polestar and I by a large margin, preferred the Polestar. It felt a much more premium product than the other two to me and I didn’t notice the poor ride or noise levels mentioned in this review. I love the look of the Ioniq 6 and the tech is impressive but for overall experience, I would take the P2 over the other two for sure. I guess it shows you should always drive the cars and make your own mind up – great review though :o)

    1. jrmt6 Avatar

      I currently drive a Model 3, and overall I love it, but I agree with you. I test drove a Polestar 2 and its considerably nicer than my Model 3. If i had to get a non-Tesla EV now Polestar 2 is high on my list. Only big gripe I had with it was the dual motor was considerably slower than the dual motor model 3 i have.

    2. Raitzi Avatar

      I hear Tesla is like worst in ride quality and noise level. Polestar is the only Chinese car I would consider buying.

    3. Rome and Curry Avatar
      Rome and Curry

      I have a model 3 – test drove the Polestar, ride worse, interior space worse, but was a good car.

    4. philip jackson Avatar
      philip jackson

      I agree, my my24 polestar 2 LRSM is really quiet, the suspension is very supple. Maybe it’s the 20 inch wheels he was on, but mine is lovely to drive.

  14. Dactylonian Avatar

    Thank you for this great video. I cross shopped the 2023 i4 eDrive40 and the 2023 Polestar 2. Bought the i4. The 2024 Polestar 2 lineup looks shockingly similar to the i4, including models offered, battery capacity, motor placement, and pricing.

  15. Philip T Avatar
    Philip T

    Reminds me of the types of changes Audi did to the original E-tron. now the Q8 E-tron. Same car with some changes under the skin.

  16. wandring0spirit Avatar

    is there a usable second cup holder in the front seat without having to lift the armrest?

  17. cho ng Avatar
    cho ng

    Is the touchscreen operation only a sign of Chinese manufacture influence. I’ve noticed a lot of the newer Chinese owned manufacturers have everything on touchscreen only. Not the end of the world but at least having some physical controls for more often used functions like temperature would be better when on the move.

  18. Trains, Ferries and Feet - Travel and Transit Avatar
    Trains, Ferries and Feet – Travel and Transit

    IMO, the Polestar 2 is the most handsome of those vehicles, especially compared to the BMW Beaver.

  19. DavidT Avatar

    I’d like to see a 2000 mile road trip experience comparison. It’s one thing trying a car and finding it comfortable and pretty but then they comparing real road trip experience.

  20. Derp Avatar

    12:04 At 45k I would save the drama and get the car that its based on, Volv XC40, for a couple grand more, nicer interior, roomier etc. However, Tesla model y is the pick here. Heaps of space and go, and the charging network has been sorted out. I would suggest the model y is the competitor, as opposed to model 3. The polestar 2 is more of a crossover, where the model 3 is a sedan.

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