NEW Kia EV9 revealed! – EVERYTHING you need to know | What Car?

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The brand-new Kia 9 has actually been revealed! And we are running you through the top 10 things you require to understand about it.

How many seats? How pricey? What new tech does it get? View to find out!

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Video chapters:
0:00 Intro
0:34 1. Background
1:28 2. What is the 9?
2:37 3. Biggest Kia
3:43 4. Practicality
4:33 5. Interior + tech
5:20 6. Battery + range
6:23 7. EV9 GT
7:11 8. Most costly Kia
7:40 9. Competitors
7:58 10. On-sale date






17 responses to “NEW Kia EV9 revealed! – EVERYTHING you need to know | What Car?”


    Waiting 😍

  2. Wayne Heyes Avatar
    Wayne Heyes

    We’re r u going to park the EV9! Let alone drive it we are not America

    1. tonny ochieng Avatar
      tonny ochieng

      There are cars around your neighbourhood like range rovers, gle, x7. Bet they’re the same or bigger

  3. Beasts Avatar

    Quite the eyesore

  4. pip robinson Avatar
    pip robinson

    Well I guess you are either going to like the looks of this or not, little middle ground here methinks 🤔

  5. SnowdogBytore Avatar

    What an ugly tank.

  6. cabottaxi Avatar

    Looks far too big a car for UK roads.

  7. paul scott Avatar
    paul scott

    I am sure the telluride would have sold well here in the uk as it looks quite nice

  8. Live-Torsion-Paradox Avatar

    This thing looks amazing – easily one of the best Kia designs and it wipes the floor with the Germans in this regard. Wow Kia!

  9. Tram. Avatar


  10. Peter Walker Avatar
    Peter Walker

    Just ordered a Niro EV 4 which will cost in the low £40k’s. Loved the car, ride etc, but struggled to justify to myself buying a car at this price which was not a premium brand. Good luck with the EV9 at those eye-watering prices!

  11. Klasse Act Avatar
    Klasse Act

    …and ANOTHER homerun for KIA/Hyundai/Genesis💯

  12. Kinocchio Avatar

    Kia mini bus

  13. kokovox D Avatar
    kokovox D

    Excellent review. Super informative and excellently presented.

  14. Giles A. Avatar
    Giles A.

    A handsome beast for sure, even the interior is a huge improvement from the 6.

  15. TL Avatar

    Too big, too ugly and won’t fit into my garage. No thank you.

  16. Alex Avatar

    god damn. that actually looks really nice

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