The Q4 Is A Regular Audi That Happens to Be Electric | 2023 Audi Q4 e-tron Review

The biggest advantage to the Q4 e-tron is likewise its biggest downside: it looks, drives, and feels much like the remainder of the Audi lineup with the exception of its source of power. The benefit is it doesn't feel unusual for folks getting out of a Q3 or Q5, the drawback appears to be variety, which drags the majority of the competitors. The Q4's prices is well considered, however … it's a pity for Audi that Tesla just slashed their prices by approximately 25% recently …

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0:00 Introduction
0:33 Front End Style
1:16 Lorry Length
2:13 Staggered Tires
2:36 Rear End Style
2:44 Freight
3:14 Rear End Style (cont.).
3:27 Specs.
4:54 Charging.
5:36 Front Seat Comfort.
5:58 Rear Seat Convenience.
6:52 Kid Seat Anchors.
7:17 Ceiling Height.
7:42 Freight (cont.).
9:46 Interior Walkaround.
13:44 Driving Impressions.
20:36 Last Ratings.
21:28 Pricing/Comparisons.
26:44 Last Ideas.
27:40 Closing.





23 responses to “The Q4 Is A Regular Audi That Happens to Be Electric | 2023 Audi Q4 e-tron Review”

  1. CDNUSER Avatar

    Hello Alex!

  2. Karl Liu Avatar
    Karl Liu

    The rain is over and get the video rolling again. great review as always! stay safe!

  3. smartbbrain Avatar

    Just a comment to your last sentence in the video description. Tesla’s aggressive pricing should be celebrated by potential buyers. Puts pressure on manufacturers to lower their margins and puts pressure on dealerships to lower their “mandatory add-ons” and potentially sell cars at or below MSRP.

  4. alliejr Avatar

    Was wondering when you were going to review this. I already see them at the local dealer. Usually you get access months ahead of release.

    1. Tom Sproet Avatar
      Tom Sproet

      Long story short. Its an ID4 with an audi interior and exterior

  5. alliejr Avatar

    The Q4 e-tron was supposed to have a heat pump, but they are apparently being shipped without one due to “chip shortage”. At least those are the industry reports.

  6. S X Avatar
    S X

    I have no issues fitting rear facing child seats in my ID4 behind me (6ft driver), is the Q4 somehow smaller in rear seat room?

  7. Seeyay Avatar

    That plastic grille. Audi and BMW looks cheap and ugly nowadays.

  8. Jimmy Khokhar Avatar
    Jimmy Khokhar

    Really a nice design and stands out in the crowd but of course the range is on the low side.

  9. Devccoon Avatar

    “thousands of dollars less than a Tesla model Y” – I think this changed recently, because I’m seeing the Tesla come in WAY cheaper than this (in the USA anyway), at $53k vs almost $71k for the Audi. Video was probably recorded before that change but a correction probably should have been edited in since it’s been this price at least a few days.

    1. Call Response Avatar
      Call Response

      Did you watch the whole video? He talks about updated pricing at the end

  10. ddavidson5 Avatar

    How do you think the Q4 compares to the upcoming Cadillac Lyric?

  11. Andy Kainz Avatar
    Andy Kainz

    21:18 I’m curious about the Q4 e-tron, but my ‘21 ID4 Pro S AWD is a great car I can drive now. The HUD and some of the interior bits are the only things that appeal to me instead of my ID4.

  12. Doug Holmes Avatar
    Doug Holmes

    WAS less expensive than the Model Y. A comparably equipped Y is now less expensive.

    1. EV Buyers Guide Avatar
      EV Buyers Guide

      Watch to the end…

  13. appleiphone69 Avatar

    Don’t make excuses for the Europeans. They don’t want to spend the extra R&D on packaging. These are the same people responsible for dieselgate mind you.

  14. Doug Erb Avatar
    Doug Erb

    Shout out to Rich Rebuilds for showing the world what étron means in French 😂

  15. Alex C Avatar
    Alex C

    I test drove both the ID.4 and Q4 eTron and quite frankly liked the ID.4 entire package more. At the time of the test drive, the Q4 was missing the front camera (blamed on the chip shortages) and now I’m reading they’ll be removing the heat pump in favor of a resistive heater. Sounds like way too many compromises for the price point imho

  16. dimas Avatar

    Alex, I would love to see your ID.4 vs Q4 comparison. I have ordered an ID.4 ProS AWD and ended up not waiting for it and getting a Q4 50 Premium Plus, just before the Tesla’s ball drop. Despite some obvious material cost cutting in the Audi’s cabin (esp. door panels) I find the interior design worthy of the luxury segment. The steering seems lighter in the ID.4, and Audi is obviously better software- and dashboard design-wise. But then, there are also these incentives ID4 does qualify for. What’s the better buy, according to you?

  17. rottinjonny Avatar

    In this price class, the range and acceleration just aren’t competitive, IMO.

  18. David WS Avatar
    David WS

    Tesla with the CCS1 adapter is the way to go. Teslas by far have the BEST of both charging networks. I have a May 2022 LRY and Love it. The suspension is a little stiff, but the ones made after October 2022, I think have the softer suspension.

  19. appleiphone69 Avatar

    I’ll take my MME with its 277 mile range 346HP 0-60 in 4.8 seconds, front trunk.

  20. CA Driver Avatar
    CA Driver

    I can only speak for the ID.4, but the Q5 is so much quieter.

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