Kilowatt Half Hour Episode 24: Dacia’s price war and Swimming cars |

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Today, Ginny, Mike and Tom shoot the electrical breeze on a variety of subjects, including Dacia's fantastic sub ₤ 15k price tag for its new Spring, the arrival of some hot VWs that ought to be GTIs … but aren't, and a swimming electrical car. The group also respond to listeners' questions, consisting of a tow car puzzler and a rear seats storage quandary.

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Each week, the satisfy online to discuss all the concerns at hand. Such as the weather condition, what we're all having for our tea and who disposed who in last night's Love Island. Between these heavyweight topics, we also speak about electrical cars and trucks. A lot. Most likely an unhealthy total up to be sincere.

And when we do talk about cars and trucks, we find out a lot. From market gossip to the more mundane usefulness of electric car ownership, it's the location where we dish the dirt on the cars we have actually been driving and deliver our own decisions on the most recent electrical vehicle . We likewise like to have an excellent laugh at the daftest littles anti-electric that we have actually seen in journalism.

We can't promise that you'll learn much. You most likely won't. But if you fancy 30 minutes of idle chat and chatter about the world of electrical cars, we're here for you. If you like it/ hate it/ think it's too long or too brief, let us understand.


22 responses to “Kilowatt Half Hour Episode 24: Dacia’s price war and Swimming cars |”

  1. @Lindie_Butt57 Avatar

    You make the best content on YouTube, you are truly the best youtuber😘😘

  2. @BMWHP2 Avatar

    Thanks for this video episode. A 10 for info and a 10 for the humor.
    For us, a Dutch retired couple, we have lots of time to do stuff that was hard to do when we both worked.
    Every weekend a 1 day trip of 110 to 140 miles to a city north or south, and around 6 times a year a 400 miles trip into neighboring countries.
    With our Smart Cabrio (Brabus version) we can do that all with ease.
    We are looking for an affordable, (€25k range) bit fun and sporty EV (preferably 2-doors and LFP battery).
    I guess, a real world range of 300km would make it enough for our needs.
    We havent found an EV, that could cover the checklist.
    Maybe the Citroën would come close, but not that sporty or fun 🙁
    The Renault R5 Etech is fun and sporty, but has a LiIon battery, not LFP. Whats your idea about the battery chemistry?
    LFP preferred or LiIon for battery charges and battery life . . . . . ?

  3. @jnksgb Avatar

    I test drove an Abarth 500e this week and the dealership gave me a 10 minutes drive round the block and then declared that that was enough time to make a decision! Finance package was decent though so now I’m very tempted. Test drives definitely need to be longer to give you an idea on how your driving style affects the range for sure.

  4. @neilleete6859 Avatar

    Argh Ginny I’m with you!! I pray Rivian bring the brand here to UK very soon.. I love the brand especially the R1T😍
    And thanks for the mention in this episode glad my comment was helpful.

    1. @neilleete6859 Avatar

      To add, The Rivian brand specifically the R1T, is atm the only vehicle that I would trade in my Tesla MX for in a heartbeat.

  5. @gonzaloleviatanh Avatar

    I have limited right sight and I struggle with the right screen and not cluster display.
    My sight also struggles with too many buttons. However in that case, the right screen is more practical for me as I can set it as I need.

  6. @mrmawson2438 Avatar


  7. @ashtaroth1975 Avatar

    The Spring it’s, and always was, intended for carsharing services like Zity here in Madrid

  8. @colinrenfrew48 Avatar

    Agree that Renault are really producing some great new models. They look good and offer a lot.

  9. @thomasneely2700 Avatar

    EX30 lots of issues, Volvo have already brought forward a MY update, from screen faults, charging issues, and really poor range and charging issues, they have already redesigned the steering wheel buttons due to the number of complaints, the steering wheel buttons are shockingly bad, and poor ride comfort

  10. @thomasneely2700 Avatar

    No mention of the updated Ioniq 5

  11. @Madonsteamrailways Avatar

    Well done, folks!! First, you all drive electric. Second, the number of different electric cars and light commercial vehicles you show us. I’ve had the use of a lovely little Renault Zoe for four years and love it. The only breakdowns I’ve had have been self inflicted because I was new to electric driving. It’s totally different from the driving experience of a petrol or diesel car, and I prefer it.

    1. @madmandonna1 Avatar

      Same here, love my little Renault Zoe, it’s lovely to drive. But I do have some niggles that I hope the Renault 5 will address. Cornering, winter miles and the look of the car itself. The latter I know is solved, but the other 2 remains the be seen, but the heat pump as standard is good start.

  12. @Madonsteamrailways Avatar

    I have to change my car in July, when the lease runs out and have chosen a Vauxhall Combo Life Electric with the Wheelhome Vikenze III e conversion.

  13. @Madonsteamrailways Avatar

    One of these days, Renault will give us an electric 4. Even in the old days when we only had petrol and diesel, the Renault 4 was a remarkable little car. I can remember a film called Traffic by Jack Tati in which a Renault 4 was converted into a camper and was the cause of lots of comical disasters. I would get Stephen Wheeler to convert this model into a camper for myself.

  14. @Madonsteamrailways Avatar

    Now for my charging situation. I live in a block and can’t have a home charger. Although this will come in the future, until the Freeholders permit the installation of a proper electric vehicle charging point, I have to use public charging points. I’m in a reasonably good area for this and have two local charging stations within five miles. One is a Tesco Pod Point and the other is a BP charging point in the Hoddesdon M&S Food shop and filling station.

  15. @dcvariousvids8082 Avatar

    Rivian, RAM and the likes of the EV9, are design for the US market with their size roads.

  16. @Harrythehun Avatar

    Dacia Spring sales volumes, can it be compared with E-Up and Seat Mii Electric. Why didn’t those sell in droves?

  17. @andreabollani6746 Avatar

    Great job as always!
    I Agree that the French, especially Renault, are doing really nice EV. I Really like the Scenic and the Megane, and
    I was looking the other day to a spec comparison between a top of the line current Zoe and a top of the line future R5 and that’s really impressive!
    Faster, (a bit) longer range, V2L, and much cheaper!
    In terms of quoted range is more than the eC3 (battery size…), but also of the current top of the line Corsa/208.
    I think that all the possible R5 videos and comparisons will get you lots of views!
    Do you think Stellantis will respond with cheaper prices on their Corsa, 208 (and Lancia Ypsilon🇮🇹)?
    Another question: I’ve read some scary stories about dealers really hamfisted in repairing EVs, like requiring to change complete (and super expensive) subsystems because of a broken connector (it was in the Guardian regarding a old Zoe, and something in italy regarding a Spring). Have you heard the same? Do you think it’s a significant issue? What can be done?
    Maybe there’s a business opportunity there for skilled EV repair shops.
    Thank you very much!

  18. @Pottery4Life Avatar

    Thank you for another kWHH+. I really look forward to the Sunday morning conversation. Mike gets an A+ for his studio lighting. 🙂

  19. @richardbrooker4918 Avatar

    Remember the VW Scirocco GTX?

  20. @hishamg Avatar

    Great show guys. I saw my first Volvo EX30 at traffic lights in Wirral on Friday and my first Jeep Avenger on the M56 Motorway today. With regards to towing a caravan, I used to tow up until 2 years ago when we sold the caravan. I think the Hyundai Ioniq 5 can tow up to 1600 kg, howver with a WLTP range of about 300 miles you’re not going to get far, 100 miles tops maybe? The Tesla Model Y can also tow up to 1600 kg.

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