NEW Mazda CX-60 review – the best plug-in hybrid? | What Car?

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Is the brand- the very best plug-in you can purchase? View to learn.

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Video chapters
00:00 Intro
00:26 Background
01:18 Competitors
01:36 Interior
03:17 Practicality
04:30 Engines
06:56 On the road
08:00 Pricing
08:34 Best thing
08:42 Worst thing
08:51 Verdict


24 responses to “NEW Mazda CX-60 review – the best plug-in hybrid? | What Car?”

  1. T Sul Avatar
    T Sul

    Good car but the power train isn’t the best the diesel 3.3L mild hybrid is much better for this heavy car 🚙

  2. jamieh4x4 Avatar

    Terrible idea. Pick ICE or EV, making something that does both is just heavy and expensive

    1. Yoga Jedi Avatar
      Yoga Jedi

      Why, average driver do not drive more then 50km daily only need a 50-100 km battery . It then seems more stupid carry around an oversized expensive heavy battery, a battery that degrade by time without even being used. And on long journeys avoid the hassle find and spending valuable vacation time at some horrible boring battery charging station.

  3. RJ Avatar

    Did a test drove last week, diesel is much better to drive than PHEV. That doesn’t mean PHEV is slow, it’s really fast and zooom. But it requires a longer stopping distance because of the weight. On motorways it’s an ooomph, sticks to the road. I didn’t had to even break on motorway curves. It was really smooth. Compared to similar priced BMW X1, it’s far better. PHEV and Diesel is similar priced as well. I went for the PHEV and booked that one, will be arriving next month.

  4. Tünde Eszlári Avatar
    Tünde Eszlári

    Brilliant video.

  5. Cristi M Avatar
    Cristi M

    amazing how subjective you people are…some say it’s amazing other say it’s not good….by the way, people love that drive no “ok” but like a sedan…

  6. Nigel Tabb Avatar
    Nigel Tabb

    Nearly £50,000 for a bloody Mazda?
    Did I walk into a bar with a priest and a rabbi or something?

    1. RJ Avatar

      Just wondering, in your opinion what is your best choice at that price range will be?

  7. Tom Cockcroft Avatar
    Tom Cockcroft

    Why aren’t you comparing it to the model y? It’s main competitor? 😂

  8. Tom Cockcroft Avatar
    Tom Cockcroft

    This will fall flat on its face

  9. Nicholas Riley Avatar
    Nicholas Riley

    Well resolved suspension is a must for coping with UK’s potholed road network.

  10. Dan Avatar

    Sundays with Bug Revolta, podcast when?

  11. Lee Mace Avatar
    Lee Mace

    Just Another boring Mazda SUV

    1. Juwon Adejuwon Avatar
      Juwon Adejuwon

      And what do you call not boring. ?

  12. John Aslan Avatar
    John Aslan

    The carplay is touchscreen.

  13. huss1205 Avatar

    A new 6 cylinder diesel engine? That’s lovely. Diesel engines are perfect for SUVs. My Volvo XC60 has a 5 cylinder diesel engine and it’s awesome…

  14. Mr Mawson Avatar
    Mr Mawson

    Great video mate

  15. Kim B Avatar
    Kim B

    Mazda cx-60 can do something NONE of its rivals can – it can tow 2500 kg !!!

  16. cabottaxi Avatar

    Can’t imagine @ £48000 there will be a long queue standing outside the local Mazda dealers.

  17. CodePlay Avatar

    It’s weird how british reviewers try to make other countries’ cars seem bad just because they couldn’t keep their own brands going. Keep calm and enjoy these beautiful creations. Jealousy gets you nowhere.

    1. RJ Avatar

      And they are happy with a similar priced FWD engine with a BMW badge, with a stiff suspension.

  18. Iain Lambert Avatar
    Iain Lambert

    What’s the point of a hybrid that costs as much as an Ioniq 5 or EV6?

  19. valleysofneptune Avatar

    Only for the rich middle class…..

  20. john nettleton Avatar
    john nettleton

    I have the cx60 phev homura. After two cx5 diesels.
    The ride is fine but the pot holed Roads are garbage. 60000 warranty yes but batteries have a 100000 warranty period.
    Average 42 to 48 with long distance motorway travel and mid fifties around Bucks town use.
    My electric range is temp dependant. 15 deg gives 39 miles fully charged.
    10 degrees generally 32 to 34.
    Minus 6 deg in January then 22 to 24 electric range.
    Regenerate on the move and it takes about 40 miles to build back another 34 mile electric range.
    Handling is good and value is way better than Lexus and BMW.

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