NEW Peugeot 2008 review – best small SUV? | What Car?

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In this brand-new review, we take a look at whether this is the best small SUV you can purchase.

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28 responses to “NEW Peugeot 2008 review – best small SUV? | What Car?”

  1. disarchitected Avatar

    Those Puretechs are disasters waiting to happen. Turbo, wet belt and direct fuel injection. I have the 3008 with the EAT8 gearbox and 130bhp Puretech, can confirm it’s jerky in traffic. Mine pulls against the brakes as I slow down, as the car surges with each down change. Feeling the car accelerate under braking is a disconcerting. Anyway, I’m definitely giving my car back at the end of the lease. Not surprised Whatcar gave it 3 stars and the Volvo XC40 5 stars. Hopefully when it’s time to change cars, XC40 deals will have come back. That was a much smoother car, better NVH suppression, smoother ride, engine and gearbox.

    1. James Avatar

      Despite all the talk, I haven’t heard of many cambelt failures on this engine after,2019, and it’s a widely used unit. At some point Peugeot are going back to chain cam anyway

    2. disarchitected Avatar

      I tried turning off the stop start because of this video, the car / gearbox is much better behaved. The trip counter shows in the past 160miles, the stop start has been on for around 1m 30seconds. Frankly I’d rather burn the fuel than put up with the extra jerkiness for that sort of petrol saving.

    3. JDM guy Avatar
      JDM guy

      The 1.2 puretech has now been revised and is chain driven.

  2. Rodrigo Fazendeiro Avatar
    Rodrigo Fazendeiro

    What car Eu gosto do Peugeot 2008 1.5 BlueHDi GT EAT8 com 130CV, mas prefiro muito mais o Nissan Qashqai 1.3 DIG-T N-Connecta Xtronic com 158CV(I like the Peugeot 2008 1.5 BlueHDi GT EAT8 with 130hp, but I much prefer the Nissan Qashqai 1.3 DIG-T N-Connecta Xtronic with 158hp)

  3. Rodrigo Fazendeiro Avatar
    Rodrigo Fazendeiro

    What car makes a video that will be a review of the Toyota Land Cruiser 2.8 D-4D T/A

  4. Oldladysgin Avatar

    The stopstart is annoying and this should have been sorted, by now.
    However where I Iive, not stopping and starting very often, it doesn´t bother that much.
    Again because of where I live, with largely clear roads, the auto suits the car well. I drive in mountainous areas, a lot. The transmission is intuitive and rarely hiccups. I hardly ever use the paddles, except for a bit of fun.
    The worst part of this and many other cars is having to use the screen to adjust the a/c….please all manufactures stop this nonesense.
    23 000 kilometres and no problems in a Spanish spec car.

  5. jonesy2264 Avatar

    I had one of these as a rental in Portugal back in March and was ready to absolutely hate it, yet I returned it a week later very impressed. I can understand why they’re so popular, and I think a lot better than anything than it competes with with the possible exception of a Ford Puma.

  6. Neuro Weaver Avatar
    Neuro Weaver

    They still haven’t fixed the low steering wheel placement? No deal.

  7. Slavo Mt Avatar
    Slavo Mt

    Is this a Skoda promotion or a review of Peugeot 2008? I’m confused.

  8. thormaster06 Avatar

    I’m a pharmaceutical representative and drive a lot of rentals, I do have to say even pre-facelift 2008 interior is years ahead of most of competition!

  9. AppleUK Avatar

    Amazing car full of allure! Bravo Peugeot! Already seen a few on the road already! A attractive reliable car❤

  10. Andy Miles Avatar
    Andy Miles

    We had an automatic Corsa rental with the same gear box as the 208. This had exactly the same issue with the stop start. It felt like the car would stall just as you slowed for a junction and then accelerated when you could see it was clear. It was actually dangerous.

  11. jjkingkongjj Racing Star Avatar
    jjkingkongjj Racing Star

    We bought our 2008 Allure new in Oct 2020 for £18k, seems a bargain now when the new one costs £27k. Been really pleased with ours, very reliable, economic and comfortable.

  12. v88krb Avatar

    I have been driving a 2017 2008 GT Line for 5 years and generally I am pleased with it. I like the small steering wheel set up and the car has been comfortable to drive and good on fuel consumption. I was off the road for 10 weeks from last December due to the cam belt recall and spare part supply issues and very disappointing that no replacement vehicle was available. But I have been a Peugeot owner since 1983 and it is likely my brand loyalty will continue.

  13. Noone Avatar

    Every car reviewed has the question or statement of ‘best new …’ or ‘tesla beater’

  14. tony ward Avatar
    tony ward

    FYI the wheels on that model are the upgraded 18” EVISSA wheels not the standard 17”

  15. dzonikg Avatar

    What is happening with europian cars ,engine choise is horrible for the price.
    I test drived New 408 with “biggest engine” 1.2 130 HP and even i very like the look off the car i also tested Chines Cheery Tiggo 8 Pro which is same price in my countru (Serbia) .
    Cheery felt like 3 class above becase engine is much stronger and gear change so much better

  16. MrMejt Avatar

    Did around 500km in the car with automatic transmission. Literally nothing wrong with it, infact very smooth. Don’t believe everything you hear in these reviews, just arrange a test ride and see for yourself

    1. JDM guy Avatar
      JDM guy

      I was surprised and confused at this reviewers comments on the auto box. I had the use of a 3008 1.2 with the EAT gearbox and couldn’t fault it (assuming it’s the same box as this 2008). Far smoother than VW groups DSG box that’s for sure.

    2. disarchitected Avatar

      @JDM guy This reviewers comments sound spot on to me. I test drove a VW with dry clutch 7 speed DSG, it was really decent. I’d much prefer one over this EAT8 for smoothness. I do believe your EAT8 is fine, but is it an older car? You don’t know what changes they might have made for cost savings or emissions over the years.

    3. JDM guy Avatar
      JDM guy

      @disarchitected What VW product did you try? I had a Skoda Kamiq with the DSG box on hire in February and found it very jerky on down changes especially at lower speeds. Incidentally the rest of the car was completely forgettable and bland. Typical VW group stuff IMO.

    4. disarchitected Avatar

      @JDM guy Polo. What reg was the Kamiq?

    5. JDM guy Avatar
      JDM guy

      @disarchitected 22 plate 1.0 TSI SEL

  17. James Smith Avatar
    James Smith

    So you need to be tall to see the dials but short to fit in the back?🤔🤔🤔🤔

  18. JDM guy Avatar
    JDM guy

    Very smart. A breath of fresh air when compared to a Kamiq or T-Roc.

  19. DrewzerNI Avatar

    Have a pre-facelift GT, 40000 on the odometer. Has been logging a multitude of faults over past 3 months that dealership can’t fix. Range is poor but sounds like that has been improved. Can’t wait to hand it back in June to be honest.

  20. cabottaxi Avatar

    Wonder how all the French electrics will stack up. Son had a 2 year old low mileage RCZ and it was a nightmare going into limp mode all the time. Put me off this brand for life.

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