NEW Peugeot e-2008 review – better than ever? | What Car?

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In this Peugeot e- evaluation we take a look at what's new with Peugeot's electrical SUV.

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25 responses to “NEW Peugeot e-2008 review – better than ever? | What Car?”

  1. Deuteross Avatar

    I’m not sure about the styling. It used to look very good but now it is a bit overdone, which makes it look like a Chinese car – especially in white.

    1. Podge Avatar

      Totally agree. The pre facelifted model looks better

  2. Wayne Heyes Avatar
    Wayne Heyes

    Prefer the petrol

  3. Wayne Heyes Avatar
    Wayne Heyes

    It’s getting way way to expensive

  4. Pradeep Magan Avatar
    Pradeep Magan

    Smart but still to expensive

  5. Richard Johnson Avatar
    Richard Johnson

    I like the Fiat 600e styling

  6. TL Avatar

    Not my cuppa tea. Stellantis powertrains have reliability issues, and should the electronics fail, which they will, it is time to scrap the car.

    1. JDM guy Avatar
      JDM guy

      The petrol engines on these facelift cars are revised. Now chain drive.

  7. GDSte 25 Avatar
    GDSte 25

    The range is still small for the price of vehicle and no increased charging speed is not really much of an upgrade is it?

  8. AppleUK Avatar

    OMG! It looks amazing like before! Full of allure and an unrivalled driving feel!

  9. Paul Chipperfield Avatar
    Paul Chipperfield

    Steel wheels for over 35 grand 😂

  10. Guillaume Kalfon Avatar
    Guillaume Kalfon

    if it was priced right for what it does, i.e. half price, then why not?

  11. Hisham G Avatar
    Hisham G

    Nice car but pricey for what is basically a jacked up e208, and the wltp range is not as good as the Kona, Niro EV, and Renault Megane Etech which are around the same price. To compete with those it needs to be cheaper. I personally would wait for the price to come down or better still get it second hand in about 2 years time.

    1. stephen10 Avatar

      The price for stellantis ( PSA peugeot-citroen) will lower because they are building giga factories for batteries in the EU / USA + they build new EV chassis for mass production in europe and USA + France will produce its own lithium in 2027 because they have discovered a big reserve of lithium ( at least 1 million tons).
      PSA won’t depend on China anymore for batteries / lithium.

  12. Richard H Avatar
    Richard H

    What was the rattling noise I could hear on the interior driving shots?

  13. NafeRemix Avatar

    The motoring industry has just become about how good the graphics are on screens 🙃

  14. Dany Rizo Avatar
    Dany Rizo

    Needs priced reduced by at least 6k if not more.

  15. Gary V Avatar
    Gary V

    For me the biggest improvement is the fact it has the letter “e” in front of it, I’m not a fan of pointless front grills on EVs though.

  16. JDM guy Avatar
    JDM guy

    Looks very smart – as Peugeot products do these days. No interest in the EV version. Petrol version for me which is what I’ve ordered.

    1. Yonas E Avatar
      Yonas E

      Can I ask why you would order these new? Considering their price falls second hand after a year

  17. Didier Puzenat Avatar
    Didier Puzenat

    As always with PSA, the cars are designed to be electric or gas or hybrid, probably because Stellantis CIO is always lobbying to postpone the switch to EVs to maximise short term profits (and his HUGE incomes). So this car is a compromise and it cannot be the best, and sadly this strategy does not even make this car cheaper. So it is for people who are really in love with the brand.

    1. Liam Hawkes Avatar
      Liam Hawkes

      Why are people still mentioning PSA? They combined with Stellantis years ago friend. And Peugeot is one of many of the Stellantis brands who are leading the way in the switch to fully EV

  18. Paul Roper Avatar
    Paul Roper

    hmmm – push for the Kia Niro EV – better range and much faster.

  19. Ian Ackery Avatar
    Ian Ackery

    Well I drive an e208 so basically have a smaller brother of this. It’s a really nice car but as residuals are showing now it’s way over-priced and this refresh doesn’t change that one bit. Given you’ll be able to get a one year old for £23k in a years time I’m amazed anyone would buy this privately. Maybe they give huge discounts and low rate finance now?

  20. stephen law Avatar
    stephen law

    Overpriced and you’ll be hammered on residuals.😢😢

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