Can I take an electric car through a car wash…? | Electrifying

At .com we know the prospect of switching to an and truck can be complicated
So we've partnered with @_uk to address some common questions and clear up a few misconceptions
Today's concern … 'Can I take an electrical vehicle through an automobile wash …?' ⚡
#ElectricCars #FactNotFiction #Ad.


8 responses to “Can I take an electric car through a car wash…? | Electrifying”

  1. Erica Adrians Avatar
    Erica Adrians

    Your videos are very cool⛵️🪱😘

  2. Christian Boyd Avatar
    Christian Boyd

    😂 you’d never have electric cars in England if you couldn’t

  3. Hari Madhavan Avatar
    Hari Madhavan

    The best car presenter on YouTube at the moment.

  4. Stephen Geary Avatar
    Stephen Geary

    On a related topic, can you drive through a flood like you can with a petrol / diesel ~ assuming it’s not too deep.

    1. Tom Salmon Avatar
      Tom Salmon

      Rufford Ford with Teslas

  5. Steven Jones Avatar
    Steven Jones

    The car is fine but the paintwork just got destroyed.

  6. Kniffel101 Avatar

    Imagine EVs weren’t waterproof!
    You wouldn’t be able to take them out most days! =P

  7. Jack Fadell Avatar
    Jack Fadell

    Crazy that this myth exists, but there was also push-back around the introduction of petrol cars at the time of the horse and cart. I wonder what myths were around back then?

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