Is a Tesla REALLY the best self-driving car? FULL in-depth tests and results | What Car?

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What is the best self-driving cars and truck? We put 10 alternatives through a series of big tests to learn. Is Tesla really the best?

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Video chapters:
0:00 What is a self-driving car?
2:07 S-bend test– Design Y.
3:18 S-bend test– Yaris.
4:24 S-bend test– Outcomes.
5:17 Pit test– EV6.
6:19 Pothole test– Design Y.
7:24 Emergency stop test.
9:26 .
10:35 – EV6.
11:42 Hands-off test– Outcomes.
13:10 Ease of use.
14:03 RANKINGS! Worst to finest systems.
16:31 Decision.


25 responses to “Is a Tesla REALLY the best self-driving car? FULL in-depth tests and results | What Car?”

  1. Mihnea Lazăr Avatar
    Mihnea Lazăr

    Thank you for this video! I was thinking about such a test and how helpful it would be and here it is!

  2. Rui Avatar

    It is what is.

  3. Jeff Jefferson Avatar
    Jeff Jefferson

    Intriguing. So with a few tweaks, the EV6 could be the best out of all of these?

  4. Michael Avatar

    Am all for cruise control or even adaptive cruise, but the rest is no thanks

  5. Tamir Orbach Avatar
    Tamir Orbach

    Great review. Gotta admit, I was one of the unlucky folks whose Tesla Model Y had an insane and dangerous amount of phantom braking, and I don’t know if I would trust Tesla again, particularly because the phantom braking became really bad only after I “upgraded” to the FSD monthly subscription to try it out, but never reconverted after I unsubscribed. At the time, Tesla would only see me in service 4 months later. I couldn’t risk it because it even happened with emergency forward collision prevention, and I had too many close calls. I haven’t had any of those issues with either the Hyundai Ioniq 5 with HDA2 or the 2019 Audi e-tron, which is my current daily driver. However, I’m well aware that I am in the minority in terms of my experiences with Tesla. I have good friends who have never had phantom braking with their Teslas.

    1. Kevin Crane Avatar
      Kevin Crane

      There was a period a year or more ago when phantom breaking was an issue, but it was resolved and as someone who uses Tesla Autopilot a lot ( as in over thousands of motorway miles) I haven’t had that problem for a long time.

    2. Tamir Orbach Avatar
      Tamir Orbach

      @Kevin Crane that’s great to hear. I know lots of folks who simply don’t have it. But you’re someone who had it, and no longer does. Was it very bad in your case too? By very bad, I mean it would slam on brakes at least once every time I drove on the highway 10 minutes or more for absolutely no reason (usually driving towards the sun)?

    3. Kevin Crane Avatar
      Kevin Crane

      I had a 2019 car that did brake on the highway perhaps once in a 2 hour journey. It was quite disconcerting I have to say, usually when passing a lorry. An update fixed it, but then another update brought it back again 😳. Then they improved it so that it happened much less often and now I can’t remember the last time it happened.

  6. Be Low Below Avatar
    Be Low Below

    Nikki Gordon Bloomfield’s YT Channel Transport Evolved covers Tesla’s FSD more than anyone else for those interested.

  7. What Car? Avatar
    What Car?

    Would you ever own a fully self-driving car? 🤖

    1. Malph Avatar


    2. Yo DesuYo ⵢⵓⴷⴰ Avatar
      Yo DesuYo ⵢⵓⴷⴰ

      You should have tested “openpilot comma 3” on Toyota. It’s as good as Tesla’s

  8. Kevin Crane Avatar
    Kevin Crane

    It would be worth mentioning that every Tesla has the features used in this test,whereas other manufacturers charge extra. It also provides over the air updates which improves the system over time. The Tesla should not have been marked down on the pot hole test, as the commentary said, the behaviour when the human takes over is a sensible choice by Tesla and no more or less worthy of praise than the other models, so a bizarre choice to knock off 2 marks. I guess they couldn’t bear to give Tesla full marks in every test.

    1. Steve Avatar

      Yeah I’m sure that was it fangurl

    2. Kevin Crane Avatar
      Kevin Crane

      Gosh, cutting comment, though sadly not true, not interesting and adds nothing of value to the thread.

    3. Steve Avatar

      @Kevin Crane Try sounding less like a cheerleader next time.

  9. Thomas Söderqvist Avatar
    Thomas Söderqvist

    Great video! Than !

  10. Stephen Collins Avatar
    Stephen Collins

    Very thorough test with quite diverse results. It should be mandated that these systems all behave the same way as changing from one car to another could become more dangerous if you do not know how it will behave in a given situation.

    I have a similar system to that in the SQ8 in my Q7 and love it overall, in reality though the steering assist is just there to catch your mistakes and still requires you to steer all of the time or be nagged. It is actually most useful in stop start traffic which would have been a great addition to your test. The other thing the Q7 does really well is slowing down when approaching junctions, roundabouts etc regardless of whether there are other cars ahead of it and traffic sign recognition is also stellar.

  11. Malph Avatar

    A couple of weeks ago I went for a short drive up the A1 after some overnight snow had started to thaw. The roads were covered in a thick slush and in just a couple of miles I had dashboard warnings that my various ‘driver assist’ functions were unavailable including active cruise/lane keep assist. When I reached my destination a few miles further on it was obvious why, the front and rear of the car were covered in a thick layer of slush covering all the sensors etc. Because of the road conditions, it was impossible to see any of the white lines either. So ‘self driving cars’?, not for me.

  12. OldNew BorrowedandBlue Avatar
    OldNew BorrowedandBlue

    Best practical comparative demonstration of these features bar none. Thank you.

  13. alanrk Avatar

    Wow, someone screwed up and put the steering wheel on the wrong side again… Scary thought: Lucas is going to start making EVs

  14. 👉 BUY YOUTUBE VIEWS 👉 Link in Bio Avatar
    👉 BUY YOUTUBE VIEWS 👉 Link in Bio

    Ngl this is your best video so far

  15. W Holmes Avatar
    W Holmes

    Please do the stop test at higher speeds on the Tesla this is so important.

  16. Conquer Driving Avatar
    Conquer Driving

    Great video! The Toyota Yaris has Toyota’s previous generation self driving tech. The latest system which is fitted to the 2023 refreshed Toyota Corolla is far better. They call it Toyota Safety Sense 3.0 – the Yaris has the older 2.0 system.

  17. PJ Avatar

    You should have tested cars with the latest systems. For instance in the S bend test, the Yaris Cross you tested doesn’t have the latest Toyota Safety Sense 3.0 which has a curve speed reduction system which I have found is excellent on my Toyota that is equipped with it. It also has the emergency driver stop system which stops the car in the lane etc.

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