NEW Ferrari 296 GTB – in-depth review + 0-60 test! | What Car?

# # # 296gtb.

Is the actually the very best supercar in the world? Enjoy our extensive , consisting of 0-60 test, to find out.

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23 responses to “NEW Ferrari 296 GTB – in-depth review + 0-60 test! | What Car?”

  1. Lee Mace Avatar
    Lee Mace

    Not in those colours 😂🤮

  2. Ingmar Langerak Avatar
    Ingmar Langerak

    Ferrari is such a bad build quality, like Maserati……

    1. Bobby Dazzler Avatar
      Bobby Dazzler


  3. Steve Avatar

    They could have finished the paint job.

    1. ÖMER FARUK CAN Avatar

      Is it true that some idiots don’t see the legend of lemans 250lm?😀

    2. Steve Avatar

      @ÖMER FARUK CAN Is it true some idiot spelt Le Mans so poorly it looked like Lemons? 🤣🤣🤣 🍋🍋🍋

  4. Archie Avatar

    Blue color – not good combination 👎 red chassis and silver alloys 👍

  5. hornetluca Avatar

    Worst combination of colors ever

  6. Bobby Dazzler Avatar
    Bobby Dazzler

    No nose lift on that edition is crazy

  7. Neil Rushworth Avatar
    Neil Rushworth

    Didn’t they have enough of one color?

  8. DBank Avatar

    I mean how for is the 0-60 going to be taken… 1sec next :}

  9. Owen McDonald Avatar
    Owen McDonald

    Not that it will ever be an issue for me, but I couldn’t have the blue nose.

  10. Me Myself and i Avatar
    Me Myself and i

    Imagine bring shitbox tesla in this 0-60 test. The nerve of some people. Plastic shitbox fanboys ☠️☠️

  11. John Mull Avatar
    John Mull

    On of the better looking Ferraris for a while , apart from the awful paint.
    Am I alone in thinking the silhouette has a touch of the GT40 about it 😱?

  12. Unexplained Bacon Avatar
    Unexplained Bacon

    Lambo miura rip off?

  13. NOMSI4 Avatar

    Someone picked the red and blue option. Wtf

  14. Martin Hutchinson Avatar
    Martin Hutchinson

    Brilliant car, awful paint job!

  15. cabottaxi Avatar

    With that paint job someone needs their eyes tested

  16. B A Avatar
    B A

    Still can’t believe this is the f8 tributo replacement. The 296 looks like it should slot below an f8.

  17. Air Rifles. Range and HFT Shooting Avatar
    Air Rifles. Range and HFT Shooting

    Lots of money for a completely impractical car. Definitely a rich man’s toy. I would buy one in a heartbeat if I had the money. 🤑

  18. Nevil Mandil Avatar
    Nevil Mandil

    I don’t like the looks or the colours.

  19. Supersonic79 Avatar

    Meh… Should be 100% EV by now.

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