NEW Dacia Sandero review – still a bargain? | What Car?

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In this new Dacia Sandero evaluation, we look at whether a big cost walking suggests the days of this cars and truck being a spending plan champion is over. View to discover.

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32 responses to “NEW Dacia Sandero review – still a bargain? | What Car?”

  1. Paul B Avatar
    Paul B

    So in 3 years the price has doubled😳 I knew prices had gone up, but that is insane. I’ve lost all interest in cars now; to get anything remotely interesting, you need £50k!

    1. William McAuliffe Avatar
      William McAuliffe

      All cars start out cheap when they are first on the market then the more they sell the better it gets the more money it costs

    2. Sam Durling Avatar
      Sam Durling

      Well it’s actually gone up 37% and when you consider how much cars ranging from a corsa to a 3 series have gone up recently its actually not that much more

  2. Rami Galal Avatar
    Rami Galal

    I don’t see where are the differences between this one and the old one? Only the badge change, and then price hike? Did I miss any important difference?

    1. Ben Cole Avatar
      Ben Cole

      And four thousand pounds!

  3. Maninthemiddle Avatar

    Genuine question. Do the small Suzukis not sell in the UK ? Here on the other side of the world in 2019 I bought a new Swift Sport, which is well named, for under 15000 pounds. It is similarly finished to the Dacia as far as the interior is concerned but has much more power and better handling. Being made in Japan it has a five star safety rating and has proved utterly reliable.

    1. David Ho Avatar
      David Ho

      The Suzuki Swift is available in the UK. List price starts from £16,599 at the moment.

    2. olias Avatar

      ….Being made in Japan…you summed it up,that`s build quality and safety taken care of..😀

    3. Adam Foulkes Avatar
      Adam Foulkes

      @David Ho The sport version is around £22k – Madness!

    4. Paul Lacey Avatar
      Paul Lacey

      Suzuki used to sell the Alto and Celerio here but then they got greedy too with the pricing of the Swift and Ignis not a good value brand anymore..

  4. Madonsteamrailways Avatar

    Now bring in the electric Spring model so that the Dacia supermini is available as an electric vehicle!!

    1. JOHN DRG Avatar
      JOHN DRG

      The Sandero electric will be available in 2028.

    2. Madonsteamrailways Avatar

      @JOHN DRG That’s not very clever, is it? I’m sure that Londoners will be demanding that they bring it in before the end of August so that Sandero Driver won’t be charged Congestion Charges.

  5. Madonsteamrailways Avatar

    If you want a small car, a much better option would be to buy a used Renault Zoe!! This way, you don’t pay Congestion Charge in Greater London!!

    1. The Answer Avatar
      The Answer

      Who buys a used car?

  6. Kiinell Avatar

    Considering the 2 out of 5 star crash test rating I think most people would rather have a 3 year old Yaris.

    1. Andrew Avatar

      It’s not a crash rating, but an overall safety rating which was based off the very latest criteria that puts big emphasis on brand new crash-prevention tech the Sandero and older cars don’t have. I think the Sandero would performed very well under the old criteria.

    2. Helder Avatar

      Crash test had good ratings all around. Passive safety kit gimmicks was where it faltered.

  7. The JFG Avatar
    The JFG

    Really Dacia tap into the ultimate reverse snobbery – it’s for people who must have a new car. You could be used or newly new

  8. Ben Holroyd Avatar
    Ben Holroyd

    An investigation into the the price hike would have been nice. Is this Dacia increasing its margins, is it higher costs being passed on or what?

    I’m not impressed by you minimising the price increase issue, it’s still over 50% even comparing trim levels.

  9. In R Time Avatar
    In R Time

    Yes most certainly a new car that offers tremendous value…a “bargain” indeed. If we take into account the rate of inflation over the last 3 years, in real terms the Expression model has increased by £1000 more than it cost in 2020. I was surprised when Dacia launched this car in 2020 at how inexpensive it was for the vast improvement over the outgoing model and the generous equipment now included. It was as if they sold it cheaper than they really needed to given the price of its competitors. I have owned my Comfort model (now rebadged Expression) for a year and can say with confidence it is a very good car. It isn’t better in any one singular area than the cars that cost more but what it does do is to offer a package that is good in all areas and meets, even exceeds the needs and expectations of most individuals better than virtually any other car and at an affordable price…and have done so whilst not making it feel cheap which is a pretty neat trick in my opinion. I would recommend taking one for a test drive if you are in the market for a new car. You might like it too.

  10. Kerry Jones Avatar
    Kerry Jones

    Disappointing price rise. A bit too close to a Citroen C3 now.

  11. Mauri Avatar

    I wish salaries also went up by 70%…..

  12. Your Dad Avatar
    Your Dad

    Nice the clio looks great

  13. threeleafshamrock Avatar

    I’ll pass! Too many good second hand cars out there, although they’re not as cheap as they were either.

  14. Thomas Hillier Avatar
    Thomas Hillier

    Isn’t 2 stars out of 5 an overall safety rating rather than a crash rating? And don’t the latest EuroNCAP ratings go up very quickly with the active safety systems the Sandero lacks?

  15. gmark Avatar

    It was clear since the revamping of the brand that they were aiming to increase the prices (Ofc part of the increase has to be blamed on the world crisis) and lose the “cheapest brand” vibe.
    It’s a bit of a shame imho.

  16. GPL TD 009 Avatar
    GPL TD 009

    That car look good it’s price is good for me. How reliable is it?

  17. Helder Avatar

    I have a stepway from this year and it’s fantastic and economical

  18. cabottaxi Avatar

    Cheap as chips. Someone I knew bought one and drove 170 miles every day in from Ayrshire across Central Scotland and mileage on it was huge. Never missed a beat.

  19. royobanan K Avatar
    royobanan K

    A Citroen c3 is £13995……what are comparing with?

  20. funnyfiveminutes Avatar

    Price is up, and no mention of the downgrade from a six speed manual gearbox to a five speed in the restyle version. They’ve also dropped the auto in this model of the Sandero. Dacia now want you to go the top spec Stepway for the privilege – they’re really testing the market.

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