NEW BYD Dolphin – strange name, great EV? | What Car?

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The is another cheap electric automobile from China aiming to shock the EV market in Europe. Watch to learn whatever you need to understand about it.

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Video chapters:
0:00 What is ?
1:13 Exterior design
2:45 Interior
4:45 Rear seats
5:56 Boot area
6:29 The battery and range
7:16 Charging
7:39 Verdict and outro


33 responses to “NEW BYD Dolphin – strange name, great EV? | What Car?”

  1. Dannnsss Avatar

    When a company can’t come up with an original logo design, and rips off Kias old logo… 🤔🤣🤣🤣

    1. Bennet M Avatar
      Bennet M

      Except both are 3 letters, nothing look like the original KIA logo. Additionally, don’t overrate how hard is logo design. We can use AI to design 100 logos within 1 second.

  2. Pip Avatar

    Looks great… burns fast…!

  3. James Avatar

    So now makers are quoting 30-80%charging times to give a better look. If only the technology advanced as quickly as the marketing BS

    1. james Li Avatar
      james Li

      if you understand how batteries work then 30 – 80 spec are very useful information

    2. James Avatar

      @james Li if you understand how marketers work, you will realize that they are hoping that a proportion of their audience will overlook the shift from 20-80 to 30-80 and be impressed with the charging time. After all this is a vehicle reveal not a technical briefing

    3. wrutherfordx3x Avatar

      All car reviews are part technical in nature. What proportion of the video was spent talking about charging times?

  4. John Cooke Avatar
    John Cooke

    How about I wouldn’t have any ev because of the charging infrastructure and expense to run.

    1. Dreador Avatar

      How about because I don’t like Marmite we ban sales of it for those that do like it, and whilst waiting for the ban join marmite forums to bang on to people who don’t care how much we don’t like it.

    2. BritishTeaLover Avatar

      Expensive to run? If you can have a charger at home, it’ll be way, way cheaper than an ICE to run. Charging at home costs only a few £, compared to filling up your tank with petrol. Even using public chargers they’re still a little cheaper than ICE cars.

  5. cabottaxi Avatar

    Not sure i’d like to put my hard cash into this but leasing one if you could get it might be an alternative.

  6. O O Avatar
    O O

    I am very sorry, but I can’t drive anything that is called Dolphin what a ridiculous name to give to a car!

    1. Kevin Rich Avatar
      Kevin Rich

      No more ridiculous than the Leaf, Beetle, Golf, Jazz, etc. You’re just not used to it

  7. David Hughes Avatar
    David Hughes

    Few if any self‐respecting Brits will want to be seen driving a car with that stupid Build Your Dreams monika on the boot. And what’s with that vasr expanse of squiggles at the baxk too? Ludicrous. I doubt they’ll shift more than fifty Dolphins at most here in the UK; I predict a massive sales and PR disaster in these Isles.

    A white elephant on toytown catherine wheels.

    1. Dan Avatar

      The squiggles is because of the camo you muppet, the final version will have those removed

      Go look at any other car every OEM uses a similar pattern for their prototypes/pre production

  8. Wayne Heyes Avatar
    Wayne Heyes

    So another £30,000 car that many will never be able to afford

    Another car with unrealistic range and not good enough infrastructure

    1. Dera Goth Avatar
      Dera Goth

      Well depends what you use your car for. I do local driving mostly and every few weeks I travel several hundred kms on the weekend (265 on Friday and another 265 back on Sunday). I do this with 3 pin charging in my garage and haven’t had to use use a fast charger yet. My ev has slightly less than 60kwh.

  9. Colin Goode Avatar
    Colin Goode

    £30k for a car that sells elsewhere for £16k. Usual OTT UK/EU pricing. Charging speed isn’t that great &, unlike the Atto3, I don’t think the rear BYD name letters can be removed because they are embedded into the light bar trim. It’s the right size, decent spec & with a LFP battery but, too expensive. Smaller battery versions may be more price attractive for this size / type of car which rarely get taken on a long trips.

  10. Bluebear65 Avatar

    €30,000 is not cheap. Calling faux leather “vegan” leather is just ridiculous!

    1. James Avatar

      In the 1970s it was called vinyl

    2. cosmooooooooo Avatar

      @James nice catch guys ! But to be fair vinyl was synth of petroleum where this is supposed to be out of organic plants material.

    3. James Avatar

      @cosmooooooooo fair enough! I wonder if it sticks to your thighs in the summer

  11. Lucis Leesion Avatar
    Lucis Leesion

    I am kind of wondering if this Dolphin will be equipped with BYD’s finest sodium battery?

    1. Dera Goth Avatar
      Dera Goth

      Not anytime soon. That for the seagull but I believe that it’s current being sold with lfp

  12. OldNew BorrowedandBlue Avatar
    OldNew BorrowedandBlue

    I’m not sure I’d pay the current costs for an EV anytime soon. I’d sit on my current diesel (£30 VED), and not a stupid insurance group. Until I’m able to buy something decent, when there is a more competitive market both purchase and insurance price wise.

  13. Kinocchio Avatar

    I want wireless charging.

  14. BritishTeaLover Avatar

    Honestly, I kinda like the camo design. If that’s only there on the pre-production model, they should offer it as an actual colour option, the accents look nice.

  15. Mr Mawson Avatar
    Mr Mawson

    Looks alright

  16. BritishTeaLover Avatar

    It’s a shame the inside colours are so dark, it makes the car look pretty dim. The sunroof might help, but you can really tell in some of these shots how dark it can be inside. I wish more manufacturers went for white interior trim pieces, something just to lighten it up and make a change from the industry standard of dark black trim, with a dark black dask, and dark black seats.

  17. Mr Mawson Avatar
    Mr Mawson

    New MG Cyberster looks interesting

  18. ciyber sal Avatar
    ciyber sal

    Blade battery doesn’t catch fire. Main USP!

  19. shardox1404 Sk Avatar
    shardox1404 Sk

    Look like an electric Renault

  20. Bryan Rogers Avatar
    Bryan Rogers

    Does it come with free packet of marshmallows and some sticks

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