NEW Peugeot e-308 review – FULL details on crucial new EV | What Car?

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In this new Peugeot review, we tell you everything you need to learn about this totally electric automobile.

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34 responses to “NEW Peugeot e-308 review – FULL details on crucial new EV | What Car?”

  1. jameel Avatar

    Absolutely beautiful but not more than 308SW.

    1. Kim B Avatar
      Kim B

      Not really the SW, but just the regular hatchback 308 (27cm difference !)

  2. Spike Avatar

    Stunning looking car but i have to agreed with other comments made, who will buy such an expensive car when it doesnt go as far, offers less space and is slower?

    1. salamov Avatar

      Price is extreme

    2. Dean Whiteley Avatar
      Dean Whiteley

      Totally agree.

    3. Simon de Haas Avatar
      Simon de Haas

      There is already a top spec one on Autotrader for £33k ie 8-9k off

  3. Pradeep Magan Avatar
    Pradeep Magan

    Nice car but to expensive

  4. DC Various Vids Avatar
    DC Various Vids

    Is the fog light switch really near the right knee under the steering wheel? Was Quasimodo the test driver?

  5. Al Ferro Avatar
    Al Ferro

    China will crush us if this is what we have on offer. MG already started to show the trend.

    1. Citynomad Avatar

      Yes they will because they don’t play according to market economy rules. Subsidies left and right based on volume and not real demand. Labor costs kept artificially low….

    2. Decimal Avatar

      Not sure. Chinese EV prices are not so cheap when the cars actually hit UK retailers. BYD prices are around 3x what they are sold for in China for example.

  6. Cannygrowabeard Avatar

    I can see this and the Astra being heavily discounted from day one.
    I want to see Bjørn Nyland do a proper range test first to prove if those efficiency figures are real or utter BS.

    1. Daniel Avatar

      He recently drove the e-c4x with same motor and battery and got good effiency so its not bs

    2. Cannygrowabeard Avatar

      @Daniel I saw that, it’s promising 😀

  7. arfer Avatar

    Peugeot announced that the upcoming e-3008 will have over 400 mile range. More space, more range……but probably a lot more money!

    1. Callum P Avatar
      Callum P

      and a lot heavier, too… one thing in the e-308’s favour is the relatively low weight compared to its rivals. But – obviously there are other trade-offs.

    2. Simon de Haas Avatar
      Simon de Haas

      Hugely pointless 98kwh battery. No one needs it. It’s just ‘fat’.

  8. Lilian Avatar

    The base model is basically the same price as Tesla Model 3…

  9. Richard Wilton Avatar
    Richard Wilton

    The climate control isn’t, in reality, confusing. There’s no temperature knob, but the screen button to adjust it is MASSIVE. Or you can press a button on the steering wheel and say “ increase temperature”

  10. cmsvmylo Avatar

    If you are willing to spend that kind of money just go for a model 3. There is nothing exciting about this car. The MG4 is still the best value car that’s also fun to drive and faster and this is not going to change any time soon. Also look out for the volvo EX30 in a few months starting from 37500 euros here.

    1. Decimal Avatar

      I like the Model 3 from the outside but hate the touchscreen interface, so would never buy it for that reason. Also the new version of the Model 3 has the indicators on buttons = not good for UK driving.

  11. David Avatar

    To me most Peugeots look ugly on the outside and definitely all of them on the inside. However I hafta say a few of them look rly good like the 208 and the 408

    1. Tochukwu Ezinwa Avatar
      Tochukwu Ezinwa

      I wonder what you classified as beautiful..

  12. Daniel Avatar

    At 30k £ it would have been a good deal but not with this price.
    You can Get the model 3 highland or mg4 and save some money

    1. Decimal Avatar

      But at least this EV has indicator stalks!

  13. Hisham G Avatar
    Hisham G

    It seems a pretty nice car, but selling it for the same price as a Tesla M3 is madness. It needed to be about £10,000 less, or failing that a bit less than a Renault Megane Etech.

  14. Tom Marrison Avatar
    Tom Marrison

    With most people ‘buying’ cars with some form of finance, the manufacturers (and in turn, journalists) need to be reporting the monthly payment cost. This might be £40k, but if Peugeot (and any others) are willing suck up the bulk into the balloon payment, it might be more appealing…

    1. Decimal Avatar

      The retail prices are also just priced to keep equivalent petrol and hybrid sales up. After the initial launch, prices will drop to reflect the market value. If the EV versions were priced realistically, petrol sales would fall off a cliff.

  15. Dan Graef Avatar
    Dan Graef

    One suggestion: Perhaps consider dropping the background music during the main review portion of the videos. It makes it a lot harder to hear what’s being said

  16. Erik Krols Avatar
    Erik Krols

    I missed the comparison with the Opel. Wasn’t that the idea?

  17. Blark Dexture Avatar
    Blark Dexture

    0-100 in 10 sec lol my 1.6D still Is fast

  18. Steve Beever Avatar
    Steve Beever

    EV’s haven’t really come on much. Should be getting EV’s with a 500 mile range at a cost comparable with any other car by now.

  19. Decimal Avatar

    Battery chemistry? That’s important, because LFP batteries are happy to be charged to 100% on a regular basis..

  20. Simon de Haas Avatar
    Simon de Haas

    I think the range is enough. Happily drive long distance in an ID3 with similar WLTP. I like the battery size and efficiency point. The power is a bit disappointing though and it’ll obviously only be good value with a big discount. The e308sw is the one that’s really interesting.

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