NEW MG Cyberster revealed! – FULL details on radical new EV | What Car?

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The new MG Cyberster has actually been exposed and we have all the details you need to understand on this radical new . Will it be better than the Tesla Roadster?

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Video Chapters:
00:56 What is the MG Cyberster?
01:37 Style
02:46 Doors
03:07 Roofing system
03:36 Functionality
04:03 Interior
05:18 Efficiency
05:57 Battery + Charging
06:26 Price
07:06 Rivals






32 responses to “NEW MG Cyberster revealed! – FULL details on radical new EV | What Car?”

  1. Thomas Walker Avatar
    Thomas Walker

    Would love to see a coupe. What a car this is

  2. Tünde Eszlári Avatar
    Tünde Eszlári

    Magical video. 🤩

  3. dombower Avatar

    Looks like a future concept of a MX5. Very nice!

    1. Rob Small Avatar
      Rob Small

      Much bigger. More like the BMW Z4

    2. Nick Lucas Avatar
      Nick Lucas

      This cant really be compared to an MX5 now or in the future. They may both be 2 seater roadsters but thats about it. This is a big heavy car much like a Z4 or Jaguary F type

    3. Rob Small Avatar
      Rob Small

      @Nick Lucas Yes. Z4 rival from what has been said by others. More a cruiser

  4. Simon Ward Avatar
    Simon Ward

    Nanjing Automobile acquired the MG brand for £53 million back in 2006. Buying a much loved and respected British marque with a great backstory is certainly a lot cheaper than trying to build market acceptance from scratch. Very prudent indeed.

  5. CMCNestT Avatar

    Cyberster is a Tesla Roadster 2.0 competitor in the same way Miata is a 911 Turbo Cabriolet competitor.

    1. SHROOMY Avatar

      Yeah, but in all fairness there’s nothing else to compare it to right now and the TR 2.0 will at least be SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than (cause it’s a Tesla) than all the high volume electric hypercars on sale right now.

  6. Andrew Marsden Avatar
    Andrew Marsden

    Nailed that design. Great to see MG evolve. I was worried they would stay as cheap, poor quality motors with a good badge. The EV options are impressive.

  7. Robert Few Avatar
    Robert Few

    I like it… It’s basically an electric MX5

    1. Rob Small Avatar
      Rob Small

      Much bigger. Think BMW Z4 and Toyota Supra. Similar price apparently

  8. M B Avatar
    M B

    Car looks great. Badge needs to go lol.

  9. Alex Pang Avatar
    Alex Pang

    Goddamm, that’s a good looking car. British designers and Chinese tech and build quality. It will sell like hot cakes

  10. Andrew K. NI Avatar
    Andrew K. NI

    A stunning MG. Now just bring a limited range of petrol versions for £30k. It would outsell the MX5 🙂

    1. gggjmmm Avatar

      It really wouldn’t 😂

    2. Andrew K. NI Avatar
      Andrew K. NI

      @gggjmmm lol 😆

    3. Rob Small Avatar
      Rob Small

      It’s Supra/Z4 size apparently. With a similar price tag. So not MX5

    4. Andrew K. NI Avatar
      Andrew K. NI

      @Rob Small Thanks for the insight Rob. That’s a bit disappointing. We need more smaller electric cars rather than bigger. Although the MG does look superb 🙂

    5. Rob Small Avatar
      Rob Small

      @Andrew K. NI I can’t fault the styling apart from the doors. Whilst they offer something different I can imagine the car would cost less with ordinary doors. Like the current BMW Z4 I think this MG will be more of a cruiser and would of gone down well in America with it’s bigger roads accommodating its bigger footprint. The next MX5 is hybrid I believe but still compact

  11. James Moros Avatar
    James Moros

    Looks great a mix of a MX5 and a GT86 hopefully it’s quality is an improvement

    1. Rob Small Avatar
      Rob Small

      It’s more Toyota Supra and BMW Z4

  12. CandyMan Avatar

    £55k is a lot for a car with an MG badge, I doubt many people will buy it unless they do some heavy discount or it’s unbelievably fast; the MX5 is basically half the price and that’s a good drivers car.

    1. Steven Ross Avatar
      Steven Ross

      To be fair, the MG ZT 260 SE back in 2004 was £33,490 back in 2004, according to the Bank of England inflation calculator that would be £56,388 today. So people were paying the equivalent of £55k for an MG 20 years ago.

  13. OldNew BorrowedandBlue Avatar
    OldNew BorrowedandBlue

    MG – Nice looking roadster and a EV. Well done. Makes a change from the generic SUV dross out there.

  14. Dave The fab Avatar
    Dave The fab

    That is by far the best styled car I’ve seen. Bring it MG. 👍👍⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

  15. Kenneth Foster Avatar
    Kenneth Foster

    Looks stunning but sadly no petrol version

  16. john ancill Avatar
    john ancill

    they missed a trick by not calling it a MG E

  17. The Zanzibarbarian Avatar
    The Zanzibarbarian

    Love how you said it harks back to old style MG’s. The split grill and the trim line down the side.
    The real truth, and I’m an ex. MG Midget Driver, is only thing reminiscent of the old cars in this new MG, is the shape of the badge.
    MG lost all of it’s cachet when it was sold to Rover. The MG used to stand for Morris Group. Now it just means Mostly Gone.
    Such a shame… 8-((…

  18. John Bowyer Avatar
    John Bowyer

    Also, the new concept BMW Z4 2-door hardtop was just shown in Germany.😊

  19. UMU-i-D Avatar

    Everything about this car is gorgeous

  20. Supersonic79 Avatar

    Looks really realy good. I want one!

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