NEW Lexus LBX revealed! – best hybrid SUV? | What Car?

The brand-new LBX has been exposed, will be it the very best you can buy? Watch to discover everything you require to understand (including what it shares with the LFA …).

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28 responses to “NEW Lexus LBX revealed! – best hybrid SUV? | What Car?”

  1. James Rapp Avatar
    James Rapp

    Cheers for the video guys 😎👌

  2. SDFcommander Avatar

    What a classy looking vehicle and being a Lexus, you know it will be reliable.

    1. ciyber sal Avatar
      ciyber sal

      Should have been a EV. Toyota is late and superior cars like ZeekrX, Smart#1 Chery Omoda5 are about to land on European shores very soon

  3. A VdP Avatar
    A VdP

    Wow, that interior, wow, what a nice car and superb materials, this is premium, thumbs up for lexus!!!

  4. Chas F Avatar
    Chas F

    Looks exactly the car the Yaris Cross should have been instead of the noisy cheap feeling but pricy Tonka toy Toyota gave us.

  5. Marnus Loosebuschange Avatar
    Marnus Loosebuschange

    I am pretty surprised to find myself saying that looks quite nice. As for the interior, it’s actually unique. I have to say, I certainly didn’t expect Lexus to position the touch screen where it is. The overall interior reminds me of the MG ZST (certainly not a bad thing) and a legendary Japanese car lost to time. The Mazda Cosmo of 1990. Very similar. The only real differences being the air vents are in place of dials in the wrap-around section, and there’s a dedicated area for the instrument cluster. Like the Mazda Cosmo, the touch screen is positioned in a very similar place. Unlike the Cosmo, this Lexus actually has physical climate controls (Thank you, Lexus. At least someone has come to their senses). Yes, that’s right. The Mazda Cosmo actually had touchscreen climate controls way back in 1990. You can use that next time for car pub trivia.
    Overall, I’ll give Lexus a 9/10 for this. They’ve taken the crappy Yaris Cross and made arguably the best-looking small SUV on the market inside and out. Well done to Lexus. I hope they bring this to Australia (where I live).

  6. Colin Renfrew Avatar
    Colin Renfrew

    I’m surprised how much I like this new car. Might need one!

    1. J TheAndroidFreak Avatar
      J TheAndroidFreak

      I think a lot of people might share your views Colin 😃

  7. Neuro Weaver Avatar
    Neuro Weaver

    It’s a glorified YARIS.
    I love LEXUS. But they stopped making their best seller, the IS, and they priced the GS out of the reach of 90% of people.

    1. SHROOMY Avatar

      Well, they also stopped making the GS. It got replaced with the Camry based ES.

    2. Schnapsbrenner Avatar

      Can’t tell you how much I was hoping for an IS electrified. As Groundbreaking as the IS250 II, that thing would be a bomb.

  8. J TheAndroidFreak Avatar
    J TheAndroidFreak

    Finally a Lexus which the average Joe can afford 🙂

    1. Alec Mally Avatar
      Alec Mally

      That’s not the point! They dont want soccer moms to drive these…..

  9. SHROOMY Avatar

    That trunk capacity is disastrous, but that’s also the case with Lexus’ UX which is in every way a lot worse car than this. This is more what the UX should’ve been from the jump.

  10. Lawn Bowls for Fun Avatar
    Lawn Bowls for Fun

    Nice looking car. Lexus cars are just getting better and better. I am on my second now and will be buying a third in the next year or two. If I go smaller, this will be high on my list of possibles, in fact I very much doubt I would look any further.

  11. Ozgun Doganbaloglu Avatar
    Ozgun Doganbaloglu

    Good looking car backed up with legendary Lexus quality and reliability record.

  12. migmax2 Avatar

    Great car for those seeking for classy, efficient, comfortable, reliable urban mobility….

  13. Kavish Tanna Avatar
    Kavish Tanna

    As a tesla owner, I’m seriously considering a lexus as a new car. Design, reliability and luxury – hard to beat! German equivalents are boring nowadays

    1. rumanuu Avatar

      As a Tesla owner, I bought my wife a Lexus, We’re both happy with our cars. I do like driving hers every now and again 😉

    2. Kavish Tanna Avatar
      Kavish Tanna

      @rumanuu nice which one did you go for?

    3. rumanuu Avatar

      @Kavish Tanna We got the NX450h+ 👍🏼

  14. f1kwa Avatar

    Unlike the Toyota, they even painted under the bonnet!

  15. annecy49 Avatar

    Love your reviews, top notch as usual. Nice car too. Wonder if it will be for sale in Canada, and if so, when.

  16. Mohamad Shafique Avatar
    Mohamad Shafique

    This is beautiful!!!! Looking forward to this. They should have brought something like this out ages ago?



  18. J Avatar

    A great looking small new models…Having been waiting for the Lexus I ordered 18 months ago and still waiting.. Makes you wonder who they are targeting.

  19. hunterfunter47 Avatar

    This will hit a sweet spot in the market particularly young professionals living in flats who have no home charging options. This is a similar market that the new Honda Civic Hybrid addresses. Similar price range too. This perhaps is less sporty than the new Honda Civic hybrid but it makes up for that with the Lexus brand appeal and class leading quality interior.

  20. Chris Townson Avatar
    Chris Townson

    I quite like the look of it. Though i hate cars where you have to look down at the satnav. It should be closer to the line of sight. But great to see a premium small SUV at that price point. Plenty of stellantis cars at that sort of money and you would expect a much better fit and finish on a Lexus.

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