NEW Audi RS6 vs BMW M3 Touring review – what’s the best super estate? | What Car?

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In this review of the and , we take a look at which incredibly estate is best.

With a whopping 621bhp the all-new RS6 Efficiency is the most effective production estate car has ever produced, but is it as enjoyable to drive as the mighty M3 Visiting? Well, that's what we're about to learn, by putting them head to head on some of our preferred driving roadways.

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Video chapters:.
0:00 Intro.
1:03 What is the ?
2:10 Why the ?
3:08 Rear seat comparison.
4:35 Boot area.
4:54 RS6 in advance.
6:10 M3 in advance.
7:20 Tech contrast.
8:10 One bad thing.
9:00 RS6 Efficiency … performance.
11:18 RS6 driving impressions.
12:57 M3 Touring performance.
14:25 M3 driving customisation.
15:52 M3 driving impressions.
16:54 Rates and trims.
17:50 Verdict.
18:48 Outro.


25 responses to “NEW Audi RS6 vs BMW M3 Touring review – what’s the best super estate? | What Car?”

  1. Don Odyn Avatar
    Don Odyn

    lol, don’t care how good the BMW is, the RS6 wins on looks alone

    1. Bingo Bongo Avatar
      Bingo Bongo

      It looks quite old though…

    2. Joss Armitage Avatar
      Joss Armitage

      Yep, this. I completely agree. Modern BMWs are not good looking cars, in my opinion. Often hideous, in fact

  2. Pierre D Avatar
    Pierre D

    The opening is so over the top, it is hilarious. Perfect for britain camera infested 20 miles zones.


      What’s the 0 to 20mph time? Did I miss the figure in the review?

  3. Casavult Avatar

    Very good video. Two beautiful cars!

  4. Elliot Avatar

    One outcome…RS6 Wins

  5. TLACE01 Avatar

    M3 is epic!! RS6 looks gorgeous!!

  6. Madonsteamrailways Avatar

    Do super estates have be for petrol head?

  7. Orfan Productions Avatar
    Orfan Productions

    ‘RS6 to take on the M3 at its own game’? Dear god, they are not even in the same class – and Audi invented ‘the game’ with the original RS2 30 years ago. Anyone in the market for an RS6 is not going to even look at an M3 (not that you’d want to look at one anyway with that ghastly front end!), and vice versa. You may want to look at your homework again, and realise the 3-Series competes with the Audi A4, and Audi’s 6 models rival BMW’s 5-Series. Of course the M3 is going to handle better – it’s a much smaller, lighter car……. but you’re not going to fit as many wardrobes, mountain bikes or Labradors in the back of it – which is why they shouldn’t be compared!!

    1. WLTDO Avatar

      If you watch the video you’ll see he explains why the two are being compared…

    2. Geoff Bullock Avatar
      Geoff Bullock

      You will only see the rear anyway, as it gaps you at every corner and straight.

  8. Madonsteamrailways Avatar

    Come on, BMW!! Remove the petrol engine and put in an electric motor!! That would be so much better for Asthmatics like me!!!!

    1. Joss Armitage Avatar
      Joss Armitage

      BMW offers loads of electric cars

  9. Madonsteamrailways Avatar

    As I say, take the petrol out and replace with a good electric motor and they’ll be the best cars in the world EVER!!!!

  10. cabottaxi Avatar

    This is a blatantly unfair comparison.
    Interior space is bound to be larger in a bigger car. 
    It’s like comparing an M5 estate if it were available to an RS4.
    I have owned both a 3 series touring and a standard A6 estate and the 3 series was a far better car. 
    A6 was too large for British roads.

  11. anotae Avatar

    Amazing review. Nice guy. Very captivating written.

  12. AM Avatar

    Both superb cars but the RS6 takes my heart. What a car 🚀

  13. Bingo Bongo Avatar
    Bingo Bongo

    Id say on the autobahn the rs6 clearly wins (and beats 99.9% of the cars out there) but why would someone in the UK buy it over an M3…?

  14. The Zanzibarbarian Avatar
    The Zanzibarbarian

    So you claim to be 5′ 9″ do you? That’s almost Dwarven. But you have the hair to go with that look but the beard needs to _”somewhat grow more”._ ;-))…
    That aside, 2 great cars. Though I wouldn’t have those _”racing seats”_ that the Beemer has.

  15. THENDO Avatar

    It’s always an M3 against other cars 😂

  16. Horus Avatar

    Clearly a watch enthusiast, wearing a Seagull 1963 chronograph.

  17. T G Avatar
    T G

    Both get about 15 mpg in the real world and as such are a total fail as GTs as you have to stop for fuel almost as much as an EV does

  18. david yates Avatar
    david yates

    Nah it’s an estate.

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