NEW Mini Cooper Electric REVEALED! + Mini Countryman! – best Minis ever? | What Car?

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The new Mini Cooper Electric has been exposed, and so has the Mini Countryman! What's brand-new, what are they like, and are they the most important Minis ever?

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37 responses to “NEW Mini Cooper Electric REVEALED! + Mini Countryman! – best Minis ever? | What Car?”

  1. dan hug hes Avatar
    dan hug hes

    More new minis. Good or bad. More new cars.

  2. M Bak Avatar
    M Bak

    Price is not too bad. More or less a Renault Zoe but with better performance. My problem is already owning an EV there is no pressure to change in two or three years. There is little to wear out or incentive to change. I can see existing EV owners being a sticky market so sales growth has to come from new converts.

    1. 80Y3R Avatar

      Especially if you already own a car that does about 200miles, another 200mile car with unimpressive charging and downgrade interior isn’t appealing!
      Oh and a shared platform – no ta

    2. Stephen Wakeman Avatar
      Stephen Wakeman

      The EV market is still in its infancy. In a few years you’re going to start to see the effects of battery aging. Batteries are chemical products and considered a wearing / consumable component. Faced with the prospect of a very costly replacement or accepting a significant range reduction (think 20-40% less range), that is going to the incentive. ICE vehicle range will generally be the same from the time the engine has worn in to the time the vehicle is scrapped. That is absolutely not the future in store for EVs.

    3. Be Low Below Avatar
      Be Low Below

      If this Mini were a 5 door I could definitely see it as a Renault Zoe competitor.

  3. Sarg Fowler Avatar
    Sarg Fowler

    Good to see a price reduction with greater range. Nice one!

  4. Neil Hollands Avatar
    Neil Hollands

    Although the new mini electric has got a much better range as we all expected I still think they have missed a trick by not offering it as a five door. Although no doubt it will still sell like hot cakes.

  5. Qibili Avatar

    Rear lights of the Cooper S will take time to grow on me. My first car was the R53 “06 MINI S, loved the curves between the rear tyre fender and windows. Glad they kept this design language with the new ones. All in all, I love this MEANIE!!!! 😍

  6. firebolt2310 Avatar

    Modern electric MINI can’t replace old school Mr Bean’s MINI !!

  7. Gijs Rogé Avatar
    Gijs Rogé

    A physical button for ‘experiences’ rather than climate controls screams out, some out-of-touch managers pushed their ideas on this car.

    1. Douglas Kinloch Avatar
      Douglas Kinloch

      Totally, I love my Mini SE right now, this is not an improvement.

    2. Seymour Buttz Avatar
      Seymour Buttz

      Touch screen climate isn’t an issue

    3. gordon1201 Avatar

      Truly laughable. What the hell were they thinking

    4. gordon1201 Avatar

      ​@Seymour Buttzthe issue is the designers priority. Physical buttons for “experiences” and touchscreen for climate control? It should be the other way around

    5. Seymour Buttz Avatar
      Seymour Buttz

      @gordon1201 fair enough

  8. H.K_R Avatar

    The interior will grow on me and many others besides. It took a while for people to get used to the change from the R56 to the outgoing F56.

    1. Dean Whiteley Avatar
      Dean Whiteley

      Interior is awful compared to previous model but each to their own 🤷‍♂️

    2. Marinos Georgiades Avatar
      Marinos Georgiades

      Not a chance

    3. First Last Avatar
      First Last

      Problem is its a quantifiable reduction in premium-ness, the price reductions are out of shame for what they’ve done…

  9. Adri Vaquero Avatar
    Adri Vaquero

    the mini design was perfected in the last generation with the union jack taillights. it seems anything after that is going to be a step down. this gen changes the design in ways that didn’t need to change, and for worse, imo

    1. Dean Whiteley Avatar
      Dean Whiteley

      Totally agree

    2. DrMikeOxgreen Avatar

      Shows how subjective design is. I thought the last generation was the worst one to date.

      Mainly due to the front overhang and bonnet line being so high for the size of the rest of the car.

      New one is much better, though not a patch on the r53 or the real Mini

    3. Darius Andrei Avatar
      Darius Andrei


    4. Douglas Kinloch Avatar
      Douglas Kinloch

      The Union Flag lights is a problem in a number of countries with a negative experience under that flag. That was always going be an issue in places like Ireland, for example.

    5. Marinos Georgiades Avatar
      Marinos Georgiades

      fully agree

  10. Anakinskywalker Avatar

    That dashboard looks rather naff too me. Also being made in China I’m not so sure about the quality control.

  11. David Mehlhorn Avatar
    David Mehlhorn

    Having the climate controls in the infotainment system should be banned on safety grounds. Forcing the driver to take his/her eyes off the road to change the HVAC levels is crazy. Just have the HVAC controls with buttons/dials that can be used by feel.

  12. herme99 Avatar

    I was looking forward to this as I really liked the Mk1 electric Mini, but the range was no good for me. But that new interior is totally unappealing. I shall continue to wait for a 3 door electric with decent range and good looks, inside and out!

  13. 666JGNotts Avatar

    That dashboard looks awful in my opinion. The lack of physical buttons really annoys me as well. I’d much rather have the old model but with the better range.

  14. cabottaxi Avatar

    42k to 47k for a mini estate. Beginning to think some manufacturers are in a different world.

    1. First Last Avatar
      First Last

      A world where they can charge that much for such a plain, drab, disappointing interior.

  15. David Benstead Avatar
    David Benstead

    As you say there is nothing wrong with the current good looking electric MINI (inside and out). We love our current electric MINI and the range for us is not an issue when it’s your second car. The interior of the new Cooper looks very tacky. The exterior is just OK becoming a Euro box like other manufacturers.
    Being built in China will put many MINI owners off buying a new MINI. It’s not a true MINI unless it’s built in Oxford. So there’s no temptation for us to be ordering one in near future.

  16. Dan Duntz Avatar
    Dan Duntz

    I liked the idea of the new countryman coming out, but it exclusively being electric, well it’s a hard pass for me.

  17. Chris Neville Avatar
    Chris Neville

    OMG what were they thinking, the new mini electric inside the cabin looks awful. Externally I can’t fault it and the range is much better (and so it should be), why try and fix something that isn’t broken. Would have considered this as my first EV but not now

  18. Kaleidoscope_Retro Avatar

    Definitely in the running to replace my Zoe GT Line, but come on Mini, there’s no way it’s going to average 5.2mpkWh, which means the quoted ranges are nonsense

  19. Local Review King Avatar
    Local Review King

    Perhaps, they should be called the MAXI, the modern Land Crabs? as they keep getting bigger with each new model.

  20. Ferenc Tóth Avatar
    Ferenc Tóth

    5.2 miles/kwh on WLTP. That is quite great. It is a small car, but still.

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