Can your electric car do THIS?? #burnout #ev

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12 responses to “Can your electric car do THIS?? #burnout #ev”

  1. @sensnowy Avatar

    Yes it can. Dumb question.

  2. @philtreman9944 Avatar

    my EV6 GT can

  3. @adamditch5835 Avatar

    And after that, couldn’t find a serviceable charger… 😳

    1. @bid84 Avatar

      The new evs can do 600km + you can charge at home while you sleep, full battery for about £18

  4. @paulfowler3416 Avatar

    But WHY? Why would anybody want to deliberately burn their tyres, which is also a polluting action..monumentally childish

    1. @JohnSmith-cs7jg Avatar

      Erm, fun?

  5. @dickturpin3115 Avatar

    Most EVs are capable of spectacular burnouts. Some even take your house with them.

  6. @martinbibby9968 Avatar

    Why would you want to do that to your own car…… someone has to pay for the tires…..

  7. @nickjanssens Avatar

    The most immature thing I’ve watched for a long time.

  8. @uranium5694 Avatar

    Tires are not cheap!

  9. @ImmortalMachine Avatar

    Why does it look exactly like a VW?

  10. @paulwalters5317 Avatar

    Talk about going downhill 😢

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