NEW Citroen e-C3 – FULL details on CHEAP new electric car! | What Car?

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The brand-new Citroen e- is one of the CHEAPEST electric and trucks you can buy– however will it be any great? View to learn everything you need to understand.

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Video chapters:
0:00 Citroën's most recent
1:27 Interior evaluation
3:40 Tech and standard equipment
4:12 Storage
4:37 New branding
4:55 ë- styling
5:20 Rear seats
6:08 Boot area
6:39 Efficiency
7:07 Range and charging
7:59 Pricing and CHEAPER versions
8:23 The brand-new C3
9:11 Rivals and decision


39 responses to “NEW Citroen e-C3 – FULL details on CHEAP new electric car! | What Car?”

  1. @anemeth9281 Avatar

    Finally a good-looking (not Dacia Spring like) sort of affordable electric car! Thanks for the excellent review Doug!

    1. @wolfgangpreier9160 Avatar

      Good looking is worthless when price/features/safety rating/software/range can not compete with others.

    2. @MrKOenigma Avatar

      ​@@wolfgangpreier9160don’t worry, it will

    3. @cyberpope2137 Avatar

      This literally looks like a Dacia Spring outside

  2. @mikadavies660 Avatar

    This same car is being offered to the French via Government Support for around. €50/mth!!

    1. @stevenham1937 Avatar

      Governments don’t have money. They spend your money so you’re still paying for that support somewhere.

    2. @ketkroketdumont8238 Avatar

      I think you are wrong on this.

    3. @mikadavies660 Avatar

      @ketkroketdumont8238  Sorry, but it doesn’t show my point…. only your answer. So I don’t know where I am wrong on what??

    4. @Jeddin Avatar

      @@ketkroketdumont8238the program was paused after being extended from 20,000 to 50,000 applicants. So while he is wrong that it is no longer on offer he is not wrong that it was recently possible.

  3. @greengoblin2347 Avatar

    So how much is the range topping version?

    1. @paul._david Avatar


    2. @Whatshisname346 Avatar

      @@paul._david €29,590 here in Finland vs €25 590 for the cheaper one. So it’ll probably transfer to 25/26 thousand in the UK. I’m much more interested in the cheap one. The touch screens always look silly after a couple of years and they almost have the same kit.

    3. @alfrredd Avatar

      close to 29k€ here in Spain so MG4 is still a way better option, also 24k for the base version that doesn’t even have a 100€ screen is wild.

  4. @rhiantaylor3446 Avatar

    Citroen when introducing a new car have simply taken the opportunity to align the price when it is eventually available to compete in the current market where other new EVs with prices set a while ago now typically selling at a discount. The Peugeot e-208 can be bought for less than £25k, the outgoing Zoe with nearly 40 miles more range for £27k.

  5. @80y3r9 Avatar

    Why didn’t you list dacia spring price? This is 6k more

    1. @CaiSpidox Avatar

      I don’t think it’s officially in the UK yet so it’s doesn’t have a GBP price.

  6. @kirankumarsukumar Avatar

    I need a car without fancy features. A heads up display where i can connect my ipad or a android tab. I dont need a infotainment system

    1. @atulmalhotra2303 Avatar

      They won’t sell it to you, simply because that will cannabalise their own petrol car business.

      Wuling Air Mini EV, which sells like a lakh units every year in China, starts at only 46000 RMB, or about 5 lakh rupees. They sell almost the same car (MG Comet) for 8 lakhs rupees in India, and they have made the thing two door here.

      Wuling Mini base model has no touchscreen or software knick knacks. You can use your own iPad or Android phone as the control screen through.

  7. @sie4431 Avatar

    These touchscreen might be the case equivalent of smart tvs, nice idea but better with your own solution

  8. @Groaznic Avatar

    Just 22 kWh for the cheap version is brutal. Should have kept it at 30 kWh, still plenty of difference vs the 44 kWh top model, and could conceivably still take some out of town trips. But 22… imagine winter. That’s just too much of a risk to consider buying.

    1. @didierpuzenat7280 Avatar

      It is 24 kWh (not 22 kWh) and it is for the very cheap version, not the cheap version. So at the end of the day it depends of your needs, for example why would you need more as a second car if they drive less than 50 km per day ? For reference, the average distance per day in Europe in just 30 km, with people driving quite more but also people driving… quite less. BTW, my first EV was a 106 electric with a 75 km range in summer, and for many year it as been perfect as a daily car even with 3 (very young) children. My 106 was my so called “second car” but I used it more than my “first car” (Renault Scenic).

    2. @user-iz8hk1ww7i Avatar

      I totally agree with your points – 24kWh for the cheapest version is not good enough. I drive an electric car with a decent range but you do notice the drop in winter. The winter range of the 24kWh could be annoying low and inconvenient.

    3. @MrKOenigma Avatar

      ​@@didierpuzenat7280I remember the 106 electric, my mom had a saxo electrique❤❤. It was her only car, and she was so happy with it. My dad had a Peugeot Partner electric and later a Citroen Berlingo electric. All of them with about 80km of range, it worked well for them both… 24KWh is plenty. In winter you can still do over 100km on one charge, if that’s not enough to go out of town. 😅😅

    4. @GavinScrimgeour Avatar

      Don’t fall into this trap and buy this car! I own a Nissan Leaf 24kWh version with 80 miles range (on a good day). To my surprise after buying the car, I suddenly need to do 900 mile journeys on a regular basis…..

    5. @streetwind. Avatar

      I’m currently in my second winter with a 22 kWh electric car, and I’ve not had any issues. The range is more than enough for my needs; even the occasional work commute over the highway to another city can be done twice before I need to charge, even in winter.

      I’m sure that other people will have different needs. But don’t dismiss something outright just because your own needs are different. The entry spec will easily find buyers who are happy with what it offers them. If I needed a new car next year, it would likely be the top spot on my shortlist of options.

  9. @TL-xw6fh Avatar

    I can see the values of used EVs now tumbling even further! Imagine buying a Zoe, MG, Soul, ID4 etc and finding that you can buy a much cheaper equivalent, especially a NEW car for the same price. Brilliant for daily commutes, taking kids to school, shopping and weekend drives.

  10. @spacecadetrik21 Avatar

    I think the issue for this model is the Dolphin and MG4. The base model may be around £23k, but the level of standard kit in the BYD and MG means that if you spec this up it will be into the same kind of territory in around £25-26k. Also with the way pre-reg and low mileage used EV’s are being priced at the moment they might struggle with it.

    1. @protagonist9716 Avatar

      Yes both dolphin and MG4 are better than this

    2. @sIightIybored Avatar

      Key is the discounts. Vauxhall/Peugeot offer significant discounts from new, cheapest new electric cars I can see are 208’s and Corsa’s for about £20k, over £12k less than list. They’re in the same Stellantis group as Citroen and the e-C4’s are available at £21k too.

  11. @markymarkreviews Avatar

    Brilliant! And not before time!. Ticks so many boxes. Range and charging speed is good enough for the price. LFP battery also so charging to 100% again and again is no big deal. Yes it is still expensive but ALL cars and just about everything else nowadays seems to cost a fortune so mid £20k’s is pretty damn good. Perfect urban runabout + also good enough to travel further away.

  12. @Rafaelinux Avatar

    Looks like an okay stepping stone between the BYD Seagull and the BYD Dolphin. I like it.

  13. @sargfowler9603 Avatar

    Love your reviews. They’re honest and down to earth. Not like other channels that live in an echo chamber!

  14. @SuperEgleh Avatar

    I wonder if it’s possible to fold down the front passenger seat like in the new id.2 – thats really useful for ikea trips!

  15. @sevensixtysteve8662 Avatar

    Good to see more value led EV models hitting the market. This will undoubtedly increase adoption of the new tech as well as help counter the flood of brands from the far east. Great review !

  16. @jumpferjoy1st Avatar

    Well done Citroen. At last an EV product that fits the mainstream needs. So many do NOT want five million horse power, NOR want to have to remortgage their home or sell a kidney, NOR have a car that is so big it has its own gravity sphere, NOR has more lights than a Nimitz aircraft carrier. The WHOLE point of moving to EV is for the planet. Having a car that is four tons and with one thousand horse power is not green whichever way you look at it.

    To move the masses over, car companies need to offer, reasonable prices, reasonable ranges, and reasonable performance. This e-C3 looks right in the sweet spot.

  17. @1981zayn Avatar

    deprecation after 6 months to one year should put the price under £12k 😂

  18. @michaeledwards8079 Avatar

    the vauxhall corsa e is comparable and in mid range spec with discounts is under 20K and 209 miles range

  19. @putranusantara9148 Avatar

    For practical purpise I think we need longer range than the option ranges offered

  20. @ThorRavnsborg Avatar

    I actually like the design for the most part. The only thing I really wish they would throw far away before launch is the shiny plastic on the center console (I have made a promise to myself never to buy another car with shiny plastic the cabin so it’s a disqualifier right there). The rest I could live quite happily live with given the price point.

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